Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura falls unconscious seeing Dharam and Shravan’s fight. Family carries her to her room. Dharam sends everyone out. Gaura wakes up and says her illness save them today. She scolds Dharam for fighting with Shravan. He says he cannot see Shravan fighting with him for Vidya and will do something to Vidya now. She asks him to calm down and see how she brainwashes Meera and uses her against Vidya and Kokila.

Kokila says Madhuben cannot stay at Modi Bhavan. Madhuben says she told she does not want to come here, but Gopi did not listen to her. She tries to walk, but Gopi in her typical style stops her and asks Kokila why can’t her mother stay here, what is the reason. Kokila leaves from there. Kokila tells Madhuben she wants to know the truth.

Vidya enters

Gaura’s room and smells cow dung there. She finds cow dung and realizes that Gaura dropped cow dung in front of Meera’s room and even smeared cow dung on her pallu, so she is behind all this drama.

Kokila goes into flashback where Madhuben blames her for forcing Gopi to kill Radha and says she will continue brainwashing and controlling Gopi to do whatever she says. Kokila says she is thinking wrong. Madhuben forcefully tries to snatch Rashi from her, but she does not give Rashi, but let her stay at Urmila’s chawl. AT night, Madhuben elopes with Rashi, but Kokila sees her and starts following her. Madhuben while running slips and throws baby Rashi on road. Speeding truck rushes towards Rashi, but Madhuben instead of rescuing her saves herself. Kokila picks rashi on time and asks people to catch Madhuben as she was trying to kill her granddaughter. Madhuben runs from there.

Gopi says she wants to let Madhuben stay here as she has many questions to ask her. She runs down and stops Madhuben. Madhuben says Kokila must have told against her. Gopi says maaji told everything. Madhuben says Kokila brainwashed her even now. Rashi comes. Madhuben gets happy seeing her and asks to come near her. Kokila comes and says she cannot meet Rashi and says she can leave now. Madhuben cries that she has changed and wants to live with her children now.., etc. Kokila stands still. Madhuben leaves crying. Gopi tries to stop her again.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that Madhuben must have come take rashi’s murder revenge and may harm her. Gopi says she cannot lose her mother again, frees herself and runs behind Madhuben, leaving Kokila and Ahem in surprise.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. so boring episode writer is mad probably.??????????????

  2. Wow…too much disgusting…what this show is showing……great!!!!

  3. What a boring show ….dragging and dragging by adding new stupid useless stories….

  4. they will even show paridhi after long with new useless story

  5. This is total crap… Disgusting….!!!! Who is watching dis crap…???? .. Nothing new…!!!!

  6. director! hats off to u…… for creating such a disgusting stories…… see how good was SARASWATHICHANDR short and sweet…… but yours…….. if u dont have any other new serial to telecast then make this saathiya better….. dont screw our minds with your dump ideas….. still how long Gaura and Meera acts rudely….. wats the real use of Kokilas and Hetal Husbands… look Mr. Director….. try to end up this asap…… we r looking only because we concern of Vidya and Gopi and Kokila….. try to make audience feel happy and interesting…..

  7. gopi devi is drama queen. i want to beat gopi devi n kokila very badly for over acting

  8. write story lyk meera n vidya attached emotionally n dey r togther now taking revenge from gaura(simply playing)..

  9. Gopi couldn’t loose her sister, Radha, that’s why her whole family got destroyed. Now she can’t loose her mother and once again her family will be messed up…why don’t she concentrate on her daughters right now

  10. Where are you John

    1. he is with me n we r watching our fav serial sns togather with fabulous actors vidya gaura dharam meera. got a problem??

  11. These so called mahaan people will do everything that is not necessary

  12. Can we see less of gopi,s nostrils please

    1. yes fill her nostril with cowdung or white cement it will close i think jia manek (earlier gopi) was very good by look n by act but this devi’s nose looks piggy

  13. Plz end dis crap …… No one seems enjoying d show … U r simply wasting ur prime time with dis disgusting show …. Its irritating senseless and total waste ….

  14. Disgusting yar boring hogya hai ab to or paridhi na bhi drama chor diya

  15. This serial become very boring. Why the story writer created meera like a child. I think her language is very bad. Pls don’t create that type scenes. Because it is affected to kids, they are also your viewrs. We all are watching for this to entertaiment. Don’t dissapoint the viewrs.

  16. diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssting

    end it

  17. But dat her mother n kokila should understand like wen ahem left with mansi n she brought him back

  18. Please end this serial instead of dragging it worstley

  19. Ye ba kab maregi
    Rashi mar hai radha mar hai to phir na kyun zinda hai.
    What the hell are u all doing with urmila behen and what about kinjal dhawal ji and tolu molu ever go to college ya distance study kar rahein hain

  20. People u r sayin d serial a crap…then y r u watching it…this is the biggest prblm of our’s that we r watching it even wen we dnt lyk it…stop watching it nd make d producers feel dat it is a crap…n it got end we may get sum new n dis tym entertaining show….

  21. For God aake stop this serial..melodrama…uff..really gopi n kokila whole family are waste

  22. stupid story

  23. ho very bad track

  24. please end this serial..

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