Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Episode Start!!

Koki ask Ahem why they didnt tell everything to the family. If that matter would be relate with ur’s office than i never interfere in it,but the matter relate with family dont they feel to tell to everybody.

Baa said but these kids doing wht they felt right, Ahem & Gopi this behaviour shows how they care for family,they just tried to make all unite. Hetal adds yes they did their all effort to make Jigar-Rashi unite. Koki agreed with them also she understand Ahem & Gopi’s condition.

Gopi broken and fall down & cried hard she feel herself the victim of all she blame herself that she supposed to handle Radha mistakes but she got failed. listening that Koki,Hetal and others got shocked.

Koki ask to Gopi! wht

Radha did?? Gopi tells everything how Radha create misunderstanding between RaJi, by given a fake latter to Jigar, after Read the latter Jigar got mad over Rashi and misunderstanding happen. Radha shocked n scared Koki fuming in full anger, Hetal said but why Radha to do all?? Gopi said she is tells truth Radha herself confuess infront of her.

Koki comes near Radha and says How dare she creating to divied her family, Koki adds she given permision to Radha stay at MM along her sister coz both sisters were met after long time, she wants that Radha taught good habbits frm Gopi and being a good person like her elder sister. but beside that she created rift in the family. Koki dragging her towards the door by pulling her aram. but pulls her aram back! Radha shoutedly said to Koki… You plz shutup wht u thought of ur self.. everytime u just putting her orders on others.. dont do this dont do that.. Koki just shockingly looking at her also other members too.. Gopi & Ahem fuming in anger… Radha adds She neither did wrong she told this to Gopi already… everybody putting blame on me.. no one wnat to know why i did such with Rashi wht she does wrong with me?? also Radha point finger upon Koki!! Just coz of her she living affaird nor she had mistake nor anyone got anger coz of her.. u always scold on me Radha dont do that n this.. while confronting Gopi loss her cool and waoked towards Radha and give her a tight slap. Koki proudly watch her Gopi bahu…

Gopi angerily said to Radha.. How dare she talked like with her Maaji.. she is her mother, She believing her more than as her own mother.. no body have such dare in the family to talk with her such like.. than How could she?? Gopi dragged her towards the door Radha said to just listen her but Gopi push her out of the house.. she said frm now ur gopi ben is die for u.. nor ur sister livingin this house.. she close the door over her face.

Koki stood right her where she stand.. than she moved at sofa n seated over there… she is thinking.. Ahem comes near her n sitted next to her he put his hand her mom shoulder and says sorry to her.. he says they tried their best to make RaJi closer but things not works, He adds our family own brokes but they need to unite all together and Koki knows how it would ?? .. Koki says!! Yes she believes that their relationships are not so weak in our family everybody knows the value of it. but Radha’s once act force her to think on it.. Gopi broken again n falls down near door . cried hard… she ask apologise to all, She blamed herself got failed to get with all together..

Koki stood there frm sofe n walked towards Gopi she pull her up n says.. their family should diffinatly brokes but not get separeted.. she will bring Rashi back. she says to Gopi at to everyone all looking at u they knew only u got things right.. Gopi bahu when u werent get weak than why now? Ahem also said to Gopi by wiped her tears font cry mom said it right.. Koki looked at GoHem nd want one promise no matter wht cricumstances would happen u both also unite the family like they does.. GoHem put their hand on Koki hand & give her promise… everyone looked bit happy n hopefull for good.

At RN!!

Madhu ben said to Rashi.. daughters are does not leave their house like this… nor she brought at lher parents place.. thats not her own house thats her parents house… Rashi pissed off n said why she saying to her.. its her house or its all her wish could she lives or not also Madhu ben dont forget that u also living in ur brother house that would also ur Maaika.. Rashi goes inside and Urmi feel happy that Rashi give right back to Madhu ben.. JituBhai apologise to Madhu Ben on Rashi behaviour Madhu ben says She is believe Rashi as her daughter.. they should need to talk with Jigar he will be come n bring Rashi back… also she says to JB Rashi isnt looked his daughter she fully upon Urmi.. Urmi says neither she brought her daughter so easily at MM.. if they want to bring her so Jigar himself came here and says sorry 10times atleast than she thinks to bring Rashi with her… listening Urmi idea everyone got pissed off… here also Radha enter at house while crying.. MB runs and hug her Radha says she wont go back at MM ever she dont want to live there… everyone shocked Urmi super shocked..

PRECAP: Hetal and Chirag trying to undstand Jigar, If he give divorce to Rashi then he must get lose his kids too.. Jigar replied that he knew all also he disscus already abt this with lowyer or he believes that kids Custody will be his.. He walk towads dooor where Koki stand angerily…

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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