Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya shyingly tells Shravan that he is very good. He asks her to repeat. She repeats shyingly. He asks her to get a box from cupboard and gifts necklace to her.

Gopi asks Kokila to speak, but Kokila leaves silently. She then tells Hetal that she is worried that Kokila is ignoring things and is very silent. Hetal asks if she does not know her maaji, she never ignores things and her silence like he one before cyclone. Kokila must be waiting for right opportunity and will never keep quiet.

Kokila sees servant arranging pooja thali and scolds her to get more flowers and check if another servant drew rangoli well or not. Meera comes wearing short dress. Gaura scolds her for wearing short dress on diwali day. Meera says her dad gave it and she will wear sari during

pooja. Dharam silently looks at her. Meera then tells her sari matches with her naulakha haar/necklace and asks to send it to her room. Gaura laughs on her. Dharam says Meera is this house’s bahu and has right to wear it. They are saving on jewelry also. Meera hugs and thanks Gaura and says wait and watch what she will do next.

Sona draws rangoli at Modi house. Hetal asks her to draw it well. Sona yells that she is born to serve Modis and shouts what difference it makes. Tolu steps on rangoli by mistake while walking. Sona shouts at him. He says he will fix it. She shouts he will spoil it instead. He fixes it and says he learnt it from his daadis and mother since childhood.

Gopi searches Kokila in whole house and asks family members if they saw maaji. They say no. Ahem says he will check her outside. Jigar says not to worry, kaki will come back soon. Kokila reaches Gaura’s house wearing beautiful sari with lots of gifts. Gaura sees her and asks Vidya if her daadi came back to show her dadagiri again and asks Kokila why did she come back. Kokila says she came to her granddaughters’ house and brought gifts as per rituals. Vidya says she is happy to see her. Kokila wishes Durga happily diwali and gives her gift and tells Gaura that she came to talk to her.

Gaura takes Kokila to her room and asks if she came to warn her. Kokila says they are elders and have passed age of rivalry, their fights are adversely affecting their youngsters, so she came to compromise with her. Gaura shouts that she kicked out compromise from her house. She lost her brother and will never forgive her. She came here as he granddaughters are here, she will punish even them. Kokila gets angry and asks to mind her tongue.

Precap: Gaura tells Kokila that her both granddaughters are fools, especially Meera. Mears hears that standing near door.

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  1. Awesome going ! Finally meera is getting her senses back. Can anyone tell why dharam has become a little soft towards meera ? I missed some episodes.

  2. Tamanna evn am thinking da same…is it their plan again?? Mayb or he realized his mistake

  3. This show is should roll over a bit fast

  4. fed up of gopi’s over acting…

  5. Wat happen to ahem ji

  6. I don’t want to see this coild he married his son wife sister.this could happen only in India

  7. Haha I feel like something will happen between tolu and sona loll looking at them for a few days sona might be tolu’s heroine and just watch them fall in love with each other loll??

  8. dharam is slowly falling for meera

  9. I really just hate the storyline of dis serial……??

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