Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameera leaves in her car after helping Ricky. Ricky leaves with her. Kokila fumes and tells family that she does not want to see Sameera again. Ricky enjoys beer with Sameera at her house. Ricky thanks her. Sameera says it is her duty to help her friends. Ricky sees Sameera angry and asks reason. Pinku says Sameera cares for her friends, how can any family trouble their son so much and make him work like servant.

Kokila continues fuming that Sameera does not seem good girl. Even Urmila says same. Seeta informs how she saw Sameera conning a man and looting him of his mobile. Kokila says she knew Sameera is not a good girl. Sona informs that Jaggi is very tensed and not eating his medicines. Gopi goes to Jaggi’s room and sees him wheeling his wheelchair tensely. She asks

him what happened. He says his feet were responding till yesterday, but today not moving at all, not even a toe. Gopi gives him moral gyaan that he he has to continue consuming his medicines to get well soon, etc.., and says he has to pay her fees for her moral gyaan and asks to smile.

Bhavani prepares ladoos for Dharam and thinks she is 21 village sarpanch but is doing household work in Dharam’s love. Courier boy delivers a box. She opens thinking who must have sent it. She sees an envelope and pics in which she she is murdering her husband Keshav. She gets tensed thinking who must have sent them.

During tea time, Kokila asks where is Jaggi why did not he come down yet. Gopi comes down and says his feet have stopped showing improvement. Kokila says they will get Jaggi’s complete workup, especially the massage oil as his condition is worsening after massage. Daima gets tensed that she will be caught. Kokila asks where is Ramakanth. Ricky enters with Sameera after marrying her. Whole family is shocked. Kokila asks what is this. Ricky says he married Sameera. Urmila asks is it a joke. Sameera says they are really married. Urmila comments Sameeera is wearing skimpy clothes. Sameera says this is style. Ricky says she is his hot and sensuous wife. Family continues lashing Ricky. Pinku comments. Jaggi comments he is like a free tip after food in restaurant. Family drama continues.

Precap: Pinku does Sameera and Ricky’s graha pravesh. Sameera kicks rice bowl and it falls on Kokila’s feet. Kokila shouts 1 minute and stops her from entering in.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap is funny.I live in England when there was an attack sunshiners in Manchester after a concert.?

    1. Isaaq

      I know right? I was shocked to hear about it

    2. Chithu

      Hope u n ur family r well Rani. This was a complete shock

    3. Sayyeda

      Rani i hop u and your family is ok.GOD protect evry one in this world. I live in london 15 years and i so sad about this news. My family in Brazil is Phone me again and again to tell me to be GO back to Brazil .

  2. hello everyone i passed my exam i have to do my training now to become a surgeon i will be trained by one of the best surgeon it will take lots of time and training i will not be allowed to preform any surgery a professional surgeon will always be with me until i know what has to be done i cannot wait to do my job to the best of my ability thanks everyone who prayed for me it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be what one wants to be its a long and rough road ahead of me now i always have to remain focus and so sorry about the attack in london i went to london about four times rani in Blackpool my aunt owns a hotel there its a tourist spot where are you sid? shakaib akshay? nandhini saba raina chithu hope you guys are doing ok bye bye now until……

    1. I thought you were never gonna comment here, but u are back?.

      1. Nandhini

        Lol! How would you decide anything about a person just like that??

      2. Sayyeda

        Hi Rishi, isso told u sunshines is the best and Ho have clean heart never GO away. Mas sunshines is beautful in side and out side. GOD bless u always and be positive .me heart is clean and isso love u also because me sunshines like my Kids for oldest dauther is 19 .

    2. Riana

      Hey Raven Congo ???….Be a successful surgeon…thats my pray…Btw i am fine here…Bit sad to know about the attack in London…

    3. Chithu

      So glad to hear u have passed the exam Raven. I am sure with ur dedication n hardwork u will complete the training soon n become a successful surgeon. All the best dear take care

    4. Nandhini

      Hey Raven! Congrats for passing the exam!?? i wish you to undergo ur training with all enthu and complete that too successfully!??

    5. Siddharth

      Hi bestum best Sunshiner Raven Congratulations for passing in exams .Sorry raven i am busy til june 16th so i am not able to comment much . Dont worry u wl achieve ur goal of becoming a good surgeon

      1. Sayyeda

        Hi Boss i glad to se your comments again and sorry because my words some times is rong because my kye bord is indo Portuguese and i press rong.i wish my sunshines haver a Nice points in exems.

    6. Sayyeda

      Hi raven, i no u be the best surgeon in the planet. U are the beautful and clever girl in my heart.

  3. It is meera and vidya maybe who sent bhavani the letters to show they know she killed her husband, gopi should never consider sameera as her daughter in law.

    1. Sayyeda

      Hi amirul, i also tink this meera and Vidya plan.

  4. This was in chockedtome Ranuw when i heard terrori attack manchester city i hope everting is fine for and you familen

  5. Why cv contuies to give more importsant to Ricky track and forget ledares of the show its days everthing is about Ricky seeta drama… im so tierd to watching its crap i watching this crap because of DevNa if both leaving sns i will stopp watching its crap

  6. Ricky is a fine villain but Jaggi absolutely sucks.

  7. Riana

    Who r watching saathiya only for Gogi??

  8. Riana

    I wish Devo n nazim to start a new show??…New production company…new story…new charactees…What say guys ??

    1. Rianu i wish the same i’m DenNa fans i watching sns only for them

      1. Riana

        Yah mee too

    2. Koki darling can’t speak normal in thesa days because of Ricky

      1. Riana

        Koki darling was not like this in first episode…she was way better in dialogues…Now i just hate her those yadi.. parantu n kintu n all…???????…yaaar it sounds lyk watching ramayan or mahabharat….

  9. Riana

    All the limelight is only on That Moti bhains kokla….she shouts like a bull …somone pls let her speak normally else put cellotape on her mouth !!….?????????

  10. Chithu

    I have missed out few episodes Bhavani getting the photos was good. Daimma role in faulty oil should be revealed soon. Did Ricky really got married to Sameera or its their plan. Seeta must not be sad instead she should thank god that she is not married to someone as characterless as Ricky

  11. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, congrats raven to your exam i no u are te Best .iam very happy because sunshines is the Best to evry tink.

    1. Riana

      Hey saba di…whatsupp??…R u watching Saathiya these days ??…

      1. Sayyeda

        Hi Riana, i watch and i tink SNS be more nice because this Sameera make after Ricky tô realize Howard family is impotant.

      2. Hi Riana,I watch and I think SNS is more nice to watch.

      3. I’m in my daughter Phone.wen I comment in my mobile my name is not come. GOD bless u all.

  12. Sayyeda

    Sunshines is good to se all of u again.are u all study hard but i no life we need work hard.isso lo e u all.

  13. Sayyeda

    I love u all.

  14. why will you think that i will stop commenting rishi? these persons here are family have you witness sid loyalty? he is so busy with his exams yet he find the time to come on just to congratulate me do not ever underestimate the power of our friendship never thank you guys for your congratulations nandhini chithu sayeeda riana and rishi behave yourself be a good person and see how persons on this forum will welcome you

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