Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera asks Sanskar how dare he is to think that she will marry him and warns to run away from there. Dharam asks warns him. Sanskar warns to stay away from him as he is black belt in karate. Urmila picks her slippers and beats him. He runs yelling whole family is mad. Dharam says Meera she is looking like heroine. She says he is not looking like hero though. He does shayari. She jokes to stop. Modi family smiles, Gopi asks Pandit to start marriage soon. Dharam says let Ahem come.

Gopi calls Ahem and he says he is on the way and asks her to continue Meera and Dharam’s marriage and let Jigar and Pari do Meera’s kanyadaan. Gopi asks Jigar and Pari to do Meera’s kanyadaan. Pandit starts chanting mantras and starts marriage. Dharam and Meera’s marriage continues with Tera naam the background. After marriage finishes, they take elders’ blessings.

Gopi says marriage finished, but Ahem did not come, he would have boarded taxi at least. Kokila says she knows Ahem well and knows how he is. Gopi says she wants Ahem to bless new couple. Jigar hears vehile sound and says brother must have come. Hospital peons bring deadbody. Gopi asks Kokila peons are bringing whom. Peons lay stretcher down and remove cloth from dead body. Whole family is shocked to see Ahem dead. Gopi stands dumbstuick in a shock. Each family member shout Ahem’s name. Dharam asks what happened to mota bhai. Peon says he died in an accident. Kokila shouts he is lying. Molu says bade papa is no more. Kokila says he spoke to Gopi some time ago. She continues crying loudly.

Precap: Kokila confronts god that he has to come and give a new life to Gopi. A man is seen entering temple.

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  1. hawa

    these show should be end today on meera and dharam marriage on a happy note but it couldn’t happen

  2. Rianaa

    Ahem died??????????….leap promo was very powerful….Gopi looks very empty without sindoor n mangalsutra…???????

      • Ishaa

        The full ep. was funny…that sankaar beated n kump foo n all that???????…..but after watching the last scene i was thinking everything got destroyed…..????????

    • Ruby113

      He didn’t want to do a role of a granddad and plus he is doing a Punjabi film so ya

  3. fan

    sad that ahem died but waiting for leap though gopi should not remarry at this age , after her grandchild is born

    • Akshay

      wats problem in remarriage??? everyone needs his or her lifepartner at this age
      please do not be so cruel

  4. Yes it is a very sad occasion. Do anyone of you guys know because he can’t act as grand father at the age of 30!?? But I never expected Ahem to leave this show. I never seen 3 leaps in a same serial. Wow! Awesome. ?? Very excited to see tomorrow episode. !??

  5. sree

    wah..wah kya bakwaas story hai…aaj tho cv’s har had paar kar liya….ek beti ka ma hi uska samdhan banegi

  6. gowthami

    omg!!!this serial is totally damaging the culture and tradition of India.pls don’t encourage this kind of plus pls stop this non sense.totally vexed with such’s India pls value our tradition

    • Akshay

      this serial is bone of contention. leave it. lets watch sanskar channel astha channel n do some bhajan kirtan

  7. Rafida

    Who are you Ahem ? Why are you saaying this nonsense huh ? Is your Ahem so you are doing this huh ?

    • Akshay

      he is main lead of sns serial. he is saying that he is happy in heaven n become angel. yes he is sns’s ahem. wat did ahem do???

  8. nisha

    Stupid concept .!
    The drama becoming as a show which has not any moral relationship àmong the members(characters).

  9. I think sanskaar did this. When ahem was saying bye i. Gotta doubt then. How many years leap is that gopi remarrying omg!!!!!!!!!

  10. roopa

    what nonsense?! gopi remarrying at the time of having grandchildren? better they could have stopped the serial today instead of showing ahem dead

  11. Mustafa

    Its taking 4 years leap…one point you all should note …ahem s dead body was brought in sherwani without a drop of blood…and they say he has died of accident… How is it possible…

  12. abhi

    Todays episode was very emotional….i was crying to see that ahem died..very upset for gopi
    but tomorrow’s precap is nice..
    quiet happy another saathiya is coming in gopi life..eagerly waiting for leap
    overall episode was more than amazing though it was emotional but i loved watching…love u sns??

  13. wahida

    Its about time that ahem left saathiya he has been there for a long time, I think he got bored and gave the show up, he probably told the producers to make him die as he no longer wants to take part in saathiya

  14. sns fan

    I think it’s sad ahem died but as for gopi re marrying then I think it’s an excellent idea. love has no age boudaries and if you find the right person then you should get married as far as her children are concerned they have their own lives with their own spouses. They should be happy that their mother will be moving on in her life and finally getting happines. I think the writers are brave for taking such a direction and hopefully people will like the new hero as much as they liked ahem.

    • Akshay

      thanx sns fan u expressed my view in best way i wonder many viewer including some female against remarry very disappointed really

  15. Isaaq

    Well perhaps Ahem wasn’t Gopi’s soul mate. Gopi loves her Kahna ji and now her new lover is called Krishna.

  16. Isaaq

    My life has always been like a star plus drama lol. I hope this never happens to me God forbid.

  17. Priyanka

    Ahem died because he did not want to be apart of the show anymore. Jigar should be leaving soon also…and maybe Gopi. I don’t blame them, this show went downhill.

  18. Nandhini

    Apart from ahem’s exit,,gopi’s life and her remarriage,, i am very eager to see meera and dharam’s life after the leap…

  19. Rianaa

    Guys Uppekha jain is going to play the role of samar/molu’s wife…..she is a newbie and her character will very modern and will always be with paridhi…..

  20. unknown

    arey how many times a woman will get married…she married ahem almost four to five times…..once again those marriage dramas……
    i also heard the news that…devoleena is about to quit the show…and giaa manek is reentering the show….don’t know what they are planning…….

  21. Rishi Raj Kumar

    I hope that characters of Ba, Kokilla, Jigar, Parag, Urmilla not linger now.

  22. sangita

    there is no ahem or kokis hubby in this pic, actually…this has always been a womens show with the the guys having no more importance than mouthpieces for their moms or wives…funny it has lasted as long as they have and agree
    how many times will they renew their vows!
    just 2 3 pagalkhannas connected by marriage!

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