Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi follows Meera and reaches night club. Guards don’t let her in in a sari. She hears ladies talking that club’s rule is no sari and request them to lend them their dress. One of them says she can buy dress from nearby shop. Gopi thanks them and leaves towards shop.

Pari shows whole family Kinjal’s video footage where she speaks to Mansi and asks her to take control of Meera to kick Gopi out of Ahem and children’s life. Kinjal who also watches the footage asks how dare she is to click this footage. Hetal asks her to stop yelling and says she is caught red handed and to stay here a lavish life since 10 years, she sent Kokila to a chawl in her place. Baa says she was happy that after 2 boys she got a girl laxmi, but she is ashamed of her now. Hetal asks

how can she do this to Ahem and his wife. Jigar says Ahem used to pray in many temples for her and used to get gifts she liked on raksha bandhan, but she is harming Ahem and Gopi instead. He asks where is his old sister Kinjal who could do anything for her family.

Pari says she has become selfish and has even forgotten her son. Kinjal tries to slap her. Parag holds her hand and says he is ashamed to call her as his daughter. His mother left 10 years ago to reunite her family as she knew she cannot handle her family. He was thinking Dhaval was wrong, but she is wrong instead and became so selfish. He says whatever she tries she cannot harm Modi family. Hetal says Kokila completely trust Gopi and knows she will reunite family. Baa asks her to mend her ways before it is too late.

Ahem and Vidya reach night club. Kokila call Vidya, and she tells she and papa are searching Meera and Vidya and once they are found, she will inform her.

Gopi comes back to night club wearing a beautiful white gown and enters in. A guy asks “baby wanna dance.” She says she is much elder than her and asks him to behave, else she will slap him. He says cool cool..

Urmila sees Kokila praying and says she threw Mansi maid’s bag out and says she should stop troubling god as he is already busy and take things in her hand. She says she wants her hair style changed before hunter wali comes with Ahem servant his daughters. Kokila hopes her words come true. Urmila asks her to tie pony tail like her mother.

Gopi sees Vidya dancing with a man intimately who touches her inappropriately. She goes and slaps man. He angrily asks who the hell is she. Inebriated Meera asks her how dare she is to slap her boyfriend. Gopi says this man was touching her inappropriately. Meera asks her who is she. Gopi says she is her mother and has right to protect her. Meera asks her to leave her alone and walks from there. Gopi follows her.

Ahem sees Jigar’s car outside club and shows it to Vidya. Vidya says Pari told Gopi took Jigar’s car, that means Gopi is here. Ahem shows guard Meera’s pic and asks if she went in. He says many girls went in. He shows Gopi’s pic and guard says this lady just went in. A few ladies come out talking that some lady slapped a man for touching his daughter and another asks why did her daughter misbehaved with her. Ahem realized that Meera must have misbehaved with Gopi and gets in with Vidya.

Pari fixes Gopi’s room curtains with Tolu/molu and tells soon Gopi will be with them. Jigar brings Ahem and Gopi’s family pic and drops it by mistake. Pari says it is a bad sign.

Gopi asks Meera to listen to her. Meera says how much she should insult her more and asks where was she all these days when she need her, calls her name and asks to get out of her life. She pushes Gopi and Gopi slips and falls from building breaking glass. Vidya who sees this shouts maaaa……

Precap: Ahem sees a lady falling on car from building and is shocked to see it is MEera.

Update Credit to: MA


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  9. Pranav

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  14. Meera Ahem Modi

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  16. First thing Gopi sees Meera dancing with an unknown person and second thing in next episode Ahem sees Gopi falling from the building

  17. janu (john ka beta)

    white dress me gopi sasuri kitni khubsurat lg rahi thi pr meeru aisa kahe kiya???

  18. janu (john ka beta)

    meri gopi sasuri aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meera ki shadi to dekh jati

  19. Zaira

    Hey januuu..sry, l have to be vanished now. Dont be so happy. I am coming to disturb you all.

  20. Meera Ahem Modi

    meera ki shadi?? mai unhe apna kanyadan nahi karne dungi… mera kanyadan mansi mom karengi

  21. janu (john ka beta)

    pr ahem sasura aur mansi sasuri ki shadi nahi hui h yar abhi to legal wife to gopi sasuri hi h

  22. Meera Ahem Modi

    huh ye bhi bahut pb ki baat hai btw yaar ye gopi ko kyun gira diya… meera ko girane wale hote aur gopi use apni jaan par khel kar ke bacha leti aur un donon ke beech ne sab thik hojata to maza aata

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    meri sasuri aweeeeeeeeeeeee aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i m weeping aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Meera Ahem Modi ?

    true zaira… mai wahan pe watchman ko bribe de dungi camera recording delete karne ke liye ?

  25. Meera Ahem Modi ?

    sab ko upar se gira ne ki zarurat nahi hoti… use usiki rifle se… dhishkiyaoon….

  26. Meera Ahem Modi ?

    vidya bhi bayan nahi degi… wo emotional fool hai.. mai use emotional blackmail karungi to kaam banjayega…

  27. Zaira

    Haha, thanks janu and meera.
    -@, it has many princess and specially brightness of dawn.

  28. Meera Ahem Modi

    huh mai daku hoon?? 😡 radha maasi ne bhi to bahut karname kiye un ko kisi daku nahi bola… hii kaju badam

  29. janu (john ka beta)

    gopi sasuri ko dhakka mar diya watchman ko uda dogi vidhya ko dara dogi to kya main tumhe aur kya kahu meera??

  30. Zaira

    Act, meera. Mouth lock. Key has been lost. I wont say anything about me. When, l will find my key, then l will

  31. Zaira

    Yeah, l am an indian. Sorry who is misd.basu?
    And kajol, l think l am talking with you for the first time. I am unknown to you.

  32. Zaira

    Oh, l am clearing ur misunderstandings. I am almost unknown to you all. I had come here many days before and met with achu for the first time. Then, l had come back here before some days.

  33. Meera Ahem Modi

    huh y shd I tc of her ?… janu bro I talkd wud achu on fb today… I gav ur msg too… she told she z nt able to cm hr bcz of her phn nt accessing tu…

  34. kajol

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    Oye dildara oye oye dildara
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  35. kajol

    Kitna ghussa aata h sara dekha… khud kuch bhi bole koi prblm nhi h mene bola to sab ko bura lagega cool…

  36. janu (john ka beta)

    o soniye roz mere karan muh fulta h to socha aaj bina bole hi tujhe khush rakha jaye

  37. Meera Ahem Modi

    lagta hai janu bro kaju badam ka drm dekhrahe honge……….
    sry sry I meant nytmare 😛 lolz sry I ws jst jkng

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    @CHOWMEIN kis bat ki narazgi yar choti si jindagi h yar well i want to sleep nw ok bye good night

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    @chowmein bologi tum fir bhi sunna mujhe padega chup raho get lost oh god sara spare me today

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    oh is me itna gussa hone ki kya zarurat hai… I knw dat ws a stupid joke ok sry

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    Me nhi yaar…. tum dono mazak kar rhe the to mjhe laga wo mthsht tum nhi wo h…isliye bol diya me kisi ki dushman nhi hu ok

  42. Meera Ahem Modi

    no bro I nvr listened to it… ok kaju badam talk lyk nothng haond btwn u both dat z a gud option

  43. puchu

    i m reading ur comments regularly it is more interesting then serial n i m sure u r agree or not but one love story is also beginning hr akshay n kajol they r like each other but they will not accept it soon they will confess their love

  44. Meera Ahem Modi

    ys I m vry vry talkative… puchu ab tumhari shamat aagayi lagta hai 😛 … bt dis z true humare cmnts bahut intrstng hote hain… kyy ke pehle wale episodes ke cmnts to aur bhi intrstng hote the

  45. kajol

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  46. kajol

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  47. ??Sara??

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    Accha guys batao wt is my fault I came here to chat with u all n c from my 3 besties 2 r leaving dis is not done

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    plz yaar sirf 30 mins tak tak tu ricky bhai se baat karo mails pe… actually mujhe mom oil laga ke pleat dalne wali hain so …

  50. ??Sara??

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  51. john ka beta

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    kajol if u think it is happend bcoz of me then i apologize i respect ur dignity

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    Puchu u dnt hv brain we knw tht m ready to take u to doctor… sabko batane ki zaroorat nhi h ki tumhre paas dimag nhi h… or agr h na dimag to use kiya karo we chat here lyk frnds bt cheap low ppl lyk u think this way… if u think 2 ppl chattng can luv each other tht means ppl arnd u i mean grls n boys dnt talk wid each othr ur mom dnt talk wid othr mens thn ur dad i think…plz dnt force me to say anythng bad… ut stupid cmmnts will nt make any diff only three thngs can hppn i will leave or he will leave or u will leave… bttr u go away here we chat lyk frnds dnt take out any meaning of tht… stupid… hv sm sense yaar dnt jst strt blabbering anythng u n ur idiotic talks…go n do hell wid thm… ths way u might be in luv wid so many grls/boys acc to ur gender…. thoda dimag ka pradarshan karna kam karo… u r lucky today m in gud mood i dnt want to spoil my mood bcz of idiot like u ths week is spl fr me crazy dump man dmp man… n m nt at all taking seriously all ths or else u knw sara hw i react on sch situtions dnt frc me to react tht way… m normal n u bettr stp talkng lyk tht….

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    ok i m taking a small break vl meet after 31 may i hope everything will be fine till than take care bye bye

    • ugh

      dont you think your break is too small… forget this type of people.. ignore them & enjoy your life… dont you think your friends will miss you??

  55. kajol

    Any1 here???
    Akshay i dnt care wht othrs think abt me… me n my frnds knw wht i m n ths mattrs d most wht hell ths puchu is saying dsnt matter… i hd stopped reacting on stupid things

  56. ugh

    offo puchu ye kya kar diya… hamesha zaroori nahi hota ek boy aur girl lovers hi hon wo friends bhi hosakte hain tum jaise logon ki wajah se I lost a friend stupid… ye apne stone age ke dimag ko batao hum 2015 me jii rahe hai…. yahan pe wo stupid rule nahi hai ke girl & boy sirf dost nahi hosakte…

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    Frnds I m in nd the worst thing of we woke up all night and sleep all day.

  58. roza

    You all need a life, try talking about the serial, don’t u people have fb in India where u can chat nonsense, instead of on here, childish nonsense, grow up the lot of yer,

    • meera

      I think u dnt hve life so ur jealous of us & wt d hell do u mean by get a lyf??? Its our wish to chat here r not k so plsss don’t advice us

  59. meera :)

    ammy whtspp pe msg bhejdo agr yaha nahi bolna hai to…lol ammy aaj subh kya khaya tha?? Funny bandariya 😛

  60. meera :)

    arre mai nahi aa sakti ye mere aunt ka mobile hai… tum bhejdo msg mei baad me dekhlyngi my gf 😉

  61. meera :)

    haa vo ganda ho gya tha to saaf karne ke liye aaj usko nihlaya hai… abhi taiyaar ho raha h cream powder laga raha h 😛

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    Hello everyone liya sara akshay shweta jkb zaira diya di achu varshini riya sab kab aauenge yaha tym plz
    Nw bye smone plz leave tym i m free getting bore dng tym pass
    bye bye

  63. $

    kajol loves akshay
    akshay loves kajol
    they should kiss to each other to solve their problem

  64. Ishita

    Yes she is evn mrr evil thn urmi urmi to atleast roi bhi thi gopi k liye bt ye to paggal hi h
    y u all r cmmntng slw

  65. Ishita

    Pg cmpltd thnk god
    i dnt knw wht is gng on in shw jst cmmntd aftr readng update bgt pehle i cn ths shw

  66. Liya

    Nothing di….whats wrong with u drs?i thought due to my age but there r many new frnds on nauc with my age even young than me.

  67. Liya

    M not feeling gud at nauc so i changed my dp nd commented their so that noone ll give attention to me.@hny

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  71. Liya

    I want ur i go 4 mine….m liya(petname).m from kerala.m of about 15 and u u u???

  72. Liya

    [email protected]

  73. pranav

    My name is Pranav Singhal.
    I’m basically from UP.
    But due to study I m In Delhi now.
    I’m 19 years old

  74. A irritated person

    What none sense. Why people over here are talking about their personal business? Poor people they don’t even have a acoount in Facebook. How irritating! We want to discuss the serial over here and they do their chit-chat over here. Please it’s a request, don’t disturb the viewers over here with your unnecessary talk.

  75. Kajol

    Sabhi log site chod k jaa chuke h humesha k liye
    ye site ek sunsn bhoot bangle me cnvrt hone wala h thode dino… pagal aatmao ka saya chaya hua jise dekh k pagal log ghbra rhe h or jagh chod k ja rhe humari salh h hanuman chalisa sath me rakhe kaam aayegi

  76. kuch bhi

    tum ne robot film dekhi hai?? mai tumhe waise help karunga jaise chitti ne sana ki help ki thi

  77. Meera

    u knw.. new mem pranav ystrday cmntd dat he z in so he stays awake at nyt… may b he vl cm

  78. kajol

    Hatt pagal ho tum
    sana k liye chitti machhar laya tha yaad h
    tum bhi kuch karo esa

    Kitna bore ho rha h…
    jkb bhi nhi h

  79. kajol

    Arre yaar sab ka mood khrab kar k khud aaram se so rha hoga

    Dekhte h pranav aata h ya pranav mukhrjee lol

  80. kajol

    Yes mjhe kata tha pagal puchu ne bula k lao use or dafna do humare aakhon k samne lol koi aahi nhi rha

  81. Meera

    kaun ricky bhai so rahe honge?? I dnt thnk so… btw pranav mukherjee aaya to hum lucky honge

  82. kuch bhi

    par mujhe nahi pata puchu kaun hai kahan hai… chitti ko to pata tha us macchar ke bare me

  83. kajol

    Ok meera seriously bore ho rha h m sure tmhe bhi h na??
    Thodi der rukte h jkb akshay pranav koi aaya to thik h warna so jayenge

  84. Meera

    matlab ke maine kiya tha na wo sab stupid drama ke ricky bhai naraz ho gaye etc… shayad wo nahi karna chahiye tha.. maine over react kar diya

  85. kajol

    Hmmm chalta h…. mjhe dekho me kitna ghussa karti hu fir regrt karti hu lol
    kbhi kbhi ghussa karna acha hota h

  86. janu (john ka beta)

    kachu naa yar the hindu n bbc aj din bhar me nahi pd paya tha to abhi online pd raha tha

  87. Meera

    hmmm my hobby z to create art work… lyk drawng & painting… or making things in thermocol

  88. janu (john ka beta)

    gardening , cooking, reading books specially indian history n stories of manu bhandari

  89. Meera

    wow nyc hobbies… evn I luv to cook… bt kuch recipes hi acchi bana paati hun… hey vidhs

  90. janu (john ka beta)

    chowmein tum to bahut choti ho abhi se kitchen me kam dishes ready kr leti ho!!!!

  91. janu (john ka beta)

    aisa hi ho vidhya pr agr memory loss ho gya to?? mujhe damad ji kaun bolega??

  92. Meera

    nahi bro.. hamari school me cooking compitetion hua tha to maine bhi thori bahut cooking sikhli

  93. Meera

    memory loss hogaya to rashi ko vidya bolengi… aur bhool jayengi ke meera baad me mili thi

  94. Meera

    no I got 2nd prize my frnd made kalmi kabab… biriyani & gulab jamun she got 1st prize

    • janu (john ka beta)

      ha yar main ahem sasura ki bakery smbhal lunga aur meera e restaurant chala legi chlo humara guzara to ho jayga

  95. janu (john ka beta)

    vidhya meera to sahi me spring roll bnane lg gyi h koi reply nahi kr rahi h

    • janu (john ka beta)

      kafi time ho gya pehle update pdta tha to jiger dhawal ki comments pdne me maza ata tha uske bad jb serial leap hua uske bad mene comment krne shuru kiye the

  96. Meera

    offo bhool gayi… janu bro dhakka dene aur gun to mere paas thi nahi jo goli marsakun

  97. Meera

    oh kk bro…mai leap se pehle se kabhi kabhi cmnt karti yahan pe.. bt I m on kyy frm feb

  98. janu (john ka beta)

    but difference is that they cant avoid our chatting but we avoid their comment 🙂

  99. Meera

    haan bro dekh ti hun.. tabhi to itna sab kuch janti hun sns ke bare me.. I m following sns frm d strtng bt kuch dinon ke liye dekhna chor diya tha… gopi ke parents laute tab se… phir mai tab se continuos dekh rahi hun jab se… radha cmpltly negative hogayi

  100. janu (john ka beta)

    vidhya i think adrita is of sanskrit origin. meaning of adrita is a respectable women

  101. janu (john ka beta)

    adrita ek sachi bat kahu tum north east k log bahut khubsurat hote ho really i admire

  102. Meera

    vidhs tumne bataya nahi apne bare me… no bro she came bt wo bore hokar chaligayi shayad..

  103. janu (john ka beta)

    meera me too like mango mango k pakne k time ye barish hoti h ise kal baisakhi bhi kahte h ri8 adrita??

  104. Meera

    chill maro bro… kal aap ki wajah se nahi puchu ki wajah se sab ka mood kharab hua… oh nyc u too elder frm me… btw I m iffath sara frm bangalore studyng in 8th… kisi ne aaj IPL FINALS dekhe?? plz batao CSK jeeti ya MI??

  105. Meera

    mujhe sour + swt bhi aur cmpltly swt do typs bhi pasand hai… iffath means respect… sara I m nt sure bt intrnt ws shwng sara means princess

  106. janu right now Assam’s administration is in a so so condition… not much good n not that bad.. 2016 MLA election is coming.. may be after that there will be a change

  107. janu (john ka beta)

    sara if u dont mind i wanna ask one thing ye log jo fatwe jari krte h un fatwo ko aap log follow krte ho kya ye log aapki life me kitne prabhavi hote h?

  108. stupid sns

    Shit its just f**king serial that gopi nose che she’s the ugliest women I never saw hate this crap serial.end this blo*dy f**king serial

    • I am not a supporter of any particular party.. but Congress is ruling here for last 15 years.. n since bjp is in centr so I think in the coming election congress is needed to be replaced by bjp for the betterment of the state

  109. Meera

    no bro actually v cmpltly follow Quran (holy book of muslims) & Hadeeth (the sayings of prophet Mohammed S.A.W)… btw hw do u abt fatwa etc

    • janu (john ka beta)

      ye sab news paper me ata rahta h isliye pucha tha jaise delhi election me bhi kejriwal ko vote dene ko kaha tha so i ask ki vastav me log inki bate mante h ya wo apne perception ko bhi follow krte h

  110. janu (john ka beta)

    well adrita n chowmein nice 2 meet u nw its too late c u soon bye bye good night

  111. Meera

    ok janu bro gud nyt swt drmz btw maine aap ke ques ka ans diya hai previous pg pe plz chk

  112. kajol

    Sorry adirita bht sare questions hogaye tabhi jawab nhi aa rha or log ja rhe h
    bye gud night sweet dreamzz…

  113. Liya

    Oh my darling
    meera darling
    u r my heart
    but m ur dirt
    i loves u a lot
    but u hates me a lot..

    Oh my darling
    meera darling
    leave ur boyfriend
    make me ur boyfrnd..
    M hr 4 u…
    U r hr 4 dad
    my mom is meethi
    ur mom is gopi
    meethi is servant
    gopi is rani…
    Still i luv u…
    Still i miss u
    me ur janu…

    A song by orion specially dedicated to my heartbroken broak nd his luv meera(my future bhabi)haha hihi hehe

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