Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2013 Written Update

At urmi’s house, Koki scolds urmi that because of her dhawal-kinjal have taken decision about divorce. Koki warns urmi that If urmi doesnt pacify the couple by tomorrow then she would take away them to modi bhawan and would tell all the truth to them. Koki and gopi leave. Urmi gets worried that how can she pacify the couple within 1 day. In the night at modi bhawan, koki says gopi that she is very sure about urmila that she could pacify the couple as she is much afraid of the coming situations.

Dhawal says kinjal that they have an appointment with lawyer at 4′o clock. Kinjal says yes and leaves. Dhawal goes to washroom. Urmi finds this and thinks of doing some thing. Urmi writes ILU on dhawal’s note pad and keeps it on the desk. Dhawal comes out and checks. Even

kinjal finds the note in his hands but leaves from there. Dhawal comes out to kinjal and asks whats this. Kinjal replies she isnt bothered about him any more. Dhawal yells at kinjal that how can she doubt him that he got that chit from someone else. Kinjal says yes she would doubt him as he has started provoking her to doubt him and falguni. Dhawal yells that she cant doubt him. Kinjal says he has never tried to understand her and he could understand her feelings. Kinjal leaves from the house angrily. Urmi gets worried that if kinjal attempts suicide then koki would kill her. So urmi asks dhawal to call kinjal back. Dhawal rushes out. Kinjal wil be walking angrily. Dhawal and urmi stops her and asks to come home. Urmi says them that she wrote that ILU chit. Both wonder and look eachother. Dhawal and kinjal says no one can pacify them any more. Urmi finds a police van and an auto near by. Urmi brings braces and ties to kinjal and dhawal. Urmi forcifully throws them in auto and asks them to talk. Urmi starts the auto. Urmi drives out the auto and hits a tree. Kinjal stops dhawal hitting to the meter. Dhawal finds this and asks why she has stopped. Kinjal says to protect him. Dhawal asks when she is loving him then why she asked for divorce. Kinjal says that she wanna see how does he reacts if she asks for divorce. Dhawal says he too loves her and doesnt want any divorce. The owner of the auto and few men reach there and help dhawal-kinjal out from the auto. The couple says urmi that they arent taking divorce.

Dhawal calls koki and gives the information about their accident. All the ladies get worried. Later rashi calls urmi and asks about her health. Urmi tells koki got to know about kinjal-dhawal divorce and Canada alliance. Rashi gets worried. Urmi says koki doesnt know that she knows about this. Koki comes to urmi’s house. Dhawal will be taking care of kinjal with lots of love. Koki meets kinjal-dhawal. Kinjal-dhawal assures koki that they would take care of eachother. Koki happily comes out and asks urmi about how she has done this. Urmi explains. Koki scolds urmi for doing so and warns urmi that she should take care of the couple well.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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