Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila gets up from dining table hearing Jigar’s taunt. Gopi stops her and says whoever wants to go, they can go, but she will have food here. Kokila sits back. Jigar starts taunting Dr. Krishna that he is having free food. Kokila says Krishna is family member now. Krishna tries to confront, but Jigar retaliates that though Gopi is 51% share holder of company, he earns bread for this house and food and plate on which he is having food is bought from his money. He continues retaliating.

Meera continues shouting in her room. Dharam says he is trying explain her from such a lon time that it was an accident. She shouts even at him. Vidya brings food and says since Meera was angry, she brought her and papaji’s food. Meera throws food and starts shouting even at her. Vidya retaliates and says whatever happened was an accident and she is bearing her anger and insult, but she will not let her daughter go through same insult. She will not tolerate her nonsence from hereon. Meera stands shocked while Dharam smiles. Vidya asks her to go and have food from fridge ad asks Dharam to call her whenever she needs anything.

Gopi looking at Ahem’s pic reminisces jigar insulting Krishna. She thinks she will not let Jigar insult them again.

Next morning, Jigar is busy in a board meeting. Gopi enters. Directors discuss that she is Ahem’s wife and what is she doing here. Gopi greets them and says she is Gopi Kokila Modi, Kokila’s daughter. Jigar discusses exporting clothes to foreign countries. Gopi checks file and says many companies exports their product, so they have to do something unique and suggests to make Patola sarees and make 4 times more profit. Jigar says it is a bad idea. Gopi says as 51% share holder, her decision is final.

Precap: Jigar asks Gopi even if she is 51% company owner, she cannot take erraneous decisions. Gopi says she will open factory and if she succeeds, she will take over business. Jigar accepts her challenge.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ita very short update.. update of serials like sel,yhm are very lengthy.. pls write clearly and main thing pls dnt confuse us by putting wrong names.. gopi luking at ahem’s pic but u wrote dharam’s..

    1. NaveenS

      At least thank the updater? The person is human and can make a mistake. I’m sure there are other things he/she could be doing.

      Thanks for the update.

      1. Arshi

        Totally agree with u naveens… this wirter s amazing… bcz.. i coulsnt watch full drama… but bcz f her .. i could read the actual epi without kokis and gopis gyaan…

  2. Ohoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why such a short update???????????????????????
    Want a good & deep explained update……………………..
    It’s too short

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooo not agree with you ” Naveens”

  4. I couldn’t watch the whole episode because of power cut… but there was a scene where krishna was reflecting on the situation but Dat scene is not written

  5. Yes iam also confused when i read that gopi looking at dharam’s pic reminisces jigar insuĺting krishna”

  6. Well

    I Think that it was a good episode

  7. Today episode was mindblowing…love gopi’s attitude towards business…hope that meera will understood her mistakes…love sns??????

  8. How did Gopi learn English and business?

    1. When it took 8year leap,gopi had become teacher…then she taught children a lot of things..she was the best teacher of Bhopal school..she was alone with vidya in her short home near school…she learnt more things for 8years..she stayed away from her family becoz of meera..that’s why she has become stronger smart and intelligent

  9. Jigar meet his match n nice going vidya

  10. Thanks for the update..

  11. Amina2000

    finally vidya spoke up and shut meera up i think she should have took a stand long back to a least protect priyal if not herself. Gopi’s entry has started to get everything better know she just needs to sort pari and monika out and give them some harsh time like tehy did to kokila

  12. love today’s episode gopi and vidya are back so we will see a lot of tensions suspense action etc cant wait for tomorrow’s episode and guys i dont mean to be rude but dont you think monica is ugly? she looks a lot older than gopi

    1. Amanda i agree with u….monica is witch-faced…..

  13. these admins r removing the comments which r pointing out d mistakes of written updates by MA… wht’s d use of this website if u can’t provide full details of d show incase ppl missed to watch it… i doubt if they publish this comment… try to b transparent guys

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