Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera pleads Kokila and everyone to take also along with them. Kokila finally agrees on Gopi’s request.

Dhaval comes home with Urmila and Kinjal. He gets a call from Jigar that Meera is back home. Urmila taunts Kinjal and she pushes her. Kinjal then gets a call from bank that all her accounts have been blocked and her cheque bounced.

At Modi bhavan, Baa scolds Meera for leaving home and troubling them like this. Pari says Meera that she has troubled whole family and especially gopi, who did not have food or sleep since 3 days. She continues that she should be ashamed of herself. Hetal stops her. Rashi says she told everyone that Meera di will be back and hugs Meera, but Meera pushes her and runs towards her room. Gopi tries to follow her, but Kokila stops her and

asks her to go and rest now. She asks Vidya to go and console Meera.

Meera at her room throws her jewelry and shouts how can Sanskar betray her, nobody loves her and she does not have anyone. Vidya comes there and Meera asks if she came to show sympathy. Vidya says she came here as her sister. Meera starts crying vigorously and says we did not get mother’s love since childhood, but when we got Mansi mamma, even she was forced to leave. She loves Sanskar a lot and shouts hugging Vidya.

Ahem hears Meera’s shout and says he should go and console her. Gopi stops him and says it is better for her to cry. He says she herself wrote tears in her fate. Gopi asks him to clam down. Kokila says they pushed Meera and don’t need to punish her more. Ahem says if we leave Meera like this, she will use tears as weapon. Kokila says if we get tough on her, she will shatter. Gopi says she agrees Kokila, we should become children’s friend and understand their problems, only then we can explain them in their language. Kokila says Gopi is right.

Kinjal does not like Dhaval’s prepared food and yells at him. He says her faltu talks are not welcomed his house and if she needs food from restaurant, she can order, but he will not pay. He asks Urmila to start while he will wait for pappu and then they can have food together. Urmila laughs at Kinjal.

Gopi serves breakfast to Rashi and asks her to have it. She is shocked to see her burnt hand and asks how did it happen. Rashi says she tried to pick roti herself from tawa and burnt her hands. Gopi asks why did not she ask Pari. She says Pari kaki was busy. Pari says she was not in kitchen when Rashi burnt her hand and even brought her burnol. Gopi contiues yelling at her that she gave her responsibility for 1 day, but she could not take care of even Rashi, she is so irresponsible, etc..etc. Pari silently hears her nonsense.

Meethi opens door on door bell and sees police standing. She informs Jigar. Meera while having food hears that and gets worried that Kokila must have called to get her arrested. Kokila starts that she will not spare anyone who eyes Modi family. Meera gets more afraid.

Precap: Meera pleads Kokila not to get her arrested.

Update Credit to: MA

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