Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila rings up and informs a man that the family are arriving for prayers and to make sure that all arrangements are completed. The man assures her that it will be done.

The man is then seen ringing up an unidentified female and informs her about Kokila’s arrival. She woman tells him to make sure that Kokila’s reception is done well. The room is dark and she is seen putting on a mask and declaring that Kokila’s will be welcomed. She then laughs.

Kokila picks up the card she received on Teej and looks perplexed.

Kokila’s mind seems to be elsewhere. When she sees the milk she is shocked as the milk has gone off. She fears that this is the forebear of bad news and is worried that something bad will happen. Gopi comes along and they have a discussion

which ends with Gopi assuring her that all will be well.

Jigar is tensed. Ahem comes to him and suggests that he goes to America to oversea the new branch of the company. After a little persuasion he agrees.

Meera and Vidya have a little moment wit Meera teasing Vidya of becoming like Kokila and Gopi bahu. Vidya in turn teases her too.

In Chawl the Shah family are still debating where they should stay. Urmila comes round to the idea of going to the Modis but Dhawal is adamant and says that his friends may find a room for them to rent. A frustrated Kinjal hands them all empty points and vessels and tells them to beg. Urmila dreams she is begging and that she is losing all her money. She is worried.

At MM Jigar tells Paridi his plans. At first she wants to go with him but he deters her. They then have words before a tearful Paridi finally relents and hugs him.

Family are ready to go but Rashi comes along claiming that she is unwell. Another debate ensues before Paridi is asked by Gopi if she will take care of Rashi.

Paridi agrees to look after Rashi much to the others surprise but Gopi trusts her and convinces Kokila. The family leave for the temple. Jigar leaves too. Rashi calls the doctor as Rashi is burning up.

The Shah family is walking on the road. Looks like they still have nowhere to stay. Kinjal is extremely frustrated with Dhawal’s stance. She rings Hetal and explain things to her. Hetal herself tells them to come to the mansion. Kinjal tells her about Dhawal so Hetal speaks directly to him and convinces him to come to them. He agrees making Kinjal and Urmila very happy.

The doctor checks Rashi and declares that she has conjunctivitis. He leaves Paridi with some drops for her. As he is leaving Paridi picks up Hetal’s call, who explains to a hesitant Paridi that the Shah family will be staying there. Hetal assures that she knows full well Kinjal’s mannerisms but it is only for a few days.

Paridi also relays the doctors diagnosis and hangs up the call.

Hetal laughs and says that Paridi did not listen to the whole thing and hung up. Hetal sees Kokila tensed and questions her. Kokila speaks about feeling uneasy since morning and wonders if they should continue. The scene shifts back and forth between Kokila and masked Betty.

Pre cap. The priest tells them to begin the prayer but there is someone else there doing the same puja. Ahem is angry that they told the committee that they are doing the prayer but they let someone else do it. He declares to throw their provisions out.

Update Credit to: Xarina

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. Pari is just acting like rashi (rucha husabnis, when she was newly married to jigar and against gopi in the earlier episodes)…. she is just pretending to take care of little rashi just to impress the other family members so they wil give importance to her…

  3. who could b dat mask woman . ?????

  4. Again new villan in this serial. So boring

  5. Intresting ongoing track,nice

  6. Jigar asked pari to take care of Rashi as everyone going for puja. . Pari is not pretending to take care of rashi to impress family members.

    1. Dats wat i meant… she takes care of rashi but she is not really INTERESTED in taking care of her… just for the sake of jigar she is doing…

  7. I love pari’s acting.

  8. s………………..
    paridhi is bestum best actress

  9. wow what a wonderful family. all modis are loaded with curses due to paap done in their previous birth. that is y there is non stop shower of problems on them.

    what a cursed family……. and what a bunch of viewers who are cursed to watch this rubbish serial everyday..

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