Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem and Jigar see Rashi and Gopi fighting and go to office without having breakfast. Hetal scolds Rashi and Gopi for fighting and her sons going to office without breakfast. Kokila says Gopi that an intelligent person always distinguishes between right and wrong.

Rashi calls Urmila and informs about Gopi fighting with her. She gets annoyed on Gopi hearing that and asks Kinjal to serve her food. Kinjal says she has not prepared food and asks her to prepare her food herself. Urmila thinks all Modis have gone mad.

Vidya sees Tolu/molu walking away from her during lunch break and asks them to have lunch with her. They say they need to go to washroom and leave from there while Vidya gets sad.

Hetal happily says Gopi that they will have to buy books, bag, lunchbox, etc.,

for Meera now. Gopi says she already bought them. Kokila looks at Rashi and taunts her that intelligent people just need a signal. Masterji comes and Meera happily greets him in.

Tolu/molu think of buying pani puri from their pocket money. Pratik clashes with them and money falls on the ground.

Pratik informs Vidya that tolu/molu are having money. Vidya asks them to tell how did they get money, else she will inform it to daadi. They say that Rashi gave it to them to buy pani puri. Vidya blackmails them to feed her and Pratik pani puri, else she will inform daadi. They hesitantly agree.

Gopi informs masterji that Meera has passed her exams and is admitted to 2nd standard. Masterji gifts Meera a beautiful pencil and his pencil box falls by mistake, which he does not notice. Gopi asks him to ask his guru dakshina/fees. He says he will ask it when appropriate time arrives. Rashi sees his pencil box and tries to return it to him, but he has already left from there. Before she could check the box, Gopi stops her and asks her to clean the kitchen and to be careful from next time. She asks why is she always behind her. Hetal hears that and scolds her. Rashi in turn misbehaves with her. Kokila hears that and scolds Rashi for misbehaving wit her mother-in-law. Rashi drops the box on sofa and angrily leaves from there. Gopi sees that box.

Masterji gets down from an auto and does not find his pencil box. He remembers leaving it at modi house and gets tensed thinking his secret will be revealed. He gets back into auto and leaves back towards Modi bhavan.

Gopi is about to open the box, but stops when Baa calls her and goes to attend her. Meethi sees a pencil box and thinks it is tolu/molu’s. Kokila sees it and says it is not tolu/molu’s. Before she opens it, Hetal asks her to give her a religious book. She asks Meethi to keep the box in cupboard.

Madhuben tries to explain Kinjal about Pooja’s intentions. Kinjal asks her not to interfere in her life and says she does not want to talk to her. Urmila also scolds Madhuben and asks her to leave from her house.

Tolu/Molu/Vidya reach home back from school. Gopi asks them to change their clothes while she serves them food. They say they are not hungry. Meethi informs Gopi that kid’s lunchbox and says it is clean as if nothing has been kept in it. Vidya starts vomiting and says she is having stomachache. Kokila and Hetal insist her to tell what she ate. Tolu/molu inform Rashi that they had pani puri with Vidya. She scolds them to take Vidya with them. Vidya says she did not have outside food. Even tolu/molu start vomiting. Gopi gets a call from Kinjal who informs that Pratik is also having vomiting and says it is because of Tolu/molu who forcefed vidya and Pratik pani puri and Rashi gave them money. Gopi gets annoyed hearing that and informs Kokila that if Rashi she continues with her leniancy, kids will get ill often. Kokila asks what does she mean. Gopi asks Rashi why did she give money to tolu/molu. She denies giving money. Rashi says kid’s lunchbox was clean and she gave them money to eat outside food. She informs that Kinjal called and informed that Pappu is also ill because of pani puri.

Precap: Gopi asks Rashi to think about Vidya at least if not Tolu/molu. Rashi says they should take care of their own kids from now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Did u guys hear that rucha aka rashi is leaving the show by end of July. I’m so sad. I only watch this show cause of rashi. I don’t know if the new rash I will catch our eyes. Don’t go rucha ur awesome

  2. This Gopi is doing more over action now a days what is this…if tolu n molu tells lies they will blame Rashi n now Vidya is saying tolu n molu insisted her to have panipuri….always everyone will be running behind Rashi….. This hetal is really a bad saas…..this kokila is a dumbo… Duffer for her always her gopi bahu is Mrs perfect n Rashi who maintained the modi house for 8 years has became a culprit…..idiots nothing new to see here …..the only reason for watching this serial is Rashi if she quits the serial we too will quit seeing this serial……..

  3. Poor kids and what indise that pencil case

  4. I m so happy rashi will quit the show I think urmila also should go then the serial will be little bit better I don’t know why people like rashi I mean doing as a rashi character in personal life I m sure she must be a nice person

  5. Yea rucha hasabnis is quitting the show. She decided that long time ago..and last week i saw saas bahu aur betyain rucha aka rashi was saying yes she is leaving the show..because she wants break

  6. Yeah rashi will die in the show

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