Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya reaches home with Dharam. Shravan and Priyal get very happy seeing her. Gaura is shocked hearing Vidya came back. Shravan hugs Vidya and says she missed her a lot. She says even she missed him a lot and pampers Meera’s babies. Gaura hugs her acting as happy and thinks how did she come out, she had bribed a lot to lawyer.

Gopi calls Urmila and informs that Vidya is out on payrole. Kokila prays god to protect Vidya. Constable gives her Gopi’s given prasad. Kokila asks her to give some prasad to Vidya. Constable says Vidya is out on parole. Kokila gets happy and prays god to give strength to fight against evil Gaura. She starts chanting mantras.

Gopi and Jaggi return home. Urmila says Seeta was worried about Kokila and Vidya. Seeta comes ands says she

wants to go and feed cow as the consider cow as mother. Gopi gives her money to feed cow and poor people. Veer insists even he will accompany her. Sona says it is real cow and not fake one, if he slips in cow dung, she will not clean him. Pari and Mona say ewww.. Seeta walks towards door, but stops reminiscing Bhavani and her goons, panics and says she does not want to go alone. Urmila says Veeru is accompanying. Veeru says he will protect Seeta didi. Everyone laugh. Seeta walks out with Veeru.

Dharam tries to console Meera’s babies. Vidya gets milk for Meera’s babies and says Meera di should come back soon. Dharam says yes… Gaura entes and asks what are they talking about. Vidya says they are talkig about Meera and with Gaura’s prayers, she will come back soon.

Seeta recites story and tries to make Jai and Veeru sleep. Sona comes and asks Seeta to go and sleep in her room and asks Jai and Veeru to sleep now. They both pray god and sleep. Sonu thinks Seeta thought good thing to her children. Once Sona leaves, Seeta returns and recites story till Jai and Veeru fall asleep.

In the morning, Vidya prays god to help her teach evil Gaura a lesson. Gaura starts scratching and calls Vidya. Vidya walks in. Gaura says she was going for a bath, but her whole body is itching. Vidya says she will fill ice water in tub, with which she will feel good. She goes and fills ice water. Gaura continues scratching and goes in. Vidya searches bomb remote in cupboard, finds it, and turns when she sees Gaura standing behind smirking. She laughs on Vidya that Kokila taught her all this. Vidya says she will teach her a lesson for her evil acts. Gaura laughs that she cannot. Vidya holding remote says what did her family do that she is troubling them so much. Gaura shouts to shut up. Vidya says she will not keep quiet now, her drama is finished. Gaura stops her and slaps. Vidya falls down and asks what is she doing. Gaura warns that she will blast all bombs.

Precap: Gaura ties Vidya and says Gopi tolerated Ahem’s death, but will not tolerate whole family’s death. Seeta while cleaning home temple finds box under which bomb is and asks Gopi what is this. Gopi says they keep elaichi and sugar prasad in it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Episode was nce..this guara vl nt change chi..hpe vidya also gve her a tight slap?..
    I read dat all modi ladies n vidya vl tie guara to wall n throw knifes on her to tell abt meera bt Bhavani huz vit guara nw cme n sve guara by keeping one cnditn to retrn seeta den Dey vl Tel abt meera..seems interesting..
    Hello guys hw r u all..neha dnt leave dis site cme bak n cmnt..
    Sowmya all d BST for ur exams..
    Hi Akshay Sid nandini chithu rose Neha sowmya raven saba di shakaib isaaq mahi chanu Raina n sry if i missd anyone..

    1. Riana

      Hey S.P the episode was really awsome??

    2. Chithu

      Hi Priyanka. How r u now? Howz Rithwik?
      Gaura is been thrown by knifes she deserves it for torturing everyone. Nice thought of giving her own medicine

    3. No Sid am NT felng well..fl cough..
      N I want vidya to b strng n gve bak to guara..

    4. S.p today episode is nice and clean love to jai and viru like sunshines because we are the beautiful family.

  2. Amalina

    Today’s epi wasn’t like how I expected! I didn’t expect gaura to find out about vidya that soon. But anyways, glad that vidya is ready to fail gaura! ??

    1. Riana

      Amalina i too saw a spoilers where it was written that vidya will raise hand on Gaura…May be she will slap her…lol?

  3. Haha. All the unnecessary comments were deleted yesterday?.

    The episode was OK. Vidya was great.

  4. Siddharth

    Urmila, Kokila, Vidya and Paridhi tie up Gaura by ropes and shoot the dart arrows at her to find about Meera. Gaura asks them to leave her. Urmila asks Gaura to answer. Kokila says this is for snatching Ahem. Urmila hits arrow for ruining Gopi’s life. Paridhi says she will not listen, hit the dart to her eyes.

    Kokila asks Gaura to say where is Meera. Gaura says I don’t know, I used to scare Vidya by threatening about Meera. Kokila asks her to stop it. Bhavani comes and saves Gaura. Bhavani supports Gaura and takes her. Bhavani asks Kokila to give Sita and take Meera. She keeps the condition and asks Modis to think well.

    1. Amalina

      Is it The boss (Siddharth)? Yeah I’ve read it and I’m looking forward to seeing gaura in pain!!!??

      1. Siddharth

        Ya i am boss siddarth?

  5. Siddharth

    Star Plus longest running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Vidya (Sonam Lamba) informs Kokila (Rupal Patel) about Gaura (Vandna Pathak) kidnapped Meera.

    Modi house ladies traps Gaura and ties her with wall which makes Gaura shocked.

    Kokila asks Gaura to tell about Meer abut aura tells her that she does not know about Meera.

    Kokila and other ladies start throwing knife at Gaura but Gaura does not open her mouth.

    Bhavani saves Gaura and puts condition infront of Kokila

    Paridhi tells Kokila to throw knife at Gaura’s eye then she will reveal truth which makes Gaura scared.

    Kokila is about to hit but Bhavani reaches there and free Gaura from Modi ladies.

    Bhavani puts condition in front Kokila to give Sita in return of Meera.

    How will Kokila and Vidya fight with Gaura and Bhavani?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates

  6. Chithu

    I was happy that Vidya got the remort but Gaura came at exact time. Hope Meera returns fast and together they teach a good lesson to Gaura

    1. Amalina

      Yeah! I hope they don’t drag it further and the bomb explodes in the next epi!

  7. Siddharth

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show twist in the tale.

    Gopi has found about her son in Singapore and leave to get him back, Gopi has lost her son years ago and now has got his whereabouts.

    There Gaura is all set to play her cheap tricks over Modi family, Gaura is irked post Kokila got bailed from jail.

    Gaura had made full proof plan to throw Kokila out of her way by killing her in jail, but her plan gets failed infront of Kokila.

    Gaura and Kokila’s face off

    Now evil Bhavani enters as Gaura’s support system, Bhavani joins had with Gaura against Modi family.

    Bhavani had rivalry with Gopi and Jaggi for saving Sita from her clutches, there Sita will also join hand with Kokila and Vidya thus helping them.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Amalina

      I wonder does gopi know that she has a son?? Is kokila’s death track cancelled??

    2. Tanks boss to update and please put your old name again I like boss.Can u help me to put my name in registered member.

      1. Siddharth

        Hi Saba di i tried to write Boss along with my name but if we want register in Tu cant put big name like Boss(Siddarth).
        So it put just Siddharth

  8. Riana

    Hey guys…I saw a video a youtube that Gaura will be tied with a big dart board…and modis including that Mona will too throw darts on Gaura…Lol…But Suddenly bhawani comes n rescues Gaura…Lets see what happens on the upcoming episode

    1. Amalina

      Yeah! I’m looking forward to that episode! It’s really surprising, that pari and Mona are always against the modis. But when the modis are in trouble, they help them. They probably do it for their own benefit!???

  9. Love episodes with Jai and Veeru – they are so adorable and totally capable of stealing the show.

    1. Amalina

      True! I love Jai and veeru! They’re like small tolu molu!?

  10. Amalina

    Dear sunshine people, this is not to hurt anyone, but didn’t TU say that they aren’t gonna post off-topic comments. Some of us are posting a lot of off-topic comments which is not made for this forum. So if anyone of us has a problem, then you can DM each other. In that way, your conversations will be private and the whole world won’t be able to view them. This is just a concern from me, so plz don’t feel hurt. I’m not targeting anyone, this is for the benefit of all of us.

    Before I joined the sunshine group, I used to be a silent reader and commented only if I really liked an episode or the opposite or on ffs. Afterwards when I noticed your concern for each other and everything, I reall liked your group. I then decided to join this group.

    But now all I see, is our enemies winning against us. John, Aditya Hp, Leila, umeir…. (john I feel so bad for you that you first have to log in as john and then comment, and then as Leila…..umeir.. and so on. But I must say, you took a long break from commenting as Aditya hp?????) we can’t let one person logging in as different person break our group. Isaaq, your words and concern for Shakaib are really encouraging. The way you fought for him and stood for him as his elder sister was really grt! You are really encouraging. But it’s really sad to see, the person whom fought to win against john and his different accounts, is today siding with him to break this group.

  11. Hi all Sunshine friends.Thanks Priyanka akka and chithu di for wishing me.

  12. Nandhini

    Gaura deserves a punishment more than that dart board punishment.. and you fool Adithya!! Aisha didnt go out of sunshine group..she is still in contact with me..she is busy in her studies…we already knew someone has commented in her name.. and Isaaq dont ever take my name again here…i dont want to argue with you…enough of ur stupid stories and stupid challenges.

    1. Amalina

      Yeah I agree! The modi family never punish gaura properly! I hope this time she gets death penalty by the law… and not like 8 years of imprisonment!

    2. Nandhini I love u and all sunshines. I like see all of u happy and positive ok?promess all of u forgot every think and ignore negative peoples. GOD bless all of u and member sunshines is the best.

      1. Nandhini

        Hi saba di! Yeah i am fine .i wil forget everything.? and yes sunshine is always the best!

  13. Kaumaari

    Hello sunshine group. I really want to join this group. I love your bond here. I used to love Isaaq and her courage but I don’t understand what is going on here? Why is she being negative?

    Btw I am Kaumaari. I am 18 years old and I am from the US. I haven’t been to India in 6 years and I would really like to make new friends in India.

    1. Amalina

      Hi kumaari! Warm welcome!?

      1. Isaaq

        Thank you! Nice to meet you!

    2. Kaumary welcome to sunshines and member to comment every day ok?my name Saba and I’m from Brazil, I live in London to emprove my English. I’m primary school teacher.GOD bless u.

    3. Riana

      Hey kaumaari??…Welcome to the Group

      1. Kaumaari

        thank you? Btw your ff is totes awesome

      2. Riana

        Oh thanks a lot dear??

    4. Nandhini

      Welcome to sunshine family kaumaari?

      1. Kaumaari

        thank you?

  14. Good episode

  15. Kaumaari

    I really love Meera. She is my favourite in the entire series. She has gone through so much torture and hardships but she always wins. I hope she comes back soon.

    1. Riana

      Hey kaumaari i am Riana…from West bengal India…Nice to meet…anyways how r you??…

      1. Kaumaari

        im fine thank you. I’m from Dallas in Texas. I often get bored here in the US. I just want to India. I’m a medical student at the University of Texas. I see Raven is a doctor and I would love to know a lot about how her profession is like. This is a very nice group and I am happy I have joined.

  16. Amalina

    Dear sunshine people, we should ignore those who badmoth and insults us. If we don’t reply, then that person will feel bored and will eventually stop. But the more we argue, the more they get entertained just like how they mentioned. So ignoring is the best treatment for such

    1. Nandhini

      Yes amalina. Better ignore those people…then only they will stop commenting…

  17. This gaura is too much, waiting to see how vidya will punish gaura, the girl seeta is so nice she kept fast for vidya being a stranger , and that pari mona wewre making fun, pari mona should learn how to stand with the family in problem time, not making joke out of it. they should learn some manners from sita, i like how seeta handle jai veeru.

  18. Instead of showing such boring story lines they should have ended this show many years. Maybe when Radha was killed or when Gaura went to Jail. But no they had to continue .

    1. You’re absolutely right john…Sns should end years ago…These gaura is too irritating gossshhh…i am so bored of all this…

  19. Hi sunshines, boss,sowmya shakaib, akshay, rose,nandhini, aisha,ramona, raven, vp,mahi,pratiyusha, isaaq, average girl, rose, chithu, chinu, gettu, ragini, priyanka, amalina, kaumary, farah, riana and all sns family I hop every one is ok. Today episode is nice I love jai and viru.

    1. Riana

      Hello Saba…i am fine…but the grp is in danger…

      1. Hi riana don’t lose power, member one think ho is true always true and ho is negative only we need pray for them.forget every think and ignore them.we are sunshines and ho don’t like us is they problems. Today episode is rock I love jai and viru.

    2. Amalina

      Hi, I’m fine! Yeah today’s epi was ok. I hope it gets interesting the next couple of weeks. Jai-veeru’s bonding with Sita is the same as Tolu-Molu-Vidya’s bonding with meera when they were younger. It’s so cute!?

  20. Boss help me to be registered member please and tell me how can I do.Sunshines I love all of u.

    1. Chithu

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  22. Shakaib, mahi,sowmya, nandhini, akshay, Isaaq, mahi aisha and sunshines comments please.some one help me to be registered member please?

    1. Amalina

      Ok so Saba, go to the menu, and then click register. Then put in all the details and you will get registered!?

  23. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends, how are you all? I don’t know who has left group and who do not so not adding names. Episode was so nice today, I didn’t expected like amalina that vidya will get exposed to gaura so soonnnn. Really! I hope Meera comes soon and The both sisters avenge on gaura. But I don’t think so that it will happen, if Meera comes, I think gaura will blackmail vidya and vidya will shut her mouth but it will be more thrilling that if vidya don’t do that which I’m thinking. Hi priyanka di…how can you think that gaura vl change? World can change but gaura suryavanshi can’t change. Yeah I also want that vidya give gaura tight slap. But I don’t think she will do this as she is daughter of maha sanskari lady aka Gopi modi..!! Guys, akshay bhai used to call Gopi,”sasuri”. You can see in updates when premlata get exposed to MODIS. You can ask john also? He can tell you? Bhavani is so evil, though she didn’t appear in today episode, her fear is still in seeta, I love the time which was played on seeta. Do you like that tune? Welcome kumari to our family. Hi saba di, you can register here,

    1. Riana

      Hey Shakaib…How r you…Yah really yesterday’s episode was Awsome…i wish vidya to slap gaura…Gaura is so old but still fit n active…what does she eat??…DESI GHEE????…Btw yesterday many of our comments again got deleted…though i am happy that my all negative comments got deleted!!

    2. yes shakaib still i want to know wat happen to Ahem’s bakery shop in mumbai

      1. Siddharth

        Hi Akshay wch ahem’s bakery shop

    3. Amalina

      Yeah Shakaib, but this time I hope vidya shows her courageous avatar and fights against gaura alone. If bhavani and gaura side to fight against the modis and suryavanshis, then I hope Sita joins vidya in her fight. Sita & vidya vs gaura & bhavani will be interesting to watch.

  24. Riana

    Very happy that Aditya HP n my negative comments all got deleted???….

    1. Amalina

      Phew ???

  25. Siddharth

    Hi Akshay plz plz register ur name in telly updates and become register member so that we can talk personally plz ?

  26. Riana

    I wish today’s episode will be Good…Hope so…

  27. Siddharth

    Hi Akshay go to telly updates menu and there u WL get register option go there and register u hv to provide ur working email id thats it after u WL become register member.

  28. Kaumaari

    that’s not nice. I am a real person. I don’t even know who this aditiya is. I don’t understand why you are involving me into this fight?

  29. Kaumaari

    we need to stop fighting. its enough. I actually miss the bond you all had. I am shocked about Isaaq. she used to be so nice. you all supported her and its sad to see you all are against her. May I know why she is being rude?

  30. Riana

    Saba its better not to reply anything to those negative souls…They are aliens they will never believe in god…they only knows to how to hurt others…Natalie i really feel pity for you…Poor girl

  31. Riana are u right better don’t replay.Boss don’t be sad live them and tell about Sns.we are sunshines.

  32. Isaaq be positive because u are part of sunshines and u always clean heart.

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