Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells family that one standing with them is an imposter and not Kokila. Family does not believe her. Urmila comes and says Gopi is right, this woman is vegetable vendor Premlatha and not Kokila vevanji. She asks Gopi and go and save her maaji and stops family. Peon is about to give electric shock to Vidya when Meera enters on scooter and stops him. Water level in tank reaches Kokila’s nose and is about to immerse her when Gopi breaks tank and save her on time.

Meera beats peon shouting how dare he is to give electric shock to his sister and then frees Vidya. Peon gets up, but Meera hits him with helmet and he falls down unconscious. She then leaves on scooter with Vidya.

Gopi breaks tank and shouts maaji maaji. Kokila gurgles from inside. Gopi rushes up and asks Ahem to come and open tank lid. Ahem is shocked to see Kokila inside. Gopi gets in with Ahem and brings out unconscious Kokila. Premlatha silently tries to escape, but Urmila holds her and beats with stick. Gopi asks Ahem to pump Kokila’s tummy to remove water. He does. Whole family surround Kokila. Madhuben thinks Premlatha should escape, else she will be caught. Premlatha silently escapes. Kokila wakes up and calls all family memebers and then asks where is Premlatha. Urmila and Kinjal run and hit her with slipper first and then with stick and drag her back in. Premlatha says she is real Kokila. Kokila removes her mask and slaps her for troubling Gopi and famil and continues tight slaps. Premlatha tries to slap her, but Gopi holds her hand and gives her a tight slap and says if she dares to touch her maaji, she will break her hand.

Precap: Kokila asks Premlatha to show who brought her to Modi bhavan. She points at Sona.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Akshay

    finally premlatha is exposed by gopi sasuri but premlatha points at sona means drama will be dragged more. poor sona. episode was fantastic. bestum best sns

  2. Mukesh

    Madhuben should be caught, and also that blo*dy gaura……. Sona is innocent according to me ……so madhumakhi should be sent to jail along with premlatha and blo*dy gaura…….

  3. sharmi

    Sona should tell them about Gopi’s mum plan to ruin Gopi…she will get Koki to back her, then you will see how all their evil plans backfire. These bunch of women are evil…actually recently most of the shows on this channel only shows a bunch of evil women

  4. Tammy

    Sons is smart. She attacks as it comes. There are so many instances to suspect her though. Like the cinema incidence.

  5. jaan

    yeah yeah now sona will be framed another long drawn out story again madhubahen is shameless she ought to be beaten like premlata for wanting to back her daughter who was a murderer and not gopi who is a godsend

  6. nisha

    Sona modi family ki member huyee tho use b dher saari pareeksha lenee hogi because modi family ki sabee sadhasyoo ke nazeeb hi ye h ki
    Hameesha rothe rahna ,thadapthe rahna……

  7. Shivam saxena

    It’s not gud to accuse to simple n lovely girl Sona by premlatha…..don’t like it…..i want to open d mystery of madhu… of Gopi…

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