Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera and inspector bring Priyal home. Dharam asks who had kidnapped Priyal. Inspector says their driver Prakash. Dharam is shocked. Meera apologizes Vidya. Vidya warns her not to touch Priyal and takes her away. Naiya thinks she will free her Prakash at any cost.

Krisha catches Gopi again and ties her to a chair. Kokila reaches Premila’s house. Premila says Gopi is not here. Kokila says she knows Gopi is here itself and is in trouble. Premila tries to stop her, but she continues searching house. Manis, Krishna, and their puppet hospital staff take Gopi away via back door. Kokila does not find Gopi. Premila starts drama that she takes care of Gopi so well, but her samdhi is doubting her. Kokila asks where is Gopi. Premila says she went on a vacation with Krishna. Kokila senses something is wrong and walk out. Premila calls Krishna and says her saas is very adamant and challenged that she will search Gopi at any cost.

Gopi is taken to mental assylam on wheel chair. Mansi gives her electric shock chair and saays she was on this for 2 years and it is Gopi’s time. Gopi’s shock treatment starts.

Kokila walks on street and meets with an accident by a speeding car. She falls down. Her old friend sees her and rushes her to hospital with public’s help. Car’s driver calls Krishna and informs that he did his work.

Urmila and Sona get worried for Kokila when she does not return till morning. Phone rings, Urmila picks it thinking it is Kokila’s call, but Vidya speaks and says Priyal is back home. Gopi is seen on chair energyless after electric shocks.

Precap: Gopi runs from mental assylum aand ward boys follow her. She mingles with people celebrating janmastami and is shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. gopi tum ko vo electric shocks kisa laga..

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Ahem ji jaisa aapko marne pe lg raha h na waisa hi mujhe laga

      1. Riana


  2. She sees ahem

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Wo mere ahemji nahi y wo jaggi h

  3. ahem is back yes

  4. Parth Chrangoo

    I think ahem hi gopi ko bachaega

  5. Ahem is back finally

  6. Can anyone please tell me why did ahem leave mansi after staying with her for so many years. Of course I know he loves gopi but he cannot just throw maansi right so I am asking about it….

  7. Abe fake commentators jst stop nonsense kal tho fake Gopi iss page pe aye thi aur aaj ye fake ahem ke naam se koi comment kar raha hai . Tum dono kuch kaam nahi hai kya. Kyu aise bhakwas karte rahete ho rooz .?

  8. Isaaq

    The old friend who took Kokila to hospital will be Happy/Ahem’s lookalike mother. She will be Happy’s mother. I am very excited as Gopi might get a good and caring mother in law and live happily ever after.

    1. Isaaq

      She is Kokila’s old friend.

    2. Riana

      Yah he’s name was decided was happy but now its jaggi…

  9. Why in the world is Ahem back? No bueno

  10. I think she sees ahem n yes he is finally back n he will take revenge on mansi

    1. But he is not ahem .then for what purpose that man will ready to take revenge? I mean he is look like ahem but not ahem.

  11. Where are the two comedians?

  12. Why is there still war on vidya and meera? Glad ahem is back but i dont think he will recognise gopi

  13. will it be ahem or someone that looks like Ahem? they bring him back on Janam Ashtmi nice, gopi will get her real Khandhaji and get rid of bad Dr, Krishna. too bad her turn negative,

  14. i know Ahem is dead, but can it be that it is Ahem? he was save somehow probaly he was just unconscious when they cremate him and he got out in time just speculating just confuse right now i will just have to watch everyday to know what is going on na

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