Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila and Gopi push Gaura’s puppet and sit in tempo. Gopi says she does not know to drive. Kokila says she will help her shift gear. Gaura sees them in truck and orders her goons to catch them. They both speed truck, break gate and rush out. Gaura follows them with her goons. Jigar calls Kokila and she informs that they found Dharam and are coming towards court. He says Ahem hit Gaura’s lawyer and judge got him arrested. Kokila asks him to control Ahem while they reach court.

Court hearing restarts. Gaura lawyer continues alleging Meera and produces proofs against her. He even show video where Meera threatens Dharam and family not to trouble Vidya, else she will kill them. Meera says it is taken in wrong context. Judge asks her to speak only when asked.

Gopi continues riding truck and tells Kokila she cannot handle it properly. Kokila asks her to continue riding. They reach checkpost where police stops them. They get out and request inspector to take them to court soon as they want to show Dharam is alive and save Meera. Inspector says he wants to see Dharam first. Constables open door and they find empty bed. Inspector gets a call and he asks constables to arrest Gopi and Kokila. Kokila says she is from a respectful family and wants to save her granddaughter Meera. Inspector says Gaura filed complaint that they both stole her truck. Constables arrest them while they still continue to plead.

Gaura asks her puppets to get Dharam down from tree and once he is brought down, she reminisces how her puppets picked Dharam from truck and laughs that god is in her favor and soon Meera will be hanged.

Precap: Kokila pleads inspector to leave them as they have to save Meera. Constable says Meera’s hanging order is passed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. copi aunty ap old why not lagti ho

  2. Now how kokila & gopi r going to save meera…. Gaura u go to the hell…

  3. Gaura wins again :/

  4. End this blo*dy track and bring Molu and Naiya’s marriage track

  5. this is so bad I’m acctually hating this programme I used to love it it’s to dramatic and there’s always bad luck for the modis

  6. this SAATHIYA serial to end in a happy way 😉 :’-D ;-(

    1. actully they now started fighting

  7. How could the writer fool the audience like this because people r watching. I never watched no today I randomly I watched this episodes stupid episodes ever . How stupid this writer make Kohima n copy stupid just one phone call to police all done.

  8. How can they help meera.?

  9. How can they help meera from hanging?NO WAYS……..

  10. End this bad track.
    And show something different.

  11. I will now end watching this stupid serial.

  12. How can they be able to stop Meera from getting hanged.THERE IS NO HOPE .

  13. I have read that there is a leap. Please tell me is leap going to happen.

  14. poor Meera

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