Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa requests Ahem to come to Modi bhavan once before going to Mumbai. He says he will not as there is nothing left for him. Baa requests, but he is adamant. She requests him to send at least Vidya. He agrees. He speaks to Vidya, but she says she does not want to feel pain remembering the past. He insists that Baa has requested and she should not deny her requests. She agrees.

Vidya reaches Modi bhavan in the morning. Hetal opens door and gets happy seeing her. Pari brings aarti and says she knows Vidya would come, so she prepared it beforehand. Hetal calls Gopi and asks her peform Vidya’s arti. Gopi reminisces Meera throwing aarti and says Hetal she is elder of this house and should perform aarti. Hetal performs aarti and takes her in. Tolu/molu get happy seeing

her. Meera comes down with Mansi and asks how can she is here. Vidya says he wanted to meet everyone before leaving.

Ahem comes to Kokila’s room and sees her working. She says now in Mumbai alone, she will have to do her chores herself, so she is practising. He asks her to rest now. She sadly tells that she cannot live without Rashi and even Rashi cannot live without her, she does not know what will happen in Mumbai. She gets out of bed and leaves her room towards Rashi’s room.

Meera asks Gopi to tell how she was in childhood. Gopi says she was very naughty but intelligent and Vidya was opposite to her, very calm and reserved, but now they both are opposite after growing. She further tells Kokila has lived her whole life in Rajkot with her family and cannot adust herself in Mumbai, she will suffocate there, so she should try to stop Ahem from taking her to Mumbai. Vidya silently leaves. Pari comes and tells Gopi that she forced Vidya to think and now she will definitely try to stop Ahem.

Vidya hugs Baa before leaving. Baa gets emotional and asks her to take care of Kokila. She then hugs Pari and Hetal and gets into car. Hetal says Gopi even she wants to go to Urmila’s house. Gopi says they will go behind Vidya in auto. Vidya opens car door. Pari tells Gopi that her daughter is calling her.

Meera is walking in the market talking over phone with Mansi and telling in just a few hours they will be back in Mumbai. She sees Vidya with Gopi in a car and tells it to Mansi. Mansi asks her not to pay heed to it as they will be going from there in a few hours. Meera then goes to Modi bhavan and sees a sign board dogs and meera are not allowed inside Modi bhavan. She angrily knocks door bell. Pari asks her to stop knocking. She enters and sees tolu/molu selling her makeup kit, hair dryer, etc., on net. They say after she goes, they will renovate her room and make it a snooker room. Meera says it is her dad’s house. Tolu/molu say send her out, lock door, and say now she is not welcome in this house. Pari says she will inform Gopi that their plan is working. Gopi reads message and smiles. Meera goes back to Urmila’s chawl and tells Ahem that they will not go to Mumbai.

Precap: Ahem tells he will go to Mumbai for sure with Kokila and will not budge to their plans.

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