Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera asks Vidya to touch her feet and take her blessings, asks Gaura how they bless. Gaura says sada suhagan raho. Meera forces Vidya to touch her feet and says sada suhagan raho.

Gopi continues crying. Ahem asks her to calm down. She shouts she will not, they forced Meera to leave this house and what if she will not return and this house’s door are shut on her permanently.

Vidya tells Meera she did a big mistake by marrying her sasurji and how will mama, papa, and dadi feel. Meera starts shouting on her. Shravan says she cannot yell on her sister and should be ashamed of herself. Dharam shouts not to insult his mother. Gaura slaps him and asks why did he marry this psycho girl and ruined their family name. He takes Shravan aside and says she fulfilled her

promise, so he should go now. He asks what about Vidya. She says she will take care of Vidya and will not let Meera go near Vidya. Shravan sees Vidya crying, but removes his pagdi and garland and walks towards door. Vidya runs behind him and asks where is he going. Shravan says he is going on important work and will be back soon. She pleads not to go. He says Gaura will take care of her and if she trusts him, she should let him go and not asks where and why did he go. Gaura and Dharam smirk and think Vidya is completely trapped and Kokila will be taught a lesson.

Gopi continues crying and Hetal trying console her. Jigar with tolu/molu comes back and says he did not find Meera anywhere. Gopi shouts why did not they give police complaint then and says she will go to police station now. Ahem asks her to relax. Gopi shouts how can she when her daughter is missing. Kokila says Ahem is right and they should wait for some more time. Gopi shouts that Meera is missing because of her and she will not obey her now. Ahem says he will accompany her to police station. She says no need. Jigar says he will accompany her and signals Ahem not to worry and walks with Gopi.

Gaura and Dharam smirk looking at each other. Gaura then acts as consoling Vidya and says Meera did wrong and even Dharam came under her trap.. Vidya tells Meera that she did wrong and she will never forgive her for this for her betrayal. Meera shouts that her so called modi family and she is responsible for it and they betrayed her instead. They insulted her since childhood and even now they did.

Inspector tells Gopi he cannot complaint before 24 hours. Gopi shouts why can’t he see her state of mind, her daughter is missing. Jigar tries to console her. Molu says he gave Meera’s details. Gopi shouts at inspector why don’t he send his constables to search Vidya and starts crying vigorously hugging Jigar and he consoles her.

Meera shouts that she was fed up of her family praising only Vidya and insulting her repeatedly, even Vidya slapped her. Gaura smirks seeing their fight.

Precap: Gaura feeds water to Vidya and she falls unconscious while dialing Gopi’s number.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. horrible. psycho director

    1. Awesome, amazing director.

    2. john,u’re also a psycho along with the director.why don’t u go to the mental hospital instead of commenting here 🙂

      1. hey rose. keechad par pathar math phenko. u will only get dirty. havent u noticed that nobody cares for this idiots comment. even his name is not worth uttering. he keeps messaging only bullshit and filthy words. thanks to tellyreview that they are not putting up his disgusting msgs. so just ignore…

  2. We’re Indian Don’t bring like this type of relationships I hate this melodrama.

  3. it is going very bad how could own sisters be MID and DIL

  4. Gopi over action.meera stupidity.

  5. Why did Shravan just leave vidya and go??? Does he actually love vidya?

  6. Now that the evil witch gaura get both of gopi daughter she will harm dem to make kokila beg her for forgiveness I think sharan will her them

  7. That director Gone mad completely… By today am going to stop watching this stupid serial…

  8. Why does Shravan leave Vidya

  9. What does actually meera wants?? Revenge from vidya or luxurious life?? And why this gopi is over acting??? And whats on shravan’s mind??

  10. Idiot writer and director this is undigestable WTH????????

  11. Not sure what’s the jest of this story now. Everyone is yelling at everyone else, very negative vibe. No love!!!

  12. at last i can stop watching this show NO Moral value how could the producers write such a story line father and son marries the sisters !!!! i thought this was family show not animal show acting as DOGS!!!!1

  13. A weird twist….but is exciting….. Meera I belive is now there in Vidya’s sasural to protect her fro Gaura and Dharam’s evil intention…. Even Vidya’s husband’s ways are confusing… The whole family is not right. Perhaps Meera is there to fight for Vidya and remain as Dhal to protect her. ….!

  14. Marriage in serials is not a big thing…. marriages break and again happen….It is only to show customs and ritual with pomp and glitter.


  15. Show is very nice and full of suspence


  16. As well as twist and turns are amazing

  17. When does this serial end?

  18. What’s going on

  19. end the serial because this is going to happen in real life too other ppl has the director
    gone mad or what and kokila has become so dumb that she cant figure out gauras doings
    cant stand the show anymore am not watching it but previews say all i would suggest dont
    even show previews of this bakwass show

  20. Hate this serial.

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