Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi asking Kokila if she knows him. He says now we will see if my love wins or your trust on Gopi. He challenges her.. Kokila says lets see. Urvashi hears them and thinks to support Kokila.

Vidya hears Nayya talking to her boyfriend. He asks why did you steal the money in your own house. Nayya says Dr. Ritika called and asked for 10 Lakh rupees. He says she is your friend naa, then why she is asking money. Nayya reminds him that she had helped them 5 years back. Her boyfriend asks how? Nayya reminds him that they had taken her help for Meera’s miscarriage. She says I had spilled oil on floor so that Meera fall down the stairs. A fb is shown, Meera slips down from the stairs. Later Nayya meets Dr. Ritika and thanks her for giving fake report, says now everything will think that

Meera can’t become mother again. Dr. Ritika says everyone can identify it. Her boyfriend praises her plan and says this means she can be pregnant again. Vidya hears her and cries. Nayya says now Ritika is asking money to hide this fact. Vidya cries and looks at the stairs, recalling Meera saying that they can now shop together for their babies. Vidya cries and says you have betrayed so big? Why? Meera comes there and asks why you are crying? Vidya says I am crying thinking about Nayya’s marriage, and then you will also leave. I will be alone without you. Meera says some situations are uncontrollable. Vidya thinks she won’t let Papa ji and Meera separate.

Dharam makes arrangements for Nayya’s marriage. Meera brings plate and collides with Dharam. Nayya is leaving from house to give money to Ritika. Shravan talks to Nayya. Dharam gets Kokila’s call informing him that they couldn’t come for marriage, as Gopi is unwell, but other family members will come with their blessings. Gopi tells Kokila that Vidya and Meera will feel bad. Kokila says they will understand. Dharam tries talking to Meera, but she turns her face. He informs Vidya that Gopi, Kokila and urmila will not come, and asks them to call her later. Vidya sees Nayya speaking to Shravan.

Pari and Mona are going to beauty parlour. Sona tells that she will also come. Pari asks her to keep the covers ready and goes. Sona gets sad. Gopi asks what happened? Sona tells that they didn’t ask her once to come, and is sad. Gopi says I will make you get ready and asks her to come. Vidya asks Nayya, where is she going? Nayya tells that she is going to parlour for make up touch up. Vidya thinks she has to stop her somehow and tells Nayya that she will call beautician home. Shravan says she is saying right and asks her to go to room. Nayya thinks how to give money to Ritika now. Gopi gets Sona ready.

Nayya calls Ritika and asks her to come to her wedding and says I will give you money, the moment I get a chance. Vidya comes and hears her. Nayya asks do you ask anything. Vidya asks what is in the bag? Nayya says some gifts for my friend and asks do you have any problem. Vidya says why will I have any problem. She gives her jewellery and says it will look good on you. Nayya smiles and wears the kamar band. She thinks real thing has reached right place. Pari tells that gifts is kept in the car.

Pari asks where is Sona? Gopi brings Sona. Urmila says you are looking Hollywood heroine. Tolu is surprised to see his wife beautifully dressed up. Pari and Mona are surprised too. Mona gets a phone call and is shocked. She informs Pari that she has to go to Canada right now, as her mom is unwell. Kokila asks her to pack her bags and says we will get your flight tickets booked. Pari says okay and asks her to be in touch.

Shravan comes to Nayya’s room and sees her in bridal dress. He says I am feeling good to see you in colored clothes again. Nayya asks him to forget. Vidya asks Shravan to think about future. She thinks if you would have known about her trust then you would have been angry with her. Jaggi brings mattress for Gopi. Gopi asks what is this? Jaggi says Doctor said that you need peaceful sleep, so that’s why I brought it. Kokila recalls Jaggi’s condition, that he will untie the thread when Gopi makes him wear ring. Urmila supports jaggi. Jaggi says I will keep it in your room. Gopi says I will come with you and goes. Kokila stares Urmila angrily.

Sona asks Vidya and Meera to come to their house for 10-15 days. Meera thinks I am going to come there for forever…..Sona. Vidya asks where is the big singhasan which we got for Pandit ji. Meera says I will bring it and goes. Ritika brings Nayya to the mandap. Nayya smiles. Sona asks who is this girl with Nayya. Vidya says she is Ritika, Nayya’s childhood friend. Nayya asks Ritika to keep bag safely. Ritika says this bag and secret is kept safely with me. Kokila tells Urmila that she can’t let her successful in uniting Jaggi and Gopi. Urmila says this Jodi is made by Kanha ji and you can’t separate them.

Vidya tells Dharam that she wants to give surprise to him. Everyone looks on. Nayya says surprise. Vidya says I won’t tell anything today, but will show. She plays the video on the projector. Everyone is shocked. Meera is teary eyed. Nayya and Ritika are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I can vouch on it that this update is not done by MA, because MA does short updates, this might be Amena or H Hasan

    1. i’m also stunned by this lengthy update, i was expecting 3 paragraphs but amena cannot update it on MA’s name so it must be him or someone else but they wrote MA as their name

      today’s update was good, i hope meera can conceive but not surrogacy track and gaura together plz. at least if meera is pregnant then gaura wouldn’t trouble them much but if their is a surrogacy track then she will definitely find a reason to create more dramas and troubles!???????????☹☹☹???

    2. even i was shocked with the lengthy episode

  2. Hi Sid sowmya Nandini and all sunshiners todays episode was good waiting for the r8 time to expose naiyya Sona was really gorgeous today I hope mona will meet gauras there in Canada wat do u guys think

    1. Aisha-15

      I agree mahi

    2. hi mahi
      i missed the episode i want to see sona’s look i will try to catch repeat telecast

  3. John

    I am not scold guy. I am not a bad guy. I am the guy who just hates this serial.

  4. hope naiya wil b exposed in tomorrow’s episode…

    1. expecting same here shreestee

    2. No shreeste they will surely drag two more episodes even I am waiting for naiyya to be exposed

  5. why is update taking very long time show completes by 7:30 yesterday i waited till 9:30 but still there was no update please do it fast telly

    1. Yeah sowmya mee too

  6. i think vidya kept something in that kamarband which she gave to naiya proub of u vidya today u acted very smart

  7. eagerly waiting for today’s episode
    happy sunday guys because for me there is no holiday today and i have 6 hours exam

    see u all later

  8. i forgot to say thanks RAVEN di for taking time to comment here even in ur very busy schedule

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Good morning Sunshine friends
    Raina,Priyanka SP,Mahi hv a Nic weekend friends.
    So Finally today Nayya is going to be exposed hope Dharam kicks out both Nayya &Prakash.

    1. Hi sidd how are you
      Today nayya will exposed by vidya then she will get a lots of slaps.oh wow ♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♡♡♡
      Sns roc♥♥♥♥♥ks♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ love you sunshiners♡♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Guys where are u people Sid sowmya Nandini and remaining sunshiners wat happened

  11. Nandhini

    Hii all dear sunshiners! Hi Mahi!!? sowmya take care dear! i didnt watch this awesome also i am going to miss it…sorry for commenting late…as its fesrival time we are working our business for long hours…naiya will get rid and gaura will come back! Woww there was some sona-molus scenes…i am very happy to read the written updates…they are showing some happy moments!

    1. Hey what is your shop’s name? Is it big& grand ?
      Try to watch today episode okey?

    2. thank u nandi di
      oops !! u again got confused di sonu and tolu not molu otherwise mona will cry pahle hi uski mom ki health teek nahi hai

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Dharama and Meera are really happy.

    As all the issues amid them have got sorted and Dharam has agreed for surrogacy so Meera is really happy.

    Vidya is really happy for Meera as she will become mother again finally.

    Vidya gets happy for Meera

    They all are very happy and do pooja together, they are unaware that Gaura is returning to make their life hell again.

    Everything has become fine but Gaura will ruin everything and torure them.

    It will be interesting to see that what will Meera and Vidya do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Shakaib

      Oh! That funny gaura yo be return! But how as she murder durga and how 14 years punishment change into 5years punishment???? But I’m really excited to see her torturing all again! SNS ROCKS

    2. Thanks for the update
      Oh gaura is going to coming back it will saath nibana saathiya more interesting.
      ♥I am giving A* for that track in advanve

      1. Advance**

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi all SNS fans and all Silent readers in this forum if anyone interested to join the Sunshine group u are most welcome friends ??.
    Miss Pari wl u join Sunshine group u are positive commentator u can join us . And other SNS fans and Positive commentators if u want join our group friends.

  14. Shakaib

    Hi guys….. To episode was really superb and the most tip scene where gopi brings sona.
    @pari miss,Tanvi,sowmya, there are two two MA in telly updates. You can check here:
    Maybe ma now want to give lengthy episodes like amena, atiba and h hasan. I don’t know clearly but can say that!
    Nakash to expose can’t wait!

    1. nakash – naiya and prakash never got an idea that we can keep like these names to vamps also
      good idea shakaib
      and yeah
      SNS rocks
      SUNSHINERS rocks

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    And between Parag disappeared again . And there was a news that Krishna will, kill Jigar &Jigar’s character wl end this way . But now Krishna quit the show so there may not be story like this and Jigar may cme back to show wat say friends.
    So Mona is going to Canada and she wl be not seen in show for few days atleat Paridhi wl be positive for few days .

    1. everytime some or the other character of show will be missing they will go to states i don’t think so mona will return anytime soon we might not see her for a month
      even i wish jigar aks vishal singh to change his decision of quitting show and come back like how ahem aka nazim did

  16. Raven i miss you cmmt here

  17. i think in today’s episode
    in that video naiya’s truth will not be there may be something about surrogacy can be there

  18. Kyy12345

    I really hope jaggy turns out to be real ahem or else this gopi jaggi luv story will be an embarrassment for gohem ‘s luv

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