Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts off from the last episode. With Hetal trying to calm down Jigar, telling him to not to behave badly. But then, things have gone beyond repair and Jigar accuses Raashi of being self centered, irresponsible, etc, etc.

When Kokila tries to intervene by saying, Jigar had insulted Raashi in public and that he is being rude to Raashi. But then Jigar is very much firm and unwavering to listen, berates Raashi further, Urmilaa tries to say that Jigar is wrong and cannot accuse her daughter ; Jigar retorts that both Mother and Daughter are same, irresponsible and selfish, self centered. Cannot expect anything good.

Kokila says that Jigar cannot talk to his Mother in Law in this manner. Jigar still raves and rants.

Jigar then brings out

the fact of divorce. That he cannot live with a lady like Raashi, who loves only money and not the family nor the children.

There are few tries by Hetal and Kokila to talk sense into Jigar but all in vain.

Raashi is accused of planning to demand alimony and he reveals the paper cuttings found in Raashi’s bag. Urmilaa’s face goes like the monkey’s face which had eaten the bitter pill.

Jigar also tells Raashi that she married him for money and her thinking is cheap and low, just as the place she came from, a small locality.

Raashi gets angry retorts that she might have come from a small locality, but her being here { Modi Family and Home } is her destiny, hence it is her right to enjoy status, money and comforts that came with by the virtue of marrying him – Jigar.

Jigar is firm on his decision to divorce Raashi and Raashi says that she never brought up the fact to divorce him, despite Jigar’s repeated threats.

Raashi tells Jigar not to insult and degrade their relationship. So Raashi says What Is that Jigar leaving her ? She Is Leaving him.

Raashi tries to pick up the twins, but is blocked by Jigar. Raashi says she is mother so she is taking them along with her. Also says that she has borne and given birth, then brought the children up. Jigar pushes her away.

Kokila stops him and says that Jigar is wrong and had insulted Raashi, further Kokila sys that Mother is supreme and has the first and foremost right over the children.

Raashi picks up her children and walks away. Hetal pleads to Jigar to stop Raashi, Gopi pleads with Raashi, requests Raashi to sit and clear all the misunderstandings created. But All on deaf ears.

Kokila talks to Raashi and asks her to not to go. Raashi tells Kokila that Raashi always followed Kokila’s advises, even her harsh talk, Raashi had not taken to heart, but today, Raashi says she is sorry, but she is Going. Even Jitu tries to stop her but in vain. Jitu says his home is also her home.

In between Jigar also reveal that the decision to take the step of divorce was taken after deep thought and but for Ahem and Gopi, he would have told them long back. Bit Of A Shock To All.

Finally Raashi and her family leaves, Madhu says like mother, like daughter. Urmilaa says to Madhu, not to taunt at least not at this time.

Kokila, berates Gopi for not telling her of this divorce between Jigar and Raashi, for all the while she was under the impression that Ahem And Gopi’s Marriage was on the rocks.

Gopi is distraught.

Episode Ends On Kokila’s Stern Face ! ! !

Preview :- Gopi Reveal it all ; that Radha is the Root Cause And Behind All These Misunderstanding And Marital Discord Between Jigar And Raashi.

On a spur of the moment, Kokila drags Radha and asks her to get out of the house. But Radha shows spunk in her and says Kokila to Stop, shaking the index finger.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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