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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam pulls Meera’s hair and asks how dare she is to argue with Baa. Gaura prays god that Kokila’s each family member should be punished and Meera’s turn is first. Meera twists her leg and holds Dharam tightly and says she cannot walk. Dharam softens and tells Gaura that she cannot walk, so he will drop her room. He asks servant to call doc and takes Meera to her room. Meera says she will take rest now. Dharam fixes her bed on floor and goes back.

Meera tells Gaura that she does not know what her sister can do and should be careful from her. Gaura fumes. Dharam comes down and asks Shravan how is he now. Shravan asks to stop his drama as he needs a scapegoat than son. Vidya handles situation and takes him from there. Dharam tells Gaura that Shravan

is right, they escaped today, else they would have been in jail. Meera calls him and he leaves.

Gopi gives juice to Ahem. Ahem drinks it and sleeps. Kokila comes, checks Ahem’s forehead. Gopi tries to speak, but Kokila ignores her and leaves. She reminisces firewood falling on Ahem and Shravan holding it on tme. Gopi comes and asks why is she silent even after Ahem was harmed by Gaura, why did not she let her give police complaint against Gaura and Daharam. Kokila stands silently. Gopi asks her to reply why she is silent and what she should do. Kokila says nothing and leaves.

Madhuben who is listening to their conversation comes out and asks why is she blind folded even after so much happened. Gopi asks what happened. Madhuben says because of Kokila, she would have been widow. Shravan saved Ahem on time, else he would have been dead. Kokila is head of family and should protect each family member, but she is using them to take revenge. Gopi went to jail for 10 years and lost opportunity to take care of her children and her children married in a same house and became saas bahu, all because of Kokila. Today, Ahem came out of death bed because of Kokila, but Kokila is slent. Gopi listens to her silently. Madhuben asks if she cannot see all this, how can any person be so selfish. Gopi says it is enough and says though Kokila is her saas, she is her maa. Madhuben gave her birth, but Kokila gave her life, so Madhuben should not interfere in her family issues. She knows her maaji than anyone else and Madhuben should not even think of it. Whatever maaji did was for her family. She folds her hands and requests Madhuben not to utter anything against maaji, else she will ask her to get out of this house.

Once Gopi leaves, Kinjal and Urmila, who are listening to their conversation, come out and asks Madhuben how dare she is to try to brainwash Gopi against Kokila. Madhuben says she there is nothing like that. Urmila says even she tried to create difference between saas/bahu, but fell flat on her face. Kinjal says exactly whoever tries to break their unity will die or repent for life.

Vidya feeds soup to Shravan and says he should even drink milk at night. Shravan drinks soup looking at her face and says he finally realilzed the love of wife. She is feeding him seeing his hand burnt, if he would have known this before, he would have burnt whole body. She holds his mouth and asks not to tell that. She thanks him to save her papa without worrying about his life. He ways your are welcome. She then shyingly says he is very good.

Madhuben says what wrong she did if she got worried about her daughter and says Urmila even she did same when Rashi was alive and should think of her deeds before pointing at her. What wrong she is doing if she is thinking of Gopi’s well being. Urmila stands dumbstuck. Madhuben thinks Gopi thinks Kokila as Yashoda maiya, she will ruin Kokila’s life.

Meera while sleeping reminisces insulting Ahem and telling he does not a father in her life, Ahem asking her to return home and she rejecting his offer. She gets up from bed and thinks she has to do something in this house that everybody should know that it is difficult to control her. She takes vase in her hand and raises hand to throw it on Dharam but drops it on floor. Dharam wakes up and asks what happened. She starts acting that was not getting sleep, so she was trying to get up, lost her balance, got sprain again, so dropped vase. He says it is okay and asks her to sleep on bed while he sleeps on floor. She sleeps on bed and thinks this is just the beginning, real drama will start from tomorrow.

Precap: Kokila tells Hetal that Kokila is silent even after knowing everything. Hetal says it is a silence before cyclone, Gaura harmed Ahem this time and Kokila will not forgive Gaura this time.

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  1. Get some more of Shravan-Vidya please

  2. Shravan n vidya r the cuttest couple in dis show?

  3. I think Saath nibana Saathiya, sasural simar ka, Yeh Rishta Kya kahlatha hai and Diya aur Bathi hum should go off air (The End). Its too boring and no sense at all.

    1. I agree
      well said

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