Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Modi family enjoys tea in living room when Urmila comes fuming there is a stinky smell in water. Jai and Veeru say even they smelt it. Shahir says he will call plumber. Kokila asks where is Ramakanth, she did not see him since morning. Gopi says even she did not see him. Jaggi says he sees Ricky heavily inebriated always. Kokila says let us search Ricky. Whole family searches all around. Gopi goes near water tank and sees Ricky collapsed on water tank with beer bottle in hand. She calls whole family. They all fume. Daima shows concern and asks him to wake up. Jaggi says he will not wake up as he is heavily inebriated and he knows how to get him up. He asks to bring water and throws it on Ricky. Ricky yells what the hell is it. Jaggi says everyone knows what he did. Urmila scolds

that she bathed with beer mixed water. Kokila asks Ricky to clean it and warns Daima not to interfere. Jaggi says he will he will watch Ricky and will make sure he cleans tank properly. Whole family leaves.

Jaggi asks Seeta to bring bucket and orders Ricky to empty tank fast as they don’t have a drop of water at home. Ricky yells why don’t he clean it himself, taunts he cannot even walk, how will he. Pinku on the other side asks Sameera what is her plan today. She says let us call Ricky. They call and ask what is he doing. He says he is busy. Sameera asks if he is doing household work on his mom’s order. He says he dropped beer in water tank by mistake and is cleaning it. She angrily disconnects call. Pinku says looks like Ricky is servant of Modi family.

Vidya and Meera play with Meera’s babies. Vidya says Bhavani can go to any extent to get papaji/Dharam, so they need to be careful.

Ricky continues cleaning water tank yelling at Jaggi. Jaggi thinks of pranking him and silently makes hole in bucket with match stick fire. Ricky draws water repeatedly and it falls back in tank. He yells what is happening. Jaggi smirks. Sameera with Pinku and tank cleaners enter. Ricky gets tensed. Sameera says she felt he is in trouble, so came to help him. She orders cleaners to clean tank and refill water. Gopi enters with whole family and asks Sameera why is she interfering in their family issues. Sameera says she is Ricky’s friend and it is her duty to help him, she pities on his family who punishes him instead of correcting him. Kokila warns Sameera does not have any right to interfere, this is her house and Ricky is her grandson, only she can order in this house. Cleaners clean tank and refill it. Sameera tries to pay them. Gopi says her family will pay it and orders Sahir to pay. Pinku comments. Jaggi taunts him.

Precap: Gopi sees Jaggi nervous and asks what happened. He says his legs are not moving at all. Kokila says they will get Jaggi’s complete checkup. Daima gets worried.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vidya said it right meera vidya should little bit more careful from bhavani, they should make a plan and throw that bhavani out of dharam life, and from the suryavanshi family.

  2. The upcoming episode of SNS will witness high voltage drama.

    Ricky has married Sameera to take revenge from Modi family. Sameera also hates Modi family

    Ricky and Sameera’s marriage breaks down Sita as she loves Ricky and now he is married and her heart is broken

    Sita vents out her pain in front of Jaggi and he tries to console Sita saying that Ricky isn’t worth it.

    While Jaggi has doubt over Dai-Maa and doubts that she is playing more games

    Dai-Maa is actually feeding Jagii something so that he cannot recover from his situation

    Jaggi spy’s over Dharam but couldn’t reach the truth

  3. I think jaggie n gopi should set a trap for Dima n catch her n also Samira is drugging n blackmailing Ricky n seeta will end up saving him

  4. Riana

    I think Saathiya should take a leap of 1000 years…Atleast it will be interesting ???

  5. I think Modi Family is good and generous. They don’t do anything to harm others. How can people hate the family?

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