Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem tells Gopi that he knows what is best for Meera as he is her father, he is going to bring her happiness now She asks what he means. He says he is going to bring a person with whom Meera will be happy. Kokila asks if he means he is going to bring Dharam Kumar. He says yes. Kokila emotionally thanks god for giving some conscience to Ahem. Ahem says Gopi that she is right even this time as usual. Gopi emotionally hugs her. He says he will go and bring Dharam and leaves waving them goodbye.

Dharam hears door knock, opens door and is surprised to see Ahem. He asks how come he is here. Ahem says he came here as a father, says his daughter has gone mad because of him, she can be only happy with him. Dharam says what he can do. Ahem says she has gone out of control. Dharam says she is, she takes out sword sometimes and crashes car sometimes. Ahem says he can see love for Meera in his eyes. Dharam says he will love Meera his whole life. Ahemasks him to accept Meera then. Dharam stands dumstuck in a surprise.

Gopi enters marriage venue with Kokila, Hetal and others. Vidya says she did not want to come. Gopi murmurs in her ears about Ahem going to bring Dharam and smiles.

Ahem takes promises from Dharam to keep Meera happy whole life and take care of her. Dharam promises. Ahem says then go and stop Meera and Sanskar’s marriage and marry Meera.

Ahem with Dharam travels towards marriage venue, but his car breaks down. He gets down car, sees horse nearby, and asks Dharam to reach marriage venue in car. Dharam after a bit of convincing thanks him and leaves. Gopi calls Ahem and asks where is he. He says his car broke down, but Dharam left for marriage venue on horse.

Shravan asks Meera to wait till his dad comes. Meera says he will not come. Dharam enters on horse. Meera jumps happily seeing him.

Precap: Ahem’s dead body is brought. Modi family cries loudly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. oh no ahem is died ,i will miss u…

  2. omg ahem is going to die tomorrow . so sad . how many years leap is going to be there , some body tell me

    1. not sure 2 to 4 years

    2. Sarayu(honey)

      5 years

    3. Around 5 years leap

    4. 5 years leap

  3. Guys jigar is going to turn negative after leap. They ruined his character ?

  4. I have a feeling someone kills Ahem. This isn’t a accident. This is murder. My guess is Naiya.

    1. No isaaq i saw the shooting…men brought ahem’s body called its an accident

      1. Well they’ve ruined it now. No more happy days in SNS. This is worse than when Rashi died.

      2. What if someone planned this accident there is always a vamp involved in this show.

    2. i guess it will be gaura behind accident

  5. Happiness personified

    Leap of 6 yrs will be there. Gopi will be in shock due to ahem’ s death n Dr. Krishna will be appointed to treat her by kokila

    1. no one take place of ahem in gopi’s life

  6. Happiness personified

    Also Tolu,Sona n urmila will be living in chawl as paridhi doesn’t like Sona. Kinjal will go abroad with dhawal n pappu (kinjal is quitting saathiya too)

    1. molu n naiyaa will marry before leap or after leap??

      1. Happiness personified

        Maybe after leap

  7. 6-7 year leap

  8. Oh god ahem dead gopi will go into frozen shock mode everything will become gloomy and later kokila will decide to get gopi married to her divorcee doc and then forget ahem as if he wasn’t there gopi and doc love story then leap and I have no idea how everything will become alright again even though maha gopi will not be modi anymore can’t this show end on a happy note srsly all they know is what an emotional typical over dramatic serial is like there we go again kokila taking life decisions this show NEEDS TO END ON A HAPPY NOTE

    1. agree instead of drag nonsense track they should end this good to horrific turnd serial

  9. Veena sreejit

    Oh my god.its better to end the story now.what they r doing? I I wish to see a happy end.
    Without ahem and Gopi this story will not gud
    I am going to stop watching this serial

    1. give a chance to serial may be this twist will be more interesting

  10. Khalid siddiqe will enter in the show as doc.he will do the main male roll after ahem.

    1. he is handsome hunk but viewers have been habitual of ahem for 6 years

  11. Saathiya Is Very Old And Boaring Show So Please Dont Discuss Again About This Matter

    1. strange comment at wrong place

  12. I Am Not Watching This Serial Again It Waste Our Time

    1. but do comment here it is very useful

  13. This Serial Is Very Old And Boaring

  14. This Serial Is Very Boaring

  15. Best way to end this show ahem died in accident also gopi dies after hearing this news in shock like jeena marna saath saath.
    Meera married dharam vidya delivered a baby girl and they named her gopi. Paridhi accepted sona & tolu and also molu married naiyya she also transformed to a better persom atlast kokila is telling vidya’s daughter her grandmother’s story after 10 years leap. Isn’t it better than this non-sense track??

    1. I agree with you. I hope this happens.

    2. It’s perfect!

  16. I hate this show now. I loved Gohem. For the first time I hated a show. They ruined SNS. Ahem was the best. In fact he was one of my best characters.

    1. u will like khalid siddiqi give him a chance

  17. Gopi and Ahem had the best chemistry in this show. They separated so many times but reunited because they were soul mates. That is what love is and they’ve ruined it so much. Gopis whole life revolved around Ahem. I heard she will be in shock after the leap. I don’t blame her. If I lost the one who I love the most my whole life would be shattered.

    1. very true isaqq. heartbroken precap.
      only imagination is so much painful then how can people tolerate in real life. a thought of wives of martyrs cross my mind n heart. almost tearful…………….

  18. Yeah this show doesn’t go with its name as saath nibhana saathiya…Its full of plots …I think they should try something related to the name of the serial

  19. XYZ I agree with you. They should end this serial now. I think Gaura is behind this, but they won’t show that now.

  20. Thank god Ahem is dead. Now this show will be more fun to watch.

  21. sad sad sad
    bad bad bad

  22. what kind of show is this everybody keeps on dying all time (angry) im not gna watch it ever again except when the show ends for good 😛

  23. Ahem died????ho poor guy

  24. One of the worst serial in Indian serial history, please stop this nonsense SNS serial.

  25. XYZ mentioned SNS ending that’s exactly the same way pavitra rishta ended which was even a bigger hit than saathiya and yet boring like saathiya.

  26. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ????????????????????????

  27. If Ahem Will Died means the serial is meaningless Pls don’t do like that We like Ahem And Gopi Jodi

  28. I agree with xyz but it’s not possible because khalid siddique has come sooooooooooooo sad ahem will die after all I’m the biggest fan of sathiya

  29. I love all the ffs except the original show

  30. Ahem and gopi r the best in the show…..dis the limit they should end this show instead of it they are taking….meera n dharam relation is lovely but too awkward….it would be good if dharam be the big brother of shravan not father….but now its too confusing after leap when vidya’s children will call meera daadi…ewwww!!!!!….chiiiii

  31. If i say about paridhi….than how can she become so young…at some age difference should be shown and god!!! Kokila is shown in specs….that pretty….but if this modi can spent an automatic wheel chair for baa then why not kokila…..she will shown holding wooden stick….how miserable!!!!!….

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