Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks Kokila and Hetal to stay away from her challenge and it is for Gopi and not them. Kokila in her usual loud dialogue shouts if any of her family member is troubled, she will not spare her, it is her house and she will challenge in her hand.

Meera tries to call Gopi to inform about Vidya’s pregnancy, but Gaura stops her and says she will inform Modi family good news once they come here for holi celebrations.

In the morning, Gopi and Ahem smear holi to each other. Ahem picks her. She shyingly asks her to leave her, else someone will see them. Jigar comes. Gopi gets more shy. Sona comes and asks Ahem not to leave Gopi. Kokila comes with family and says same. Gopi gets more shy. Kinjal says she will take their pics. Gopi gets more shy. Ahem drops

Gopi finally. Sona touches Gopi’s feet and says she is her god, praises that god cannot be everywhere, so he sent mother on earth. Gopi says she is also her friend and sister. Ahem tries to smear holi on Jigar, but Gopi stops him and says only Pari has right to smear holi on him first. Jigar sadly says Pari is still angry and is in room.

Vidya sees Shravan shouting in dream and wakes him up. He says he saw bad dream and asks what she needs as holi gift. She says he gave her best gift, she has selected names of both boy and girl. Meera comes and smears holi on them.

Kokila asks Sona to go smear holi to Sahir. She goes to room, sees him sleeping and throws color on him. Samar wakes up instead and scolds her that she always misunderstands, earlier she kidnapped him thinking he is Sahir and now threw color. She apologizes but then says it is his mistake that he slept in Sahir’s place. Sahir comes and throws holi on her and she runs behind Sahir and Samar to throw holi.

Meera thinks of apply holi to Dharam and walks towards her. She closes eyes seeing Dharam holding holi thinking he will apply it on her, but Dharam applies holi to Durga and asks her to apply him. Meera gets sad.

Urmila sees Sona running all around house and jokes with Urmila that her poti bahu will throw holi in home house and it needs a white wash now. Sona runs behind Samar and Sahir to throw holi but throws holi on Pari. Pari shouts if she has gone mad. Samar jokes that they both got permanent color and it will not go for 3-4 days. Gopi tries to calm Pari, but Pari continues scolding Sona.

Precap: Gaura calls someone and asks to come today with lots of crackers as she wants to set fire.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dharam dauhter is coming tomorow

  2. Why so angry brothers. There are good days and there are bad days. Fortunately everyday is a good day in this serial.

  3. Wat dharam daughter oommmmgggg

  4. Wat the hell is wrong with pari n who is coming

  5. I think ek eisa vyakthi jo aane vala h ki jo vidyaji ki bache ko cheen lege.

  6. Is Gaura talks with karunesh mama?

  7. Who is dharam’s daughter? What is her name?i am so exiting .

  8. Wat dharam daughtr nd guys shaven ka kya raaz ha I think shaven ki b phly wife ha ………

  9. No shravan ne apni judwa behan naiyya ke husband ko mar diya by mistake he promise her give his child

  10. Seriously ye log ek mauka nehi chor rahe serial me twist laane kaa???

  11. here some part is missing
    when meera applies holi to vidhya and shravan meera says it will be boy and vidhya says girl they fight and meera says ” ok if it is boy give him to me “[for fun ] vidhya replies she will not give her baby to anyone . shravan gets shocked and tensed

  12. Modi house is becoming mad house

  13. Meera feeling jealous of durga….dheera rockzzz
    Dharam’s daughter’s entry would be dhamakedar as she will enter the show by slapping meera….wondering now where will this leave dheera..

  14. I’m a big fan of sathiya. Oo sharvans sister it will be more like gaura.I think vidhya will blessed with a son.

  15. Meera ne dharam ko mar diya koi to batao gaura us per blaim kar rahi hai kya dharam mar jayega dharam ki bajah se mai yeh show dekh rahi hoo barna sns go to hell

  16. Dharam ji please show mat chodna i saw sathiya only for you

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