Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd March 2014 Written Update

*Rashi is running away from the goons. She hides in a box which is in a truck. The truck leaves. The goons are unhappy that they didnt find Rashi

*Parag asks Kokila where Rashi is. Later the kids take Parag-Kokila to the dining table to eat food together. Kokila sees the food and understands that Gopi made. She tells Baa that she cant eat it and blasts Meethi & Gopi. She leaves. Radha is happy. Gopi is sad. Vidya asks Gopi why Dadi isnt eating with us.

*Urmila is pacing in her house. Madhu is leaving to Modi Mansion, when Urmila stops her and asks her where she is going. Madhu says Modi Mansion. Urmila taunts Madhu and Madhu taunts her back and leaves.

* Baa is trying to make Kokila understand. Kokila says she cant forget what happened 8 years ago,

its like a scar. Baa tries again to make her realize what she is doing. Kokila is stubborn.

*Gopi-Madhu see each other smile & hug. Gopi takes her to meet Vidya. Madhu says she misses Gopi, Kokila hears this and asks her to take her daughter away. Madhu is about to reply. Gopi says no.

*Meethi is cutting naphthalene balls thinking it is the sugar that Rashi asked her to bring. Baa comes into the kitchen and asks for a head massage. Both of them leave from there.

*Madhu wonders how Gopi is staying in this house. Gopi says I’m only here due to Vidya. She is very happy here.

*Kokila is yelling for Rashi and Meethi. Madhu leaves. Gopi understands that Kokila is feeling restless as its her tea time. Gopi offers to call Meethi, Kokila says no need I will make my own tea and walks away. Gopi goes into the kitchen. Kokila says will you leave or shall I leave. Gopi leaves. The kids finish their kheer, Gopi asks them to put it into the sink.

*Kokila is searching for sugar and sees the naphthalene bottle and thinks its sugar and adds it into tea. The kids come into the kitchen, while Kokila is leaving. Vidya sees the naphthalene bottle and asks Samar-Sahir what it is. They says sugar. Vidya takes the bottle and show sit to Gopi. Gopi is shocked and says it is naphthalene.

*The kids say Kokila put it into her tea. Gopi is shocked.

Precap : Gopi rushes to Kokila’s room and knocks the cup out of her hand. Kokila is mad. Hetal and Baa are also in the room. Gopi tells Kokila that there were naphthalene balls in there not sugar. Kokila is shocked.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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  1. Hope dat kokila wil accept Gopi soon. . Nd plz smbdy throw dat adultarant Radha out of MM. . Unwantd presence. .

  2. That stupid radha shud just get out, koki must accept gopi as she is the only 1 wu keeps the fam 2geda.

  3. Radha should leave mm pls pls kokila and ahem should accept gopi

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