Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Meera why she hates Vidya so much. Meera says Vidya killed her child. She reminisces Vidya doing oil massage of baby Priyal near stair case. Baby kicks oil bowl and oil spills all over. Meera comes and asks Vidya to give baby. Vidya says she is pregnant and should not pick weight. Meera says nothing will happen and Priyal loves her aunt more. She picks Priyal and walks without noticing oil, slips and falls from stairs. Vidya takes child from Meera before she falls. Meera is taken to hospital where doc informs that he could not save her child.

Meera comes out of flashback and says Vidya purposefully dropped oil and killed her child. Vidya says she did not do it purposefully. Gopi asks Meera if she really thinks Vidya can harm her, Vidya is her sister. Naiya comments Meera lost her child and Gopi cannot understand her pain. Gopi says she is trying to reunite sisters, but she wants them to fight.

Meera shouts she will not spare Vidya for her mistake. Gopi tries to explain that it was just an accident. Dharam says even he is trying to explain her since 5 years, but she is not understanding. Shravan says Vidya is suffering her torture with a guilt and he told her many times they will leave this house, but she does not want to. Meera shouts she is suffering each day and will ruin Vidya under her feeet daily and make her realize her pain.

Gopi tells Vidya that Priyal will not like her parent’s insult, so she has to protect her self-respect for Priyal and take a decision.

Jigar enjoys breakfast with his family. Dr. Krishna joins them followed by Kokila. Family sees Krishna and starts yellng. Kokila feels bad and tries to leave, but Gopi stops her and says whoever does not want to have breakfast with her should leave and not her.

Precap: Jigar taunts Gopi that she is living here freely as Ahem’s wife and not Krishna’s. Gopi tells Kokila that she will show Ahem that she is not living here for free.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. really missed the episode

  2. Now it’s clear that Naiya is responsible fr Meera’s miscarriage. Where is gaura? Is she alive?

    1. How is naiya responsible ? As there is no chance of naiya doing anything… it was the baby who spilled oil by mistake…!!

      1. Amoula

        The baby spilled oil by mistake but after vidya said that she had cleaned the floor well. So I think someone (Naiya) spilled oil intentionally

      2. It’s not mentioned in d update. Vidya tells gopi dat she cleaned d floor bt she didn’t know w d oil was there whn meera has fallen. MA won’t give correct written updates. This isn’t d 1st tym

  3. Naya is the worst lady

  4. Why do u want gura back she is so evil

  5. Oho meera v na. 5sal tk 1hi baat ka afsos. in 5sak me to wo fir se pregnant ho skti thi. bt use dusre ko blame krne se time mile tb na…….

    1. But Dharam refuse to have second

  6. where is grown up Rashi?? I thought they’ll start interesting tracks with grown up Rashi..

  7. i normally watch this programme but never comment this is my first time commenting, i agree with someone who said gaura should come back, we all know she is evil but she has to come back in a positive role to teach meera a good lesson and thank god gopi is fine she needs to bring everyone on the right track and was very surprise to learn meera was with child and i think in the long run it will be niya who is responsible for meera losing her baby she is sheep in wolf clothing

  8. Feeling pitty for meera

  9. I think it naiya too because meera didn’t want vidya to give her child to her

  10. Nice episode.

  11. I can’t understand one thing vidya already know oil spill on the floor then y she came along with meera and her baby can anyone explain me old????

    1. She cleaned d floor n went to meera. Bt whn they came back oil was there. She didn’t know how it happened. I think it’s Naiya whoelse vl do harm to meera in that house. It’s clear frm Naiya’s expressions that she is evil jus like Gaura

  12. Ur most welcome amanda
    I really agree with u that gaura should become a good person .but i don’t think that she would teach a lesson meera. because she need love not revenge .only love can change her.. &that can provide only by gopiji .
    In future she will realise the truth . Now She’s in depression bec ause she lost her baby .
    Did u notice tt when vidya was slapped by meera &her forehead began to bleed ,tears dropped out from meera’s ears ie,she♡vidya a lot ………….!!!!!!!!!right na?

  13. HAPPY meera’s child is priyal’s both aunt and sister So no more any odd relationship HAPPY and thanks to the writer and producer

  14. Feeling sad what happened with meera….

  15. I think meera’s child is alive and naiya has stolen child from hospital

  16. Jeet u might be write because naya is g auras granddaughter or maybe be cuz kokila (meera grandmother) killed karunesh soo another story will begin

  17. Oh it was eyes and not ears
    It was a mistake….

  18. why dharam not ready second child because he loves meera so much he gave lots of happines to meera but he did not he persue fake love for meera

  19. i think tum sahi ho meera child is alive he back like vidya met in childhood aham so happy to see vidya

  20. thanks nisha you are indeed correct meera needs love and its also true she is going through a tough phase right now she needs love and support from her family not anger but i still think gaura should come back and repent for all the evil things she did to the modis and i dont get to watch all the time i have to study when ever i get the time i will come on and thanks once again nisha for acknowledging me

  21. shraddha thripati

    Wowwwwww! gopi kya attituede dikhati hai…..but where is rashi sns sireal is good but uski ek hi problem hai topic tak hi caractets ki dikhata hai agar rashi ko badi rashi bana daige to sireal me alag hi twist rahega ya fir radha

  22. shraddha thripati

    Does ahem will back in the show

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