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Sanskar seeing police stops car and asks Meera to reach temple in car passing security while he reaches via jungle. Meera and agrees and drives car. Inspector stops her and asks why is she in bridal attire. She says she is going for a shooting.

Pari consoles Hetal and asks not to worry, Kokila and family will be back soon. She asks everyone to sit on dining table while she brings food and goes to kitchen. Rashi comes and asks her food. Pari scolds her and asks her to wait for sometime. Rashi tries to pick roti herself and burns her hand. She shouts and everyone rush in hearing her shout. Hetal sees her burnt hand and applies her burnol. She asks Rashi why did not she ask Pari. Rashi says she asked Pari, but she was busy, so she thought of taking herslef and burnt her hand.


gets Jigar’s call. Hetal takes phone and ask him to give phone to Kokila. Kokila asks her not to worry as she will bring Meera home at any cost.

Kokila reaches temple with Ahem and Gopi. Meera is shocked to see them and shouts where is Sanskar. Gopi asks her to come home with her. Meera shouts to stay away from he and asks again where is Meera. Gopi says Sanskar will not come as he used her. She shouts again. Ahem slaps her twice and she falls down. Meera asks why did he slap her for this dirty woman. Ahem asks how dare she is to badmouth Gopi and tries to slap, but Gopi stops him. He says he went through a lot of hardship to bring up Meera and reminds Jigar how Meera was born in desert and how they used to take care of her, but she spoilt as she grew. Meera shouts that her whole family is against because of dirt lady Gopi. Kokila asks how dare she is tell her mother dirty woman and says her relationship with Gopi is before her child birth and she cannot separate her. She says let us go now.

Meera shouts that she will not move until she marries Sanskar. Meera says Sanskar will not come back. Meera shouts even she is with Modi’s now. Kokila shows her Sanskar’s message on Ahem’s mobile that he can pick Meera from temple as he does not want to marry her and thanks for 50 lakhs Rs. He also SMSes not to inform police or search him, else he will defame Meera. Meera cries loudly but does not believe her family. Kokila says if she does not believe them, she can stay here and asks Tolu/molu and everyone to leave. Gopi requests Meera to come with her. Vidya also insists, but MEera. is still adamant. tolu/molu also backs, but Meera sits crying for Sanskar.

Precap: Meera agrees to accompany Modi, but Kokila and Ahem resist. Gopi requests them to take Meera along.

Update Credit to: MA*/6

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  1. Nice episode…

  2. Great show

  3. Thnx MA…stupid meera..still acting as mad nd blind.realise the truth meera.atlast whom u called dirty woman was there 2 request 4 u.

  4. Gopi you will bold and think how to convien meera.meera is a devil.

  5. was Sanskar’s message a fake? did modi family write that text to make meera believe sanskar does not love her?


  7. Very nice episodes. One thing I still don’t understand why can’t Ahem tell the truth why Gopi went to Jail and how bad Radha was and the situation the whole family went through. Also how much Gopi sacrifice for the family. Yes in another hand I also understand this episode proves how the teenagers should aware before they take final decision marrying the live partner without the presence of the family. Love is blind sometimes.

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