Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera informs everyone that all 3 villains have gone to jail.Koki thanks God.Ricky comes and apologies to Gopi and Jaggi.Emotional Drama is shown.
Later Gopi and Jaggi talk about Ricky and Sita and their relationship.Urmi enters and the says that we have to do something so that Sita forgives Ricky.
Sita at home temple thinks of Ricky.Family comes with a proposal for her marriage with Ricky.Sita is uncertain.Urmi says I will prove that Ricky loves Sita,Shall I go ahead?Sita nods in a yes.

Precap-Lots of veiled brides are shown.Koki says that now you have to tell Ricky which bride is your love,Sita.

Update Credit to: Tanvi

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  1. Precap look interesting let see if ramakanth will be able to recognize seeta.

  2. Last precap

  3. Precap look so interesting, it will be fun to see how ricky recognize who is seeta in the veil, feeling so sad that one more episode left saathiya .

  4. Riana

    This was the shortest written updt ever …???…After Some Hours…Saathiya will end…Hi to all friends Sid…Akshay…Isaaq…Shakaib…Nandi…Chithu…Saba di…Manuu…Pranav…Bins…n all all…

    1. Chithu

      Yeah Riana the shortest update ever.

  5. Riana

    Though it was the last precap of saathiya !

  6. Siddharth

    Today is last episode of SNS and ysdy last precipitation???I will miss SNS a lot hope it comes with season2.
    And I am requesting all Sunshine friends to share their experience in this page.
    Last year On September 1st 2016 we started our Sunshine group with 5 members and many people joined our group and disappeared . Vamps like Aditya HP Old man John leila rishi many more ppl tried their best to break our group but we always stood United and fight against them like Modi family??.

    1. Riana

      Hi Sid…u r right…i will try my best to comment more than 20 times on today’s episode…i wish today we reach upto 200 comments…atleast for today…#Saathiya Happy Ending !..

      1. Siddharth

        Yes Raina we will try our best to reach 200 comments today??

      2. Sorry but i dont want to hurt u ….

    2. Hii … r u?? …. Some of the friends of this grp did not like my commenting here bcoz they didnot gave me onr single reply when i do comment to her like raina … Isaaq …. I dont k ow what problm they have but series is going to end today so i want to know why they dislike me i do comment to them but they did not gave me single reply nd after that i lost my precious thing of my life so that i m not comenting since last 3 month.. I wanted to syare my sarrow with u all friend but none like me here so did not comment

      But now serial is going to end so i could not stop my self to commenting here…

      Sorry if i hurt any one of u …but i m much hurt ….. Will miss u sunshine group..


      1. Siddharth

        Hi KAN no why are you thinking like this we all missed you u were regular commentator in my fan fiction ek Kahaani saathiya. I am sorry to hear u lost something precious what is it?.

      2. Riana

        Dont say like that KAN see i always replied on ur comments whenever u commented on my ffs…forum anymore…how can u just lie like this…I dont know where u get such a cheap thoughts…here we all had missed u alot n there u r thinking such a shit for us…Soo bad it is…

      3. Sayyeda

        Hi kan, we love u and be registered member , after SNS end we have contact forever. U lost your precious think? Tell us about.

      4. Chithu

        U didnt hurt anyone and we sunshiners rememver our each member. We thought u caught up in some work. Even i couldnt comment daily but i am still the part of group and always will.
        Yes Sid i too hope they start season 2. If diya aur bati can have a season 2 y not Sns

    3. I lost my husbnd 3 month ago…..

      1. KAN

        And its is true i m not playing ny prank i really lost him… That way didnot commenting since 3 month….. I m not in this conditions to do comment….but i love u people nd sns is ending to i come here to do comment…

      2. Sayyeda

        Hi kan, sorry about your husband, he ill or some tink? GOD bless him and member u need be strong.pray for him and member always good moment you past with him. Sunshines love u and we are with u always.

  7. Is it going to end

  8. Chithu

    Precap looks do interesting. I am unable to see last episode have to see it in hot star.

    1. Riana

      Hello Chithu i had uploaded a episode analysis of today’s episode…pls comment there…

  9. Stupid sunshine group tried their best to get me out of this forum but I am still here. Retarted people like Isaaq and Mentally Below Average (mba lol) people like Sidharath tried to get rid of me but I am still here. Lolz

    1. Siddharth

      Hello mental John still u are commenting ???

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi jonh ,before u are negative and after positive now what ? SNS finish but we still friends and i hop u are friend also. Member one tink, we still live because GOD whants we be happy till wen we have friends and family to love us. Sunshine Kan is sad because she lost her husband but still she have friends and family for love her.GOD bless u always.

      1. He got sudden heart attack…he was absolutely fine we spoke to each other at 12 am that time i was at my parents house fir summer vacction…nd morning 4 am i got call which inform me that he passed away ….i m not able to live my life without him but have to live for my son …. Thx for support di…

      2. He loved me a lot di … Now i feel i m alive but my soul is not with me … He was my soul and will always be…. Thats way i m not commenting.

      3. Hi kan
        my eyes filled with so proud of you because you became strong for your son.our prayers will help you.

  10. And u r still replying to me u fool?

  11. good one john those fools

  12. and did you notice this Kan has two different profile she sound just like HP i do not trust her one bit

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