Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari demands Jigar that she needs her own child. He rejects her demand. Gopi backs Pari. Even Ahem says he is on Pari’s side. Pari asks if she is backing her to stop her from leaving house. Gopi says she really wants her to have her own child.

Dhaval takes family to a room where it is not leaking and says they will stay there until rain stops.

Gopi sees Kokila cleaning house and asks where are Meera and Vidya. Kokila says they are not yet out of their room. Meera comes there and tells Kokila that she proved her wrong, so she should apologize her now. Ahem asks her to mind her tongue. Kokila say she will. Gopi asks her not to.

Urmila wakes up Kinjal and she falls from cot on which she is sleeping. Kinjal yells that she slept next to Urmila, but she kicked her whole night, so she came and slept here. Urmila says if she can kick her again. Kinjal asks Dhaval when will they go to Modi bhavan. He says he cannot take a chance and will not take her there.

Meera says Kokila that she loves her more than she hates Gopi and when she came to Mumbai to meet them, she was very happy, but now she is not as she is always on Gopi’s side. Kokila apologizes holding her ears and bending her head. Ahem asks her not to, but Kokila goes ahead.

Meera says she forgave her long ago and says she has some conditions which she has to agree. Kokila asks to go ahead. Meera says she will only take care of herself and not family members and will not even pack Rashi’s tiffin. Ahem asks her to stop her rubbish. Kokila says she accepts Meera’s demand as she is wrong at this time. Meera smirks and runs to her room.

vidya comes and Kokila informs her about some pooja. Vidya asks whatis it. Hetal tells about its sifnificance. Baa says with this pooja, she hopes her family’s problems vanish. Kokila hopes old problems don’t arise. A masked lady is seen laughing.

Precap: Kokila orders pooja items to a man and he informs masked lady that kokil wants to perform pooja.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Plz stop this show
    always something i am irritating by this serial

    1. True,, Even I had this stupid serial.. Time waste movie..!! Yuk Disgusting!! Faltu ka time waste


  4. it is Tripti…so boring now radha should come back alive…the show will be hilarious…stupid rotting show…pure torcher to audience

    1. Well said 😀

  5. Quickly update please!! ?
    Really want to see who’s behind the mask laughing away ?
    Also please get the right names on this because you keep mixing it up ?

  6. I read in the spoiler paridhi will die. If she dies then gopi becomes mother of vidya, meera, rashi, tolu, molu and new born of paridhi.


    Paridhi decides to depart Modi house and go back to her paternal house.

    Gopi & Kokila plead Paridhi to not go anywhere Somehow she isn’t able to stop till they agreed with her deciosn.

    Gopi feels Paridhi’s pain and requests Kokia to permit Paridhi for having her own kids.

    Kokila finally permits for this as a result of she desires happiness in her family.

    Jigar WHO is still hiding the truth of Paridhi and currently he tell to everybody that Paridhi cannot conceive a baby.

    Kokila (Rupal Patel) get new drawback by her ex

    Aprt from Paridhi’s issue Kokila’s recent enemy ( Vandna Pathak ) will enter in modi mansion bringing a replacement twist.

    Kokila’s friend will take revenge from Kokila by giving offering of her grandson for Kokila’s grandchild Vidya.

  8. This Paridhi’s acting skills are amazing.

  9. Really fantastic episode…sns rocks

  10. Amazing comedy drama of urmila and kinjal,seems to be very nice

  11. Great episode..gopi is with pari decision and whole family also agreed…nice:):D

  12. Ya,fantastic comedy b/w urmila and kinjal

  13. Just amazing episode……

  14. Rocking show,mind blowing episode

  15. Nice,waiting for new twist of that masked lady

  16. Todays episode was full of comedy,more than amazing

  17. Finally new entry took place in saathiya,excited to see new face

  18. Great episode,precap nice

  19. Nice episode,waiting for new track

  20. Meera character should now come to positive

  21. Marvellous episode,full of suspence and comedy make it complete show

  22. Great show again sns rocks,precap fantastic

  23. It has become like sasural simar ka

  24. Superbb episode,just enjoyed reading update

    Upcoming track will be very interesting,waiting eagerly

  25. Ya,right sns big fan this show is very much awesome and best show
    Lets see who is the new enemy of kokila modi
    Day by day it is becoming more and more interesting:):):p

  26. Pari ur acting is just awesome,like it very much

  27. new twist is coming iam very excited

  28. The masked lady is kokila’s new enemy it seems… pari cannot conceive?! Ok… then why shud she die(in future)?? Anyhow dis serial is gonna end in a month.. then why are they exiting pari’s character?? Confusing.! …

  29. Nice episode.

  30. Dashing show,nice story line

  31. Very nyc show sns

  32. Great precap,full of suspence in the story of sns

  33. Totally amazing show,love u sns

  34. who said the serial is gonna end in a month? such expectations were also triggered in mid-June but the serial dragged on.
    and what is this rubbish naatak. paridhi wants a child of her own because she does not trust tolu molu anymore???? and the way they all talk about planning to have a child in front of all family members….disgusting. just imagine the pathetic situation of tolu molu…… the track could have been played in a more decent way instead of such stupid screenplay.

    1. right vidhya super idiotic drama i m amazed hw people like stupid story really embarrased well
      tolu molu meera vidhya n rashi is neither go to school nor college wow they spend their all time in home good same case in jiger and ahem parag and chirag they always seen in home they haven’t another work intead of stand behind the women
      super idiot act by rashi blank face no expression
      how can modi family accept rashi? they had not say a single word to rashi!!! these modi slap again n again to meera for minor mistake n rashi who tried to kill gopi ( wo bhi unrealistic tarike se) they accept this rashi
      sns writer think all audience r fool so kuch bhi bna do sab chelega
      plz stop this idiot stupid serial gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. A very idiotic serial. It has all the ingredients to prove that –
    1. Indian tv viewers are morons of the first order who swallow anything that is doled out in the idiot box
    2. Indian women have the sole duty of being abused by their husbands and their mothers in law (Ahem and Kokila has been abusing and throwing out/ disowning gopi on several occasions) and of course of grovelling before their ‘In-law” family despite the tortures heaped on them……… Good teaching for the new gen girls (sic!)
    3. Indian men enjoy the privilege of being the mama’s baby and to torture their women ad lib, sans the masochistic cooperation from the latter.
    4. Shouting and screaming is necessary to put across one’s point (the award goes to kokila for being the loudest,…. ), and a shouting match is the way of living in joint families!

    I’m appalled at the guts of the sponsors that support such base serials, that actually have a very destructive effect on the young minds (and the society at large) as it continues to toll on over years n years…………………Disgusting!

  36. How all are very younger than even their children.

  37. why this series not updated in you tube now please we want this in you tube full episodes

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