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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopi telling Urmila not to interfere in their family matters. She says, their family members never let their daughter in laws feel down. She says, I shouted at my Vidya because of you and asks Urmila to leave. Kokila asks her to leave as well. Urmila goes angrily. Gopi asks Rashi, why did you lied to us and requests her not to hide anything from them in the future. She says, she will take Tolu to a good dentist. Rashi goes to her room. Kokila tells Gopi that she is happy as she has supported the truth and raised her voice.

Teacher comes with Meera after the test. Gopi asks, how was the test? Meera says, everything was easy and I wrote all. They thank the God. Teacher says, I said naa that she is fully ready for test. Gopi says, have to see in which class she

gets admission. She thanks the teacher and asks him to look after Meera’s studies. Kokila thanks the teacher and gives him money. She asks him to say what he wants in Guru Dakshina. Teacher asks them not to worry and says he will ask the Guru Dakshina when the right time comes. He comes outside and says I won’t go empty handed from this house and laughs.

Pooja looks at Dhawal and plays the song Aye Mere Humsafar………..Dhawal comes to her cabin and asks, do you like this song. Pooja asks, what. Dhawal says, this is my favourite song. Pooja asks him to come to her house to get old songs. Dhawal says, he can’t come. Pooja invites him and says she has extra CD’s with her. Dhawal agrees.

Urmila cries and tells Gopi insulted her. Rashi asks her to drink water. Kinjal brings it and leaves. Rashi says, Gopi is thinking she is Kokila Modi and determines to take revenge from her. She checks her mobile and says she is late. She goes home.

Gopi comes back with Tolu after visiting the doctor and asks Tolu to promise her that he won’t eat chocolates. Rashi comes. Gopi shows the prescription. Rashi tears the prescription and says she is still alive. She says, I know what is good or bad for her son. I showed Tolu to a dentist. Rashi says, you are covering your mistake. Gopi asks, what? Rashi says, you insulted my mom who brought you since childhood. She taunts her taking Radha’s name.

Hetal interferes. Rashi says, nobody stopped Gopi when she insulted mummy. Kokila looks on.

Kinjal sees Radha’s photo in the almari and throws it angrily. Madhuben comes and picks it. Kinjal asks him why you kept her photo in the almari. Madhuben shouts at her and says Radha is her daughter. Urmila gets happy looking at their fight. Madhuben scolds Kinjal and asks her to return the photo. Urmila asks Madhuben to lower her voice and scolds her for fighting with Kinjal. Kinjal throws the photo outside the house. Madhuben goes to her room and closes the door.

Principal calls Ahem and tells him that Meera is admitted to 2nd Class. Kokila thanks the God. Ahem tells Gopi that Meera will go to school now. Meera comes and says she was learning the table. Gopi gives her good news and hugs Meera. Rashi smiles. Jigar says, he will leave for office now. Hetal asks Rashi to serve the breakfast. Rashi thinks food is not prepared, what to do.

Urmila goes to her room seeing Madhuben. Dhawal asks Madhu about Kinjal. She says, she is in the kitchen. Dhawal tells that he will have breakfast outside. Dhawal sits in Pooja’s car and leaves. Madhuben and Pappu sees them.

Rashi gives tiffin to kids. Kids says it is empty. Rashi says, she kept money in the tiffin and asks them to eat anything. Kids smiles. Vidya asks her tiffin. Rashi says sorry and says I didn’t make tiffin for her. She asks Gopi to get her tiffin ready. Hetal asks the kids to go to school. Gopi stops Vidya and puts khakra in her tiffin. She asks her to eat. Hetal scolds Rashi. Rashi asks her to give lecture to Gopi instead.

Teacher sees the pencil box missing and thinks it is left in Modi Bhavan and gets worried. Kokila holds the box and is about to open it.

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  1. Blah..blah…blah…always something will be going wrong in this serial….this is what first of all gopi does something wrong and no one will say anything if the same thing is done by Rashi everyone will fall behind her…..too bad it is Gopi n kokila who is influencing Rashi for her deeds……..poor Rashi….they have conflicts n the ultimate sufferers was the kids….this Gopi shouldn’t have done like that if she had dome so then she must have…”TIT FOR TAT”from Rashi..this kinjal episode is very disgusting….

    1. This comment has been deleted.

      Reason: Abusive language

      1. Saale dubbara iss tara ki bhatae kiya tho aap ki account trace karke police ko battha doonga naakamya….naalayak….aur “TELLY UPDATES”ki administrator ji aap ki website itna gandha ho gaya ki iss may bathana nahi Kaiser kaise naalak aagaya bhagwan ke liye please iss comments ko remove karo we r feeling very awkward to read this type of comments if it is so how can we let our children to visit this website…please take fast action towards this…..
        With regards

  2. Yo fam if u wanna f**k some1 then get married

  3. I m happy gopi is doing good with rashi n urmila they deserve this good going gopi keep it up

  4. Sali tit teri maa ki dhoti
    ….tit k bap k dhoti mn toilet

  5. Administrator g ap ki maa ki dhoti mn toilet…ap itnay ganday comments kaisay????ap mn sharam nam ki koi cheez hy

  6. Thank you very much administrator ji…..thank you for your kind cooperation..
    With regards

  7. Disgusting.!!
    Rashi brought gopi back home after 8 years. Its only because of Urmila who brought up gopi since childhood,gopi has good manners and sanskar , else even she would have been like Radha. Kokila should thank urmila and rashi but she is doing the opposite way.
    If this is the case Then Radha didnot do anything wrong in screwing gopi’s and kokila’s lives.
    Nobody has guts to question Madhu(gopi’s mom) but urmila needs to give explanation to everyone even if she comes to meet her daughter.
    Hell with kokila. Kokila should die and gopi should be thrown out of her house again..

  8. kokila and gopi doing overacting…

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