Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Rashi is walking in the garden. She sees Koki coming towards her. She is worried that Koki will notice she is wearing running shoes and wonders what to do. She runs and picks a water pipe and pretends to water the plants. Koki calls her and asks her what she is doing. Rashi says that since Gopi is busy with her parents then she thought to help her. Koki notices that the water is overflowing from the pots and taunts her asking how come she became so considerate. She asks if it’s something else. She reminds her that it rained heavily last night so the plants don’t need watering. She taunts her to do something useful.

Urmi is standing by a stall she has opened outside the chawl. She stops a lady and tells her that she has become so dark. She gives a bottle

and tells that she will become fair and it will also save her from the sun. The lady walks away saying it’s not sunny at all. Urmi cribs that she left. She stops another man who is bald and gives him a bottle saying that he will not be bald if he uses this medicine. She asks for Rs. 20. The man says he has only 2 Rs and Urmi drives him away angrily. She worries that she may have to take Kinjal’s help.

MM garden
Rashi is again walking outside and a bird poops on her. She is upset and first and then remembers that Urmi says that it brings good luck. She looks up to thanks God but sees that Gopi’s mother is gargling. Rashi asks what she is doing and Gopi’s mother yells back that she is gargling and Rashi walks away disgusted.

MM hall
Gopi’s father comes to the hall and looks at Ahem nervously. Gopi is watching him nervously too. Ahem gets up and greets him. Her father teases him about the slap and tells him that she is his wife and has experienced it too. Ahem is taken aback and Gopi looks worried. Her father then folds his hands and tells think that his mother slapped him. He pats his cheek and Ahem smiles.

Rashi is in the kitchen. She cribs that Gopi gawar never behaved like that and her mother spat on her. She blames her father for this as he always pampered his sister (Madhuben). Koki sees her grumbling and asks her what is she grumbling alone. She tells her to finish cooking breakfast and give it to Madhuben. She leaves and Rashi complains that Koki is only worried about Gopi’s mother but when her mother comes she wants to drive her away. Urmi calls her and Rashi says that she will live a 100 yrs as she was remembering her. Urmi wants to know some gossip and Rashi tells her what Madhuben did. Urmi makes a face and Rashi says that she has told Gopi to warn Madhuben. She tells that she wants them to go back to RN. But Urmi refuses. They fight over Gopi’s family and Rashi cuts the call. Urmi complains that Rashi has become like Modis. She thinks of taking advantage of them.
Gopi is instructing her mother and Radha on how to use the bathroom tap. Radha tries and by mistake opens the shower. The water falls on Madhuben and she runs out screaming in fear. Her father enters the room and calms her down.. Gopi asks him and her father takes her aside. She tells him what happened and asks him. He replies that she is afraid of rain as it reminds her of the flood where they lost her. Gopi is very sad.

Urmi is still trying to trap customers along with Kinjal. But nobody is interested. She sees Kinjal trying to do the same but even Kinjal is unsuccessful. Kinjal tells her that they will have to find another way. Urmi thinks that her brother in law can help her.

MM hall
Gopi’s father and Radha are tending to his moustache and he tells her that they should warn Gopi that her mother is scared of that she is not scared again. Rashi sees them and is irritated that they are again talking about Gopi. She becomes happy on thinking of using Radha to her advantage. She comes to them and praises Gopi’s father moustache. She praises Radha’s hair. Koki is watching her from upstairs and realizes what she is up to. Rashi tells Radha to come to her room and she will comb her hair. She dreams of making her work and climbs stairs happily. Koki stops Rashi from going to her room and asks if she is going to comb Radha’s hair or make her comb her own hair. She warns her that Radha is very young and their guest. She threatens her not to make Radha do any work and leaves. Rashi is angry and leaves in a huff. Urmi comes and greets Koki. She brings the chawl ladies along with her and Koki is shocked. Urmi tells Gopi that they have come to meet her and her parents as they were very eager to see them. Gopi smiles and Urmi tells her father that it is such a happy occasion. Koki taunts her that they all know how happy she is. Urmi introduces her bro in law to the ladies. Koki tells Gopi to get sweets for them and leaves with her to help her. Urmi praises her brother in law’s moustache to the ladies. She claims that the moustache is longer than him. She whispers to them that it’s all because of the oil she sells and he looks confused. The ladies are impressed. Her father teases her that she is truly happy and Urmi agrees that they had lost hope to see them alive. He teases her that she has not changed and still manages to get oil from sand. He taunts that she wants to take advantage of his moustache too. Urmi looks uncomfortable but is happy that the ladies want to buy oil from her.

Kinjal gives tea to Dhawal. She is worried that Dhawal is stressed about money. She sits next to him and says that she does not want him to handle this stress alone. She failed once but this time she won’t fail. She says that she is just worried about Urmi. Dhawal smiles at her.

Ahem comes down the stairs telling someone on the phone that he wants to surprise his daughter. He smells something and sneezes. He realizes its chameli ka tel and sees Gopi’s mother scrubbing oil on Meera and Meera is watching him (why is nobody watching over Meera when she is with Madhuben inspite of knowing her mental condition?). He moves towards her in anger but stops thinking she is Gopi’s mother. He is about to leave but stops on hearing Meera crying and calling to him. He sees that there are rashes on Meera’s hands as Madhuben is rubbing oil on her too harshly. He is unable to stop himself and furiously grabs Meera from her. He holds Meera and sneezes. Madhuben tries to grab her back but Ahem tells her to leave her. The others come out on hearing the noise. She refuses to leave and Ahem yells her to stop. He screams that she is not her daughter Gopi but his daughter Meera. Madhuben is shocked. She faints in shock and Gopi holds her as she falls. Ahem and the others are shocked and worried. Her father calls Madhuben but she does not get up. Gopi looks at Ahem who is looking worried.

The doc is checking Gopi’s mother. Koki asks why she has fainted. The doc says that she has got a big shock and they need to be careful that it does not happen again. Ahem tries to speak but Gopi’s father stops him and tells him to be careful next time. Ahem looks sad.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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