Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila apologizes Dharam for the trouble her family gave him. She gives Gaura sari gift and invites her for Samar and Sona’s greeting ceremony after marriage.

Vidya calls Gopi and informs that Kokila had come there and asks if Dharam is really innocent. Gopi tells her whole incident and says Dharam is innocent. Vidya says that is why Kokila apologized Dharam and invited Gaura and family for Samar and sona’s greeting ceremony. Gopi is shocked to hear that and reminisces Kokila’s changed behavior.

Dharam gets ready for Modi family’s party. Shravan says he should not go there. Dharam says he is his father and he should behave. Shravan says he should behave like father first and says he should not go and ruin his in-laws party. Dharam says his Meera is there and nobody can stop him from meeting her.

Kokila starts decorating home for Samar and Sona’s greeting ceremony. Hetal comes down and Kokila taunts her to accept Sona as bahu. Beauty parlor girls come. Gopi says they came to wrong place. Kokila says she called them as she wants to get ready for double celebration. Urmila taunts that she is budi ghodi lal lagaam. Kokila says there is a lot of difference between her buff cut and makeup like putty smear and her makeup. Urmila stands sadly.

Vidya pleads Dharam not to go to Modi bhavan and ruin her brother’s function. Dharam says she is asking something for the first time and he will not reject her request. Gaura fumes.

During function, Savitaben enters and starts shouting at Modi family that they should be shameful to not accept her neices and marry their son to uneducated lady. Sona confronts her first and then Hetal takes Sona’s side. Madhuben continues yelling. Kokila enters with her usual dialogue.baaasss.. Everyone are shocked to see her in red sari with hair loose.

Precap: Kokila leans on her knees and apologizes Gaura for the trouble she faced by her family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. where is paridhi? waiting eagerly 2 c her
    bestum best sns

  2. after makeup kokila is looking more horrible. gopi aunty lives more stylish then vidya.

  3. hey guys which couple in this serial is disgusting??
    tolu- sona
    gopi – ahem

    1. Y did not u mention vidya and shravan I know u like them but doesn’t mean u outcast them

    2. hi jhamkudi nice 2 c u a
      surprised to read parag chirag name. really they r part of this serial?? no a single line for them in 30 min. i completely dislike couple of horrible kokila- bholu parag modi.

    3. In my opinion….jigar-radha were the most disgusting couple

  4. Dude, every couple in this serial are amazing. That is why this is one of the best serial in the world

    1. ROFL???? really i like ur comment…keep going!…

  5. Anargha Radhakrishnan

    John jst tell me one thing, r u being sarcastic?

  6. I really like Dharam and Meera pairing.. quite cute. I agree that he is already married but they may show later that he is not married… 🙂

  7. I think kokila had a change of heart n want everyone to live n be happy

  8. I think kokila wants to take revenge from madhu that’s why she doesn’t want to tell gopi if she tells gopi can’t help her because she is her mother and. One. Thing she even. Wants to teach alesson to sona

  9. news says that gaura and madhuben kidnapped kokila and sent her look-alike…..this is why kokila’s behaviour has been changed because this is fake kokila hired by gaura and madhuben who is: accepting sona as bahu, claiming dharam innocent, slapping meera and being friendly to gaura..

  10. She is fake kokila Parag n Chirag are shown as puppet with no say in family matters Which family has such man?

  11. Parag modi and chirag are just make believe of this series. Producer put some action in the men not only kokila, ahem and gopi we need action from the fathers of this house

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