Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeta explains Modi family benefit of Janmastami fasting. Jaggi says he did not know she is so intelligent. Sona asks what they can eat during fast. Seeta says they cannot eat food and can have only fruits and milk and her dad says fruits and milk are god for health. Veeru asks if he can have snacks. She says only after having milk. Sona praises her that she changed Veeru. Urmila taunts Pari and Mona that they should start milk and fruits fasting as juice will not slim them. Gopi gets sad thinking about maaji/Kokila. Jaggi asks not to worry, they will get her bail.

Gaura looks at Modi family pic and prays god to destroy them, marks whoever she has eliminated. Chadna’s sister Ratna calls her and Gaura asks her to get ready for next move. She then marks Kokila’s face.


tells Jaggi and others that she has arranged all papers for Kokila’s bail and will give it to lawyer. Urmila says she prepared Kokila’s favorite clothes. Jaggi asks to prepare some for his mother as she may wake up seeing clothes. Gopi sees him getting emotional and says let us go and get Kokila back home. Ratna enters and says she cannot get her out of jail at all. Jaggi asks who is she. Gopi asks why she is badmouthing about her maaji. Ratna says she is talking about her daughter Vidya and she is in jail after murdering Chanda, her sister. Modi family is shocked. Gopi says what rubbish. Rata says she is telling truth. Gopi says this cannot happen, nobody informed them. Urmila suggests to call Dharam. Gopi calls Dharam and asks if Vidya is in jail, why did not he inform her. He says please listen to me. Gopi says she is going to jail right now and says Jaggi let us go. Mona and Pari comment as usual.

Vidya in jail fumes thinking how to get out of jail and take revenge from Gaura. Jailer informs her that her she is out on bail. He asks who did it. He says just go out. She walks out and sees Gopi, Dharam and Jaggi. Dharam apologizes Gopi for letting her daughter go to jail and could not get her bail. Emotional drama starts. Vidya thanks Jaggi for getting her bail. Gopi asks how is Meera and if she met Kokila. Vidya reminisces Kokila asking her not to tell anything and says she could not meet Kokila. Gopi says not a problem. Dharam takes Vidya home.

Gopi waits to meet Kokila. Jaggi says let us wait till constable comes out. Constable comes and says they cannot meet Kokila Gopi insists and gives prasad to give it to Kokila. Constable says she will give it during rounds. Jaggi says let us go now and walks with Gopi.

Gaura starts drama seeing Shravan and Priyal and prays god to send her Vidya bahu home, thinks truth this they will not return and she is queen of this house. Shraan says Vidya ji..Priyal says mamma came. Gaura gets tensed.

Precap: Vidya confronts Gaura that she betrayed her and did not chance, whatever happens she will not Gaura harm her family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi all Sunshine friends.Thanks for wishes Akshay,Sid,Nandini.WU seems good.

    1. welcome rose 🙂

  2. Hello frnds hw r u all..i missed al of u so it seems u guys didn’t remembered me all dese days..? jst kidding..firstly hearty congratulations sry I didn’t cmnt on ur big day..n v cmpletly trust u my dear..dnt leave dis site u can share everything here vl pray for ur happiness..
    N wts gng on here guys..if u peopl hve ny problem vit our sunshiners plz dnt read our cmnts cme here n discus abt serial n leave no one vl stp u peopl bt dnt try to target our frnds..v all r humans v all get hurt Leila u cmntd abt my sweet bro whoz havng great talent he felt bad n I appreciate u apologize him thank u for dat..shakaib dnt tke dese negative cmntrs wrds jst ignore Dem n cmnt here my bro..
    Isaaq y u apologized Leila v all r vit u n stand for u..n u also vry strng Gul hw can u do dat..u didn’t did anything wrong..
    Rose all d BST for ur exams..
    Finally gopi cme to kW abt vidya n got her bailed ot thank god..episodes r dragging very mch..waiting for Singapore track..
    Raven thanks for cmg bak..happy to c u bak sry I didn’t cmnt dat day bcoz am felng wel dat tme..

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Issaq plz u dnt be angry on us bcoz we hv scoulded u for apologising Leila . U should not hv apologized her.
    We all are friends friends from last 6months .
    Sometimes we may hav different opinions.
    As me Akshay,Nandini had scolded u it doesn’t mean that we hate u . We just told our opinion regarding ur comment. So plz tke this lightly ?.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus longest rung show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Kokila reveals to Vidya (Sonam Lamba) about reality of Gaura (Vandna Pathak) as how she kidnaps Meera.

    Vidya is shocked hearing this and is ready to fight against her grandmother in law Gaura.

    Vidya never raised voice against Gaura and finally raise hand on her when Gaura tries to hit her.

    Vidya warns Gaura not try to do it again as this new Vidya who is ready to reply her back which makes Gaura stunned.

    Gaura and Bhavani join hands destroying Modi family

    Furthermore, Gaura is not ready to accept defeat so she joins hands with Gopi and Jaggi’s enemy Bhavani.

    Gaura and Bhavani plan again Modi family taking revenge of their insult.

    How will Vidya save Modi family?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  5. thank god raven u r back. never think about leave. miss u so much dear. stay keep in touch.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show major drama.

    Gaura is irked finding that Kokila is out of jail on bail, Gopi has brought Kokila back home.

    Vidya has also got shelter in Modi house and not Vidya and Kokila will join hand against her.

    Gaura is irked knowing all this that her plan of trapping Kokila and ruining Modi family and their happiness gets ruined.

    Gaura and Bhavani joins hand against Modi family

    Amid all this Bhavani makes enter in Gaura’s house and thus joins hand with Gaura against Modi family.

    Bhavani has enmity with Gopi and Jaggi for saving Sita, thus joins hand with Gaura against their common enemy.

    Let’s wait and watch what more drama will Gaura and evil Bhavani’s reunion brings forth in the upcoming track.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  7. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    oh god what is happening here !! why the hell people are outbursting now a days and misunderstanding each other
    whatever !! let me clear u all one point
    some months back i don’t even know any one of u
    even today the only thing that matters me is sns so whoever may comment or whoever may fight….being a fan of sns i will comment here ( whenever i have time) irrespective of any other’s point of view about sns

    coming to sunshine group
    i joined this group just to have casual conversations with sns fans but not to have fights with any others and as long as i am an sns fan i will be a part of this group

  8. Gaura’s track is going on for so long. Its time they should end her character. But I am pretty sure they are going to drag this storyline for another year or so.

  9. Gaura is winning against modis bhavani is winning against modis all villians in this serial are winning but in this page today adithya hp has finally won yo yo
    i am feling very pity on this sunshine group look how my jadu worked today i am sure in this page big fight is going to happen in sunshine group and group wl break today
    see how i made u all fight with each other this fight is created by me
    kya hua akshay bhai sid bhai raven di badi badi bath kar rahe the aap log we are family we are close friends no one cannot break our group and blah blah u shud nt hv messed with me i played prank on u guys but i hv told sorry several times but all insulted me
    see wat happened today i created big misunderstanding btw u friends .
    see all villians wil win gaura and bhavani wl rule modis here me and john wl rule u shud pack ur bags and leave this forum

    1. aditya u really think blood cancer se mrna wakai prank tha?? kabhi kisi blood cancer patient se mile ho zindagi me. til til k marte h wo har roz. maine apni cousin ko khoya h blood cancer k karan. uska dard dekha h maine aur tumhe ye prank lgta h??? aur upar se tum apni maa ko is ghatiya bat me ghasit rahe ho?? isse jyada sharm wali kya bat ho skti h tumhare jaise k liye jo apni maa ka bhi respect ni kr skte tumlogo k liye dusro ka kya mol h. aditya grow up man. be mature.

  10. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    i have always said this and even today i repeat this
    to all sns haters : i repect all ur of u because there was a time when even i did not like sns tracks but ithink u should keep ur hatred only towards sns
    same is the thing i want to say to sns fans …plz respect everyone’s view

    sorry to each and everyone if u feel i am unneccessarily interrupting
    respect to everyone and hatred to none

  11. Nandhini

    Thank goodness raven is back!! Welcome back dear!?? we missed you a lottt! I was awaiting ur comment since three days!
    Neha please dont go…sorry for everything…we had only suspicion on ur cousin not you…i am sorry for suspecting ur cousin..please come back.
    Shakaib please come back and comment. Please dont feel for leila’s words.
    Hii priyanka! Even i have severe cold and cough for the last 3 days so i am commenting late…take care dear and come back soon after maha shivratri…

  12. Riana

    Hey everyone today’s episode was totally superb!!!…Gopi finally bailed Vidya…but still i should they r too much dragging the track…Infact now they should end Gaura track n concentrate n Gopi’s son n Sita love story…What say????…

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Ya gaura’s track shud end soon .

  14. These pari mona are so shameless, they don,t care for her family, they just know how to make fun of people situation, that pari said modi have the habit of going to jail everyday, first koki, how can she forgot because of kokil she,s in the house or that pari, she don,t have any right to be modi parivaar bahu, shameless paridhi, how dare pari spoke like that hope next is her pari and mona go to jail, like the last part of the episode when gaura says who,s the malkin of the house, vidya enter. pari mona deserve some ugly punishment.

  15. Debasmita Sinha

    Hi friends, what do you think what will happen in the Singapore track.

    1. hi debasmita sorry yar abhi to is forum pe hi track gadbada raha h to singapore ka to kuch soch hi ni pa rahe h

  16. last scene was awesome where scott was crawling.

  17. ise hi kahte k khud ka thuk k khud hi chat lena

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