Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premlatha throws slipper on Gopi’s face and laughs that her face got red. Gopi gets down from overhead tank, slaps her and asks where is her maaji. Premlatha laughs and shouts she dared to slap her, now her maaji will die. Gopi and Urmila slap her again and ask where is maaji. Premlatha pushes them on ground and says they both cannot even touch her. They both get up and beat her with stick. Gopi sees another tank near by and says Urmila that maaji is in that tank. Urmila asks her to go and save Kokila while she holds Premlatha.

Urmila beats Premlatha with broom and Premlatha falls down injured. Urmila walks towards tank when Premlatha wakes up and hits her head with rod from behind, shouting schizoprehnically pagli naani….Gopi is about to open water tank lid in which Kokila is when Premlatha pulls her legs and she falls down from ladder.

Ahem who is still busy chanting bhajans with family when he hears sound from terrace and rushes out with whole famiy to balcony. Gopi strangulates Premlatha’s neck. Premlatha sees Ahem and family and starts acting that gopi wants to kill her. Ahem holds Gopi. Gopi picks axe and warns everyone to back off and shouts that this woman is an imposter and not maaji. Premlatha says she is her maaji. Gopi shouts not to take her maaji’s name from her dirty mouth. She says she will save her maaji at any cost and asks everyone to back off waving axe in air. Water level in tank increases and is about electricity is about to touch Kokila when Gopi breaks electric fuse and electricity stops. Kokila relaxes. Gopi then climbs tank and shouts maaji she has come to save her. She tries to open tank lid but could not. Madhuben and Premlatha asks Ahem and Jigar to go and bring back Gopi. They both get on tank and drag Gopi down while she pleads that her maaji is in tank and will die.

Precap: Urmila stops Ahem from catching Gopi again and tells Premlatha is an imposter of Kokila and Kokila is tied in water tank. Gopi breaks water tank with axe.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. outstanding gopi… once again gopi wins!

  2. At last!! Where are you today John!! Today is the day were we can praise SNS!!

    1. I am here. You are praising this show today. I praise this show everyday. And today’s episode was FANTASTIC.

      1. Me too John! But I don’t appreciate the dragging. It’s true! Yesterday I was having high anxiety which made my heart beat so fast that I really reckoned that I may have a heart attack! !!!!!!!☺??

      2. Me too John! But I don’t appreciate the dragging. It’s true! Yesterday I was having high anxiety which made my heart beat so fast that I really reckoned that I may have a heart attack!!!!!!!???

  3. Nyc episode…..eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Hope truth is revealed in tomorrow’s episode

  4. Very awesome episode……wow this show rocks

  5. Hope tomorrow the truth comes out n no more dragging pls

    1. ya i agree wid u now d torture should stop n whole truth should come out

  6. Brilliant ep……gopi is outstanding

  7. Wooow…!!!!gopi aunty rocks..janu my love

  8. unrealistic, unnecessarily long ,boring,

  9. fabulous episode.loved watching…love u saathiya

  10. today’s episode was very nice
    good job gopi keep it is marvellous 👌👌👌👌👌

  11. The funniest thing is, the writers use logic that is worse than any kids TV shows. Stuff like this is not even remotely possible in the real world. They should make an animated series of this show for kids. It would be a hit.

    1. Honestly, that is the best idea. I would totally rott for it. But yiu know what? Even kids would get bored of it eventually. I remember this drama actually being good but now its so bad and is being prolonged unnecessarily.

  12. Dragging will be there in tomorrow episode where Maji will be not there in tank n again gopi Will lose n back to pagal khanna

  13. Awesome episode of today’s , eagerly waiting to watch 2mrowws episode, hope definitely truth is revealed in tomorrow’s episode …. Hip hip horary . ……. Gopi rocks once again… Love you Gopi….

  14. This is stupid, whoever wrote this is many days jokla in that tank and who give her food and take care her.I think no body notice that.

  15. Hi writer can you imitate someone voice for long and who is that come on jokla musk .this is rediculas, you can’t fake 100’s always happened in Indian movie and drama.

  16. Of course, the truth will come whenever write wants.your feelings or my feelings not important there, only writer demands is important.

  17. Alast she found her maji n i hope ahem do something about premlata n madhuben

  18. Superb ulmira good aunt

  19. Today Super episode i hope premlata boring track finish

  20. Revathi Anandh

    thee episode.. even this year award goes to gopi…

  21. Hiii frnds……..i m a big fan of SNS.after a few month i didn’t watch our show… i m busy in my exam….anybody can tell how was our show? plzzzzzz

  22. Just rocking episode.This show is the best 😘😘😘

  23. Anyone plzzz tell how was our show?

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