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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Gopi if she will be with him forever. She says yes and even whole family is with him. He says he has lost confidence in himself and don’t know how to face world now. She says he is her strength and he should not think like this. She asks him to come with her. He says he does not want to. She holds his hand, gives her oath and takes him via hall to home temple. Kokila who is sitting with family asks Gopi and Ahem what is happening.

Gopi show lamp to Ahem and says she lit this lamp when he left home and she prayed for his protection. This lamp is burning even now, that means Kanji sent him safely and even now is protecting him. Just like without air, life stops, without belief on god, one cannot protect themselves and their dear ones. Ahem asks how

do believe. She asks if he does not trust her also. He says he trusts only her. Madhuben gets jealous hearing that.

Gopi picks lamp and takes oath that she will bring back Meera from Gaura’s hell to Modi bhavan within 1 month. If he is worried about his daughters’ life, she takes oath if she fails to bring Meera back home, she will leave this house. Kokila asks what is this. Gopi says Ahem is doubting her decisions, so if she fails, she does not have right to stay in this house. Madhuben smirks hearing this. Hetal also asks what is this. Gopi says this is trust between her and her kanhaji now. Ahem asks what is this madness. Gopi says she will not back off and even not let him back off. Madhuben thinks within 1 month Gopi will be out of this house and she knows what to do next.

Kokila tells she trusts her belief in god and will be with her always. She asks Ahem to promise Gopi that he will be with her always. Ahem promises and says he will not back out from his responsibilities. Gopi asks him to promise that he will not break his belief on self and will be confident. Ahem promises and dorns sindhoor on her forehead. Kokila prays god to not let Ahem break his promise and lose his confidence. Hetal says our son will not. Madhuben thinks she will not let Ahem keep his promise and will get Gopi out of this house.

Durga cries and Shravan consoles her. Vidya comes and asks if she is upset with Meera’s behavior. Durga says when Dharam has married Meera, they should get children also. She is instead happy that Vidya and Shravan’s differences are gone. Shravan angrily leaves. Durga asks Vidya to and calm him down. Vidya follows him and he says whatever Gaura wished cannot happen.

Kokila calls Urmila and informs about Gopi’s oath. Urmila says Meera will be back within 1 month itself as she will not agree to Gaura’s demands. Gopi aks what happened. Urmila tells Gaura demanded grandson or granddaughter from Meera. Gopi asks how can this happen. Urmila says she knows what to do, she will create rift between Dharam and Meera. Madhuben hears their conversation and realizes Kokila sent Urmila to Gaura’s house with a plan, she will go and inform Gaura. Kokila sees shadow near door and disconnects call. Urmila turns and is shocked to see Meera.

Precap: Madhuben enters Gaura’s house in servant’s clothes with pallu. Meera is shocked to see her face.

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  2. No she is not. When she left home sona found her n they started living together


  4. There was no meera and dharam.So boring…..

    1. I know! I’m scared dharam Meera might end soon with Gopis vow to get Meera home in a month. ?

  5. How funny a mother is against her own daughter

  6. I only watch for Dharam Meera. They are amazing!

  7. Wat does she really want from gopi

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