Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna warns Gopi to speak with Kokila normal if she calls, else she knows what he can. Kokila calls Krishna’s mobile. He picks call and asks Gopi to speak. Premila and Mansi remove cloth from Gopi’s mouth. Gopi says she is fine, but has a lot of houseld chores to finish, so she cannot come to meet her. Due to rains and people coming wearing soiled shoes, house gets dirrty, so she has to clean her house often. She repeats same and disconnects call. Kokila thinks why Gopi repeatedly told this and informs Sona same. Sona says she means to clean house and brooms floor. Kokila realizes that Gopi is in trouble and rushes towards Gopi’s house. Premila and Mansi laugh on Gopi.

Once they all leave, Gopi frees herself and walks out silently. She sees Mansi calling hospital staff to give electric shock to her and silently goes back in.

Vidya is taken back home. Shravan tries to feed her and she cries that she will not eat anything until Priyal comes. Meera brings Priyal with inspector. Vidya hugs Priyal and gets emotional.

Premila comes out of Gopi’s washroom. Gopi silently hits her head from behind and makes her sit on chair in her place and ties her mouth. Mansi brings hospital staff and asks her to give electric shock thinking her as Gopi. She goes to call Premila to watch Gopi getting electric shock. Krishna also comes and calls Premila. They both go to Gopi’s room and see staff giving shock to Premila and stop them. Staff says they gave just 1 mild shoc, Premila is fine. Gopi silently slips down and walks towards door when Krishna opens door from outside and catches her. He says this his is his house and he knows which route goes to which place.

Precap: Mansi takes Gopi to mental assylum on wheelchair and gifts her electric shock chair.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. shannu

    plz starplus a humble request..plz end this saathiya.. how long will u run this is running since ages.. gopi has become grandmother for now..i think gopi should become great great grandmother..then also u will not stop this show..and cant bear that kokila loud voice..always says “bass”..this gopi always weeps..and for god sake plz end this non sense..come up with new and inspirational shows like tamanna..everest..and shows like dahleez..manmarzian..ishqbazz..these r all short and sweet..not head ache like saathiya..

  2. shannu

    saathiya lost its glory 3 years ago with the exit of rashi(rucha hasabnis)..she is soo adorable..the main reason for saathiya success is rashi but now see how it has become non sense..

  3. shannu

    now a days..the leads are quitting saying ‘cannot play mother or father role at this age’..but see gopi ..jigar..pari..they are all playing grand mother..grandfather roles at young age..these are all not suitable for them.

  4. gopi ahem modi

    Sab kahte the na main roti rahti hu dekho aaj maine pummi mummyji k sar pe danda mara aur ab jo bhi is serial ki burai krega main uske sar pe bhi danda mar dungi πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

  5. Parveena

    SaathiyA is a gud serial and everyone should think that yrkkh also running for ages bcoz they are dragging most of episode only by puja birthday celebrations especially marriage scene. remember everyone how long akshara n Naiik marriage epi went and I think at least 3 to 4 weeks but SaathiyA was not like that at least they are having a different types of plot , twists to make audience interesting but I agree that sometime becomes nonsense n violent to drag the audience especially radha ending scene. But in yrkkh most of the scenes are marriage scene akshara Naiik ,karishma,naksh ,varsha nandhini,naitik sister etc…….

  6. Boss

    Hey jst stop ur nonsense why you are posting stupid comments when everyone knows u r not a Gopi Ahem modi U r commenting fake . Plz stop ur stupidity😈

    • gopi ahem modi

      If u got a problem then don’t read my comments who r forcing u idiot? n don’t show ur stupidity n bark capacity here. Keep distance aayi bat samjh main munna

  7. Parveena

    SaathiyA is a good serial n everyone should remember that yrkkh was also running for ages bcoz they r dragging most ofthe show in puja birthday celebrations, party especially marriage scene and I still remember how long akshara n naitik marriage episodes went, I think really 3 to 4 weeks but SaathiyA was not like that bcoz they r at least having a plot n twists to make the audience interesting n I agree that sometime becomes nonsense n violent to drag the audience especially radha ending scene but in yrkkh akshara Naitik marriage episode Karishma naman , varsha shoruya, nandini mohit , naksh , naitik sister etc….marriage episode were there

    • Sindhu

      But in YRKKH der is good bonding between the family.. small small misunderstandings lik real life… In dis serial I can see more negativity within family ppl itsem…let dem show good things… I feel celebrations r much better than negatives roles lik Guarantee now park family…

  8. Leila

    I hope kokila come to see gopi before it too late n I hope Krishna mansi n his wicked mother get punish for their deeds Wat they done to gopi

  9. Priya

    Pls stop this nonsense serial very boring also I think Krishna invoveled in ahem modi accident he take revenge his sister mansi nonsence headache serial also

  10. Toolz

    Sad. Watched for the last time. Why should an ideal wife, mother, daughter in law like Gopi be made to suffer in the hands of wicked people. It is no longer intriguing but potraying Indians as wicked heartless lot. It doesnt pay to be good…like Gopi like Suhani!

  11. raven

    sorry for Gopi, i do hope someone help her soon, and are you guys sure that is Dr Krishna? he looks like an impostor,i mean i dont think Dr Krishna will be so cruel to Gopi, remember the fake Kokila,i wonder if he is fake too, she is really being treated badly, first by Pari and her witch face bahu Monica when will all this end? happy Vidya is reunited with her daughter, and i do hope Meera ends her b*t*hiness now

  12. shannu

    agree yrrkh is also long running show..but is not as much negative as saathiya…also agree saathiya os better than mere angne mein ..i dint know how they are running..the female lead is not at all beautiful

  13. shannu

    this is not enough..after mansi track bring show a leap of 15 years so that gopi becomes great great grandmther..then bring gaura back..aftet gaura track again leap..after that bring radha as ghost to take revenge from gopi for killing her..after again take a leap then meera becomes grandmother…sooo oon it becomes an endless serial…

    • nisha

      Oh what an imagination.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

      • rosi

        this disgusting gopi is none other than that so called shreya shetty of yhm ,who keeps using bark bark…kutte…bhaag jao…why u always interfere shannu..i see u interrupting shannu there at yhm too… bhaag jao warna i will have to throw stones on u shreya shetty dog.

    • gopi ahem modi

      Oh matalab boss nam se comments rosy deviji krti h rosy deviji main aap jitni niche nahi gir skti hu isliye aapko rosy deviji kahana pasand krungi n deviji yeh shreya shetty kon h yhm kya h agar galiyo k alawa salike k jawab ho to jarur dijiyega wrna apni janwaro wali bhasha apne pass rakhiyega smjhi munni

      • shan

        gopi ahem modi…budde thoda sharam kar buddhe pan mein,itna presuure mat dalo..phjat jayegi…

      • gopi ahem modi

        Shan….. Tu apna gyan apne pas rakh tameez to tujh jaise jahil gawar ko samjh aaygi nahi tu to teri maa bahan se aise baat krta hoga isliye tujh jaise janwar ko mere comments se problem h to mere comments mat pda kr shan jhand kahi k

  14. Appy

    ek bat samjh nhi ki jute k niche likha hua Jo tha uske marks srf modi bhawan me hi kese pade :/ na to raheja house me na gadi me. had h kuch b . stupid

  15. lucky

    who ever it is commenting as gopi ahem u also have gopi like nose???..a piggy one..::-):-:-)

    • gopi ahem modi

      Lucky sirji aapko ek bat batana chahungi ki mujhe meri acting ke liye star plus ki taraf se best actress ka award mil chuka h pr mahashay aap to meri naak pe hi atake hue h behtar h ki meri acting pe dhyan de. Meri naak kaise bhi ho kanha ji kripa se mere me itna commensense h ki main kisi k rang rup pe behudi baat nahi karti ye sab kanha ji ki den h pr shayad aap k pas commensense ki kami h jo aapne apne comments me bata diya h

  16. gopi ahem modi

    Dear TU team plz delete comments of lucky and rosy they r using foil language here which should not allows here. Its my humble request

  17. raven

    oh yes where is Rashi?,she needs to come back,and i think Jigar is quitting the show just read it dont know if its true and i am happy to know Ahem will be coming on board soon good luck

  18. gopi ahem modi

    Are TU team comments review krte bhi ho ya aise yaha dal dete ho mera just pehle wala comment read kro

  19. ahem modi

    gopi ahem modi..mey ahem bol raha hoom..mey mansi se shhadi karna chahata hoon..kyonki mansi se mey bahuth pyar kartha hoom..tum krishna ke saath settle ho jav..teek hai..jai shri krishna gopi raheja

    • gopi ahem modi

      Nahi ahem ji dr Krishna mansi pummi mummiji mujhe torture krte h main to wapas modi house me hi aaungi

  20. Anne Kimani

    The Hindu Religion is inhuman. how can a mother join hands with her grown up unmarried children male and female to ruin a widow’s life????? does this happen in real life in India?

  21. gopi ahem modi

    Bachare logo ko kuch smjh nahi aa raha h isliye nam badal badal ke comments kar rahe h jitne niche khud gire hue hai utni hi auchhi bhasha k use kar rahe h hey kanha ji in mand budhi walo ko thodi samjh dena

  22. raven

    Anne Kimani please dont be a jackass please its my humble request to you, dont ever make the mistake of saying hindus are inhuman, i dont know anything about India has never been there has no one there but i am an indian and also a HINDU so mind your language ,agreed what they are doing to Gopi is wrong but can you prove other religon are not doing the same, why pick on the hindus only girlfriend i am not going to waste my precious time any more on this topic and i think you should refrain from doing so too friends right? i dont hold grudges life is too short dont ever get youself involve in politics and religion you make enemies that way and i dont understand hindi and some of them are in hindi never the less keep commenting guys

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