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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura frightens Rashi and asks her not to peep in anyone’s room like that. If she ever enters her room again, she will punish her. She hears door knocks and asks Rashi to open door. Rashi opens door and is surprised to see Jigar. She hugs him happily. Jigar says she must have remembered him a lot, so he came back soon. He takes her down to meet other family members. Gaura thinks for some days Rashi will keep her mouth shut and will not tell what she saw in her trunk/suitcase.

Jigar meets whole family by touching Kokila, Hetal, and baa’s feet and hugs tolu/molu and other kids. Gaura comes and asks kokila if Hetal’s son came. Kokila says she is right and introduces her to Jigar. Jigar touches her feet and takes blessings. She says if she is not wrong, he looks

like Kokila and Hetal’s sasurji. Baa says she is right and praises her memory. He then touches Urmila’s feet and says she did good by coming here as Dhaval called him and informed about his mumbai trip. She says she wanted someone to trouble. Tolu jokes that he is getting call from chawl daily that without naani, tenants are in peace. Everyone laugh. Pari enters home while talking over phone with her father, sees Jigar, and runs and kisses his cheek. Jigar gets shy and brushes her off. Everyone smile seeing them. Gaura thinks there is something wrong between jigar and his wife.

Jigar changes his dress and relaxes on bed. Pari enters and says they will go on 1 week vacation and then plan about a child. He says it is enough now. She asks why did he make her fake promise of child then. He asks her to stop overreacting and says just like she cannot accept Rashi, he cannot think of another child now. She says she has accepted Rashi now. He says he is tried now and sleeps and thinks he cannot tell her truth that she cannot conceive.

Gaura dreams about her brother burning and pleading to save. She shouts in dream to save him. Shravan, Kokila enter and try to wake her up. Whole family also enter. Shravan says baaji get these kind of dreams often. Kokila shakes gaura and wakes her up. Gaura asks her to slap her to get her out of her character and says she was dreaming about her epic drama. Gopi says Shravan was telling she gets this dream often. Gaura gets tensed and tells yes Chatanki, she gets dream about her drama often. Kokila says she will sleep with her tonight. Gaura says she is fine and no need of her. Urmila goes to bring her masala milk. Vidya says if she wants, she will sleep with her. Gaura signals Shravan and he says baaji is fine now and there is no need to sleep wit her.

Once everyone walk out, Gaura opens her suitcase and thinks in a few days, her motto will be fulfilled and she will stop getting this horror dream. Once she achieves her success, she will order everyone. Urmila enters with milk and is shocked to hear her confession. Gaura sees Urmila and says she is practicing her drama and asks Urmila why is she here. Urmila says she brought her milk and asks whom she was talking to. Gaura asks if she will inform anyone if she tells. Urmila nods no. Gaura says she talks to herself and tells everything will be fine. Urmila asks what is in her trunk/suitcase. Gaura says precious items as she does not like bank locker, she keeps her precious items in it. She asks her not to question more, if her secret is out, she will have to kill urmila. Urmila gets afraid. Gaura says she is just joking and asks her to now. Urmila thinks she should see what previous items are in suitcase. Gaura sees her staring at suitcase.

Gopi says she is going to Rashi’s room as Rashi looks very tensed since yesterday. Gaura thinks before she could solve Rashi’s problem, she has to entangle her into another problem.

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    writer aapne mujhe itna seedha kyu bnaya?? rashi k room me hidden camera lga k sab pta kr skti hu ki kon use dra rha h pr main bhi na pure serial me bevkuf hi dikhna chahti hu koi to akal do is writer ko

    1. Lol true gopi is so simple and such. AFool…har waqt bewaquf bani rethi h

  2. This could be possible if you will put camera in gaura’s room so that what ever the truth is lying behind that can be seen by hidding from gaura!

  3. Meera will get married to Shravan’s father……………OMG

  4. Great ahow with high trps. What is the meaning of chatanki

  5. Bakwas serial bill kill bakwas

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