Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahem, Jigar and others looking at Meera as she is brought in the Police jeep. Kokila peeps inside the tempo and sees Dharam. She thanks God. Gopi is relieved as well. Kokila says Gaura have to be punished as she staged her son’s death. Meera cries hugging Ahem. Ahem asks her not to cry. Modi family ladies come there. Hetal hugs Meera. Vidya asks Meera how are you? Meera says I am fine, and asks why did you come here. She says she is worried about the baby. She asks about Kokila and Gopi. Ahem says they will come. Gopi asks Ahem to find Dharam, and says Gaura is very dangerous, can go to any extent.

Ahem says once Gopi and Kokila determine to find anything, they will succeed. Kokila says if we inform Police or Ahem, then Gaura will get alert. Gopi asks what

to do then. Shall we take Dharam to court. Kokila says yes. Goons sit in the temple. Kokila prays to God and sees a mirror reflection. She asks Gopi t remove her chappal and wait and watch. She takes out mirror from her chappal and put light on grass.

The court proceedings start for Dharam murder case. Defence and prosecution lawyer argues. Lawyer says if meera is freed, then she will kill Dharam’s family members. Judge asks them to start the court case. Lawyer says Modi family seems to be good, well cultured family, but they are not good. He says everyone is criminal and murderer here. Judge asks Prosecutor what he wants to say? Prosecutor says they are like dacoits. Ahem gets angry. Meera says he is lying. Prosecutor says Meera has gone far from her mum, dad and family. Defence lawyer says Meera loves Dharam. Prosecution says that’s why he tried to kill him, and even accused him for molestation.

Prosecution says Sona was a small time thief, Meera’s chacha Jigar married his sister in law, and her father lived with a stranger woman for 10 years, and then deserted her. He says these family members got these qualities from Kokila Modi. He asks where is Kokila Modi, and says she might be conspiring somewhere. He says they look sanskari, but even murders happen at their home. They do gunda giri on Kokila’s orders. Ahem gets angry and asks him not to say a word against his mum, else he will not leave him alive. Prosecutor says Ahem is threatening me in court, and says it was easy for his daughter to kill Dharam at her house. Judge gives arrest orders for Ahem. Gopi and Kokila see grass burning. Kokila says good is with us. Gopi asks what is next.

Kokila calls Jigar and says they are coming to court with Dharam. Gopi drives the truck, and breaks the gate. Gaura is shocked. Court gives hang till death sentence to Meera.

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  1. mera naam chin chin chu

    Oh god will this episode end or will they streach it long again???

  2. these kinds of story are witness of conspiracy of old woman who are not educated, they are pampered by their sons. They should not be allowed to live in this world.
    bad impact of indian culture

    1. o….mamta ji mind your language thodi angrezi jan gyi to india ka culture kharab ho gaya hai……jis desh may rehti ho use ko bura kehti ho…tum ho is desh ka koyele si bhi jyada kalaa dhabh

    2. Totally agree with u mamta
      bad impact of indian culture

  3. Plzz mamta ji, dnt insult indian culture.. u wnt be able to see such a flourished culture anywhere else…tak a drama as it is..nt as a rep f any culture..

  4. Thank u…sooo much..telly updates….
    N dis…is awesome show yar…..

  5. I hope they reach the court so everyone can see Dharam n gived his one eye mother the death sentenced

  6. they will not reach court instead gopi and koki will be arrested.this track will go on for more 12 days or so

  7. I think gaura will expose soon by her own son .

  8. What can they do next ?

  9. ab gopi truck bhi chalane lagi lolzzz

  10. This show has gone really good now tbh I love it I really hope this is the end of gaura!

  11. wnt tk so long…I feel DT dey will reach d court… n very soon ma fvrt dharam n meera will unite… and durga wnt interfere in der lyf….n gaura will b punished n dharam too will hate her I guess…

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