Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Gopi that she did a lot to unite her Ahem and even did a drama of heart attack for her, but she instead of making effort from her side and stopping Ahem is just crying and wasting her effort, so he she hates her now. Gopi is shocked to see Kokila’s opposing behavior.

Kokila continues that even god helps one who make effort. She further says she does not want to see her face, drags her out of house and pushes her out and says she deserves it.

At Urmila’s chawl, Rashi asks Ahem if he will take her to Mumbai with Baa. He pushes her. Dhaval holds her and she starts crying.

Pari meets Gopi and takes her back inside house. Gopi tells her that Kokila is going with Ahem. Pari is shocked to hear that and asks how can she do that. Gopi says yes she

agreed to go to Mumbai with Ahem and does not even want to see her face. Pari says maybe Kokila wants her to stop Ahem here and says even god will help the one who help themselves. She says Kokila does not want to see anyone else as her bahu and wants her to stop Ahem here, that is the reason she did all this drama. Even Vidya, though not telling anything, wants to stay with family and Meera is arrogant, but she can mend her by twisting her ears. Even she was more mischeivous than Meera, but she mend her and gave her values to her. Gopi says she does not know what to do. Pari asks her not to think much and make an effort to stop Ahem.

Ahem tells baa that he is taking Kokila to Mumbai. She requests him not to. Tolu/molu also say they cannot live without their choti daadi. Ahem says he will not listen to anyone. Hetal says he tricked Kokila and made her agree to come with him. He says whatever it is. She says he stoop to such a low level. He says he does not want to listen to her and asks why did not she make an effort to take Kokila back to Modi bhavan. She says she did many times, but Kokila was adamant. She says it is her order now and not request. He says he stopped listening to her orders 10 years ago. Jigar gets irked and asks him no to misbehave with his mom. Hetal asks him to let him speak and says she wants to see Ahem Modi’s limit and if he takes Kokila from here, she will curse him. He says whatever she says, he will take Kokila from here at any cost.

Kokila tells Rashi and Tolu/molu that she does not want to leave them, but she has not other go.

Precap: Gopi tells Vidya that Kokila stayed her whole life in Rajkot with her family and if she separates from family and city, she will die, so she should stop Ahem from taking her to Mumbai.

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