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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila cries holding Ahem’s head in her lap and asks to get up and tells Hetal if she remembers in childhood Ahem used to act as asleep to escape school and when she used to kiss her forehead, he used to get up. She kisses Ahem’s forehead and he wakes up. Whole family smiles. Ahem sees her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He apologizes her and she smiles.

Gopi goes near Gaura and in hema malini’s style says she did a big mistake by trying to kill Ahem and asks Jigar to call police and get Gaura and Dharam arrested. Kokila says she will not do that as they have to rush Ahem and Shravan to hospital. Gopi says she can take them to hospital while she gets Gaura and her son arrested. Kokila says she will not do that and it is her order. Gopi gets

helpless and warns Gaura that she will not spare her.

Whole family gets into car including Shravan. Meera says she also wants to come. Ahem says she can and Meera happily sits in car. Durga says even she will come. Gopi says she can sit in another car. Guests start discussing that Gaura is so cruel to try to harm her samdhi and pota. Gaura starts acting and says Durga she should go with Shravan and take care of him, these kind of accidents happen during diwali and soon they will be back home.

Modi family reaches hospital. Doc takes Shravan and Ahem to emergency room. Gopi asks Kokila to rest as she just got well. Kokila says she is fine. Doc comes out and says both of them are fine now. Gopi asks him to explain Kokila that she is still weak. Doc says Kokila’s will power got her well so soon and she is fine now.

Gaura tells Dharam that Durga is following her bahu’s steps and flying high. She is worried that choti chatanki/Vidya and Meera will backfire her and she should force them under her shoes to keep them under control.

Gopi thanks Shravan for saving Ahem and says she had 2 daughters and got a son now. Ahem comes out of emergency room and says he is fine now. Meera comes and runs to hug him. He stops her. She says though he is angry on her, he cannot deny that she is his daughter. He allows her to hug him and says if she really cares for him, then she should return home. Hetal, Gopi, and Vidya say she should return home as everyone love her. Ahem asks if she is returning home or not. Meera says I am sorry, I cannot come back to your home and runs from there.

Gaura’s guests discuss that Gaura’s guests are more than her family and she is so cruel to harm her own grandson. Meera enters and kicks at things. Gaura asks what drama is this. Meera asks how dare she is to harm her dad. She obeyed her since she came to this house, but she tried to kill her dad. Gaura thinks how can she backfire and shouts to shut up. Meera says she will not.

Precap: Madhuben tries to brainwash against Kokila that being head of family, she is using family to take revenge from Gaura and risked Ahem’s life today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Worst serial going on…but at least the one thing only good is that meera and ahem things settled but again meera denied to go back home so so creepy serial…offffff

    1. Why don’t you stop watching it?

    2. Yes, you are right. I think that things between Ahem and meera will worsen if ahem gets to know that she was planning with dharam and gaura over revenge from the modis.

  2. Meera is realizing her mistake thats better….although ep. was good….but something is wrong with dharam..why he is so concerned abt. Shravan…as he know that shravan is ok???

  3. Boriiiiiing show guys r u mad

    1. What abt. U ???

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