Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal asks Kokila why she wants to kick Pari out of house and why she is thinking Gopi is wrong this time. Kokila says she cannot tolerate Pari in her house now. Hetal says Gopi wants our family to be in peace and is thinking about Jigar’s happiness and asks her to think about it and leaves. Ahem hears their conversation and asks Kokila what they were talking about Gopi. Kokila tells him about Gopi taking Pari’s side and not letting her to kick out of house.

Kinjal and Dhaval talk about chawl people thinking that Urmila is dead and are even putting garland on her photo. Kinjal then sees people around Urmila’s photo and shows it to Dhaval. He asks if Radha has come back again.

Ahem asks Gopi why is she going against Kokila and not letting her kick out

Pari. She says she is thinking about Jigar’s happiness as he is getting back to normal after his marriage with Pari.

Chawl ladies tell Kinjal that they know she does not like Urmila, but she has to arrange her shok sabha/mourning gathering. Kinjal says she will later. Ladies say they have arranged it and she just has to attend it. Kinjal agrees to attend.

Radha sees Jigar with Pari and taunt her that Pari is trying to become Biwi No. 1. Jigar asks Pari to go and get his office bag. Radha continues to taunt.

Tolu and Vidya come to Pari’s room and request her to help them in gift packing. She scolds them and sends, but then realizes that she has to be good with kids and calls them back and says she will help them. Once they go out, Radha comes into room and changes doll gift with a spring toy. Pari comes and gift wraps.

Urmila scolds Kinjal that it is all happening because of her mother and looks at the shok sabha hiding from her room.

Pari calls optician to repair Baa’s spectacles and asks him to get it repaired. Kokila sees that. Kids come and run taking gift wrap. Kokila syas Gopi that she is not convinced that Pari is perfect for Jigar. Optician comes back and says Pari that she has given her dentures instead of spectacles. Kokila scolds Pari that she should have checked at least before giving it to optician. Pari apologizes and gets spectacles. Kokila says she is convinced that Pari cannot change and is greedy like before. Gopi asks Pari to be careful. Radha watches all this and smirks.

Pari’s dad asks her to take up bigger tasks to impress Modi family. Pari sees Gopi and asks what is she doing now. Gopi says she is going with kids to savita’s grandson’s birthday party and even has to take doc’s appointment for Kokila and order grocery. Pari says she will take appointment and order grocery and asks her to attend birthday party. Door bell rings and Pari opens it thinking grocery man has come. Savita comes with kids and says Kokila that Tolu/molu have given spring gift and spoilt her grandson’s face and birthday. Gopi says she bought them different gift. Tolu and Vidya say Pari has changed their gift and ask why did she do that. Pari says she did not do that and kids are lying. Kokila scolds Pari that she can only spoil work and apologizes Savita for kid’s mistake. Tolu/molu apologizes Savita’s grandson. He asks them to join him in his party. Savita asks why is he calling them when they broke his nose. He says it is not their mistakes and takes them to his house. Kokila says even that kid knows that tolu/molu are not and it is Pari who played this prank. Pari says she did not do this. Gopi says Pari cannot do this. Kokila asks why is she still having so much faith on Pari.

Precap: Kokila asks Pari and her dad to go from her house if they have at least a bit of self-dignity. Pari says they will not go.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bore serial 🙁

  2. Out of track completely

  3. vry boar… kokila jokie.. she accpt pari 1st & gopi aganist it turn & pari make gopi fool chang balls..etc now radha do gift chng.. all is reptng…no hav new evnts.. wen did it end.. ??

  4. Great serial. I was so upset yesterday when they didn’t put the updates. I just love this serial. Please keep updating.

  5. boring serial, I really don’t like it

  6. I love this serial

  7. I dnt understand….d birthday was of a boy,…n gift was a barbie doll….

  8. Naak katwa diya is not broke his nose in English…good grief! Pls stop translating direct from Hindi!!

  9. I don’t understand this anymore. Radha seems to be omnicient now. She know when and who will do what.. Example – P will gift wrap etc. etc. I mean is this new ‘Shaktimaan’ now for kids.. Has the writer has completely lost it… The actors must be dim-wits to continue here and for god’s sake – Kokila’s role is a JOKE.. Radhas doings are rather a JOKE .. This serial is a JOKE and I promise to myself today.. not to watch it ever again.. Do that promise to yourselves folks .. else you are challenging you wits and intelligance

    1. blah blah blah

  10. Exactly M!!!!!!!!!

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