Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi comes to her room and while removing makeup seeing gajra in her hair which Jaggi fixed it in her hair and looks at Ahem’s photo next. She walks towards Ahem’s photo, drops gajra and sits sadly. She cries that she should not have let Jaggi fix gajra in her hair, it is wrong. Kokila enters and says it is absolutely right and says she knew she would not realize about it when she is with everyone, but when she will enter room and see Ahem’s pic, she would realize it. Jaggi is her husband and has right on her. Gopi cries if she should forget Ahem then. Kokila says nobody can take Ahem’s place, but when Jaggi came in her life, she gave Ahem’s place to Jaggi. She knows when Ahem left her mother, he was sad, but when his mother accepted Jaggi as son, he would have been happy. Even

Gopi should accept Jaggi as her husband and give him husband’s right as he is following husband’s duties promptly.

Gopi walks with Jaggi’s leg massage oil towards his room and slips on skateboard. Daima holds oil bowl. Gopi writhes in pain. Urmila with Seeta lifts her up and ask what happened. Gopi says she slipped on Jai and Veeru’s skateboard and looks like she got sprain. Daima asks them to apply pain spray on Gopi’s legs, while she massages Jaggi’s legs. She walks thinking Jaggi will not get up from wheelchair if she massages this oil daily. She walks into Jaggi’s room and says she will massage his legs today. He says she is elder to him and he cannot let her touch his legs. She says she is like her mother and wants him to stand on his legs

Sameera’s foster brother Pinku pulls Ricky’s legs and brainwashes him that no family will treat their son like Modis are treating him. He winks at Sameer and asks her to bring chilled beer for Ricky.

Bhavani sits in Dharam’s room and fumes that she has to share this room with Meera, but will not share Dharam with her. Dharam walks in. She cries that people in his house does not respect her and think she is an outsider. Dharam says she will get respect of this house’s bahu. She asks what about his love. He says she will get his respect, but not love, leaves. Bhavani says she herself can get respect, but wants Dharam’s love and will get it soon. Next, she serves theplas to Dharam and feeds him from her hands, seeing Meera watching them and getting angry.

Daima buys herbal medicine from a banjaran woman at night silently and asks her if one will not get up from wheelchair if this medicine is applied. Woman says 100% and walks out. Daima turns and gets nervous seeing Jaggi. Jaggi asks who was that woman at this time, if she is her relative. Daima nervously says she has asthma and used to import medicine from a famous ayurvedic doc, this woman brought that medicine for. Later, Gopi massages Jaggi’s legs. Jaggi describes her whole incident and says something is wrong, if Daima feeds his medicine to hypnotize Ricky. Gopi says he thinks so much unusual. Jaggi says sometimes unusual things become dangerous. Gopi starts thinking.

Precap: Gopi says family that she did not see Ramakanth since morning. They all search him. Gopi finds something outside house and calls whole family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good that jaggi had a doubt on daima, whatever bhavani tries to do she will not get dharam dharam will be always meera,s.

  2. Good that jaggi had a doubt on daima, whatever bhavani tries to do she will not get dharam dharam will be always meera,s. sameera should take revenge on ricky he desrve it.

  3. Good show. I applaud the directors.

  4. The people who write these updates need to learn English.

  5. Riana

    Only first part was good…Where kokila adviced gopi to move on…Gogi r thr bst ??….Next thr whole episode was a shit!!…Bhavani n Daimaa both r cartoons…☺☺…Precap is stupid ?

    1. Rainy h right
      I stars to miss so much episode of SNS

      Nothing interesting anymore

      Cv concentrate with Ricky and his Da maa , Anita daughter so much drama every week

      Cv gives GoGi short scenes and residual scenes are drama about Ricky drama SV house drama

      I hope Ricky exits coming soon
      He can leave SNS

      CvWritten gopi do DNA test to Ricky if he’s her son or not

    2. Isaaq

      It’s so boring omg. I actually hate these dramas now????

      I prefer American tv shows now. They’re a Lot more emotional and dramatic

  6. Isaaq

    Daily updates of my fan fictions to begin tomorrow??

  7. Isaaq

    Tommorow will update Kasauti

    1. Riana

      My goodness…I m waiting ???

    2. Nandhini


  8. Aastha1

    can anyone help me with who this anita is? Is this the same lady whom ahem used to love before marrying gopi? If yes then how come her daughter? did she marry again?

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