Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with modi families asking Sanskar to run away from here or else they will make his life hell. He says he will go.

Daram climbs up the pipe and comes to Meera’s room. He tells her that he needs to say something. Meera thinks finally Dharam realized his mistake and came on right line, but gets shocked when he says he doesn’t want to merry her. Meera ask him if he came to tell her that. She tells him to go and pushes him when a flower pot drops on floor. Dharam tells Meera that Sanskar is not a right guy and if she wants to marry then she should wait some time so she can find a better guy than Sanskar. Ahem enters and ask Dharam what is he doing here. Dharam says he should have had not come. Meera also says the same and sends Dharam away.

Dharam is going from down the stairs when Gopi and Kokila encounters him and smile lightly. They tell him to change his decision but he leaves.

The next morning
Meera in a bridal dress is getting ready and cries reminiscing Dharam’s word. Ahem comes. Meera tells him that she is not crying because she has to marry Sanskar but she is crying because Dharam don’t care for her. Meera further on says that Dharam ji always saved her in every hurdles. How can I forget him? I love him dearly. Ahem gets emotional and hugs Meera.

Meera comes downstairs and is aghast to not find Sanskar. Gopi explains that Sanskar ran away and she should change her decision. Pari says that if Sanskar run away like this then how can she spend her whole life with a joker Sanskar. All modi member try to explain her but she retreats back shouting. Sanskar finally makes an entry and says he is here. Meera yells at him as where he had gone. Ahem comes and ask what happen. She had said she wants to marry sanskar so why is she not marrying him now. Ahem pulls Meera and ask her to sit on mandap (marriage venue). Ahem further on says this marriage will happen today. All are shocked. Ahem goes and Gopi goes behind him followed by Kokila. Gopi tells Ahem that Meera loves Dharam. Ahem says he is going to bring a person who Meera loves. Kokila and gopi smile.

Precap: ahem tells Dharam that he can do anything for his daughter and Meera’s happiness lies on him. He ask Dharam to come with him to marry Meera. Dharam looks on while in the other hand Meera and Sanskar are getting married.

Credit to: lonely girl

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  1. Ahem please serial mat chodiye meera gopi ka kya hoga

  2. Don’t worry meera will marry dharam

  3. They ruined Gopi and Ahem -.-

  4. wt d hell is dis,wt will vidya call her sister mother in law oh no , hw cheap is dis…

  5. Please dont leave this show ahem ji.plz dont quit this serial.ahem charcter ko isi rahni dijeeyena.

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