Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar asks Gopi to go and explain Ahem not to get engaged. Gopi says if he wants her to lure him with his favorite food or her beauty. She wants to let things happen as they are happening and she will leave the decision to god and accepts god’s decision.

They both get ready and reach engagement venue. Jigar gets a call and leaves. Meera gets Ahem’s engagement sherwani and happily tells Vidya that she wants mom and dad to marry soon. She sees Gopi standing and gets irked and says she thought Gopi would not come, but she came.

Jigar informs about Ahem’s engagement to his family. Pari asks him to stop. Hetal says same and says he has to stop this engagement and Ahem’s adamancy and tells Gopi’s life will be ruined. Ahem says he will do something.

Kinjal taunts that in 10 years, people’s preferences chance and she should let Ahem married. Pari asks Hetal not to lose hope.

Meera insult Gopi that she is shameless to come back here after such a n insult. She calls waiter and asks to give snacks to her. She picks snacks and asks Gopi to take hit, but drops it on floor to spoil Gopi’s sari. Gopi cleans her sari. Vidya shows her that snacks has fallen on Ahem’s sherwani also. She starts yelling at Gopi that she ruined sherwani as she cannot see them happy. Vidya says Gopi did not do anything. Meera says it is because of her presence, this sherwai spoilt. She throws it on floor and leaves. Jigar watches them. Gopis speaks to Vidya, but she asks her to go from here. Jigar speaks to Vidya and asks if she will not speak to her. Vidya asks how are tolu/molu. He says they have become more mischievous and they both laugh. He tells he cannot get Ahem engaged and asks if she will help him in stopping this engagement. She says even she wants to stop this engagment but cannot. Gopi takes sherwani and corrects it. Ahem comes, sees Vidya with Jigar and asks where is his sherwani. Vidya gets tensed. He sees sherwani on table, thanks her. Mansi says he will look handsome in this sherwani. He says he will as Meera selected it.

Jigar tells Gopi why did not she scold Meera. She says she does not to spoil their mood today. Meera gets Ahem’s suit and tells Vidya thi s is dad’s best suit. She sees Ahem coming wearing sherwani and asks why did he wear it. He says because his children selected it. She sees it clean and says it is good. She then thanks Vidya for correcting sherwani. Vidya looks at Gopi. Jigar asks Gopi to stop this engagment and says he will speak to Ahem. Gopi gives her promise and asks her not do it. Ahem looks at them and smirk. Jigar folds his hands and requests him not to get engaged. Ahem looks at him angrily.

Meera asks Vidya how did she make such a good design on sherwani in such a short time. Vidya says Gopi made it. She gets angry, picks juice glass and throws it on Ahem. Ahem angrily asks what nonsense she did. Meera yells at Gopi and asks her to clean this stain now. Mansi asks what happened. Meera says Gopi touched this sherwani, so she will not let him wear this. Jigar asks Meera to stop. Gopi says it is not Meera, it is her 10 years’ sanskaar speaking. Ahem asks her not to speak. Meera asks Ahem to go and change. Once he leaves, she asks Gopi why she interferes in their life and says she does not exist in her life. Jigar says she has become so arrogant and shameless. Meera says she does not have any grudge on him, but she does not want Gopi to touch anything. Gopi twists her ears and asks this is not the way to speak to her mom.

Precap: Ahem tries to insert engagement ring in Mansi’s finger when Kokila comes and throws ring on floor.

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