Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st March 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki yells at radha not to speak as she wants if not she will be thrown away from the house. All leave except gopi-hetal-bha. The 2 ladies explain gopi that koki-ahem still loves her and they cant bear someone scolding her so they have defended her. Hetal asks gopi to think herself to stay in the house and make the family one again or leave the house behind. Gopi remains thinking. Next day early morning, at mandir Gopi will be giving aarthi to khana ji and sings “hey gopal krishna” song, modis gather near mandir. Gopi gives aarthi to hetal and then goes to koki but she moves backwards as rejecting. Koki asks gopi that there is no need for her to do aarthi in the morning as she is not the member of the house. Gopi replies that when she has already

decided to stay back in the house then she has to do aarthi to khana ji in the morning and he is the idol of the house then how can she deny it. Ahem says she can do aarthi but in lower voice as no one wants to hear her voice in the house and remember that she is staying here only for vidya. Bha says after so many years they are feeling happy because of early aarthi of khana ji in the house. Koki remains calm and leaves from there. Gopi gives aarthi to kids. Rashi asks gopi to prepare lunch as she needs to go to a function. Gopi agrees and rashi leaves. Gopi gives aarthi to radha but she rejects, radha says she has no right to live in this house. Gopi asks radha whether she has. Radha couldnt reply and leaves. Kids will be happy to laddu as prasad. Gopi goes to kitchen and gives aarthi to meeti. Meeti asks what she wants to prepare. Bha comes there and asks to prepare food for everyone. Gopi denies but bha insists her to cook and she is ordering her as MIL to her MIL. Gopi couldnt say no and agrees.

At urmi’s house, madhu finds urmi going out and asks where is she going. Urmi says she is going to modi bhawan. Madhu scolds not to go there all time. Urmi makes an excuse of taking pappu there. But kinjal denies it. Pappu gets angry and locks his room in. At modi bhawan, gopi goes to rashi’s room asking for grocery list. Rashi replies that she forgot and asks gopi to prepare herself. Gopi finds a long chain on rashi asks its very heavy. Rashi says as modis she should show off. Rashi leaves. Urmi calls rashi and says she wants some money so rashi asks her to come in the evening. Here kids plan to trouble radha by throwing tomatoes at her but gopi comes there and asks the kids to study. Kids agree and go to there room. Rashi comes to some colony for the function. 2 thief find rashi’s necklace and feel happy. Rashi sends the car away as jigar has some work. Rashi remembers that she has forgot to take gift so she go to some shop and purchases few chocolates. After coming out, rashi finds thieves waiting for her. Here in modi bhawan, radha taunts gopi that she wants to become the owner of the house once again so she made an excuse of vidya and has come back. Gopi just shoots her a taunt that radha is just a guest in the house and she is still in the house because she is her sister. Radha remains shocked.

Koki denies to have food. Koki scolds gopi why did she prepare food when she dint give permission to do so.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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