Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st June 2016 Analysis


The episode starts with Gopi asking Pari and Mona to prepare food. They leave angrily. Gopi says to Dr. Krishna that she will sleep with Koki. Gopi leaves. Dr. Krishna looks at Ahem ‘s pic and says that u must be very special that’s why gopi loves u so much.

Dr. Krishna comes to Koki ‘s room and gives her contact lens to wear. Koki compiles. Gopi enters, Dr. Krishna leaves to freshen up. Koki says to Gopi that after Ahem’s death and u losing ur senses, my entire focus was on u that’s why I couldn’t stop my family from getting shattered. Gopi says don’t say like that, we will face all the problems together.

Vidya asks priyal to sleep. Shravan comes. Vidya hides her injury. Shravan sees that Vidya is hurt and gives her first aid and sends priyal to bring her story book. Shravan asks Vidya how did u get hurt? Vidya says that by mistake di pushed me.Shravan rushes out. Vidya follows him and is tensed.

Dr. Krishna treats Koki but also keeps looking at Gopi. Mona arrives with soup and leaves, but Gopi stops her and says that give it properly to koki. Mona gives. Koki says thanks. Mona leaves angrily.Koki asks Gopi whether you have kept Dr. Krishna ‘s clothes in the cupboard?Gopi gets tensed. Dr. Krishna says he will manage. He leaves. Gopi feeds soup to koki and questions koki that what happened between Meera and Vidya?Koki says that u go and check urself,their relationship has got strained.

Shravan shouts on Meera that why did u slap Vidya?Meera says this is my house. Shravan says I am the son of this house only.Dharam comes. Meera says look what is happening. Dharam says I have learnt in this 5 years that it’s better to be silent.Meera says Vidya is manhus. Just then Gopi enters. All the members of the family get shocked seeing her.

Gopi is overwhelmed to see to see priyal and hugs her. Gopi says what is this Meera? Meera says “aapse matlab “.Gopi says have u forgotten that I am ur mother? Meera says yes, I forgot that you are my mother on the day u married some other man.Gopi confronts Meera and asked what has happened to you? Vidya sends priyal to her room. Gopi says to Meera that why have u changed so much?

Precap:Meera says that I hate Vidya and says I will tell u(Gopi)what she has done with me.

Credit to: Tanvi

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