Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ricky calls Gopi as maa and asks if she is fine. Gopi says until he is there, nothing can happen to her. He hugs her emotionally. Sameera comes with gun and shoots at Ricky. Gopi sees that and pushes Ricky away and herself faces bullet on her hand. Whole Modi family runs towards her. Sameera escapes. Jaggi runs behind her. Ricky gets worried for Gopi and asks if she is fine. Seeta asks Ricky to not let Gopi sleep a bullet has left touching her hand and spread poison.

Bhavani with Sameera and her husband Pinku plans how they will escape with the help of her team. Dharam enters calling Bhavani followed by Jaggi calling Pinku and Sameera. Drama starts. Bhavani pushes Dharam and runs. Jaggi asks Dharam to catch Bhaani while he handles Pinku darling and his wife Sameera. Sameera and Pinku tries to hide. Jaggi surrounds them and holds their necks.

Ricky goes to home temple and prays god to keep his mother safe. Seeta joins him and says if something happens to Gopi, she will not forgive him in life. Ricky gets more worried for Gopi and fumes why doctor is not coming yet. Doc comes and checks Gopi and says good bullet touched her and left and she is safe. He gives medicines and leaves.

Dharam runs behind Bhavani and she hides. Jaggi runs behind Sameera and Pinku. He catches Sameera and warns Pinku to save his wife Sameera. Pinku comes. He pins them both. Dharam searches Bhavani and she hides under dining table. She then runs. Dharam and Jaggi catch all 3 and force them to dance till police comes. They dance and entertain. Police comes and arrests them. Jaggi hugs Dharam and says sasur and damad’s work is done now. Drama continues.

Precap: Seeta sees Gopi and other Modi family members with wedding gifts and asks what is all this. Gopi says they have all come Ricky’s alliance. Kokila says they all know she will not reject their proposal.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Finally bhavani, sameera, and pinku are caught by the police, their dance was so funny, hope seeta accept ricky proposal and get married to him.

  2. Siddharth

    Hi my Sunshine friends how are you all. Thank God bullet hit gopi’s hand so hospital scene again.
    Friends ???makers dint even show Ricky and meera talking to each other even when they meet and I think meera don’t even no Vidya is not gopi’s daughter lol???

  3. Bins

    Only 2 episodes are left. Miss u rashi and Gopi’s sathiya ?

  4. Pranav

    2 episodes left after 7 years it finally will end now other shows like devanshi and sethji trp will increase. I’ll suggest u put this in your story sunshiners. Title will be Sunshiners- Ek nayi Umeed Season 1. John; we will destroy sunshine group but first get rid of the main people Isaaq,Shakaib,Sid. Leela: all right. After they exposed truth they kidnap Isaaq and sid and shakaib. 6 months later… Isaaq makes a shocking comeback. Everyone gets happy. Raina: I know you will come back. John sees a gun and puts all sunshine members at gunpoint with his goons. Bins calls shakaib. leela: u did a big mistake. leela ties issaq up. Soumya and priyanka come to sunshine family house and r shocked to see them tied up. soumya: u cant do this priyanka: ya leave them alone. john ties them up. bins and police come. police man: untie them. they silently untie them. Leela holds raina and chithu. raina:help leela: move a step closer and they will die. mahi and pranav take gun and shoot leela and john. police arrests them. After 3 months, akshay: i cant believe john and leela betrayed us like that. After nandhini says its okay forget them. we r like modi parivaar we r unstoppale together we r sunshine parivaar.

    1. Hi pranav good one yar.?????? Really it is interesting story. Why don’t u write fiction about sunshine’s?? Please accept our request n make a fantastic story. Wat say Sid??

      1. Siddharth

        Ya Akshay story was fantastic,?pranav u can write fan fiction try it

    2. Bins


  5. hello i have not gone any where i am just reading comments i am silent for now until…..

  6. oh yeah pran…..av are you related to the villain pran? or i should say the late pran you cannot even write properly you are only making an ass out of yourself i can see you love my name are you the rapist in the story? you did not tell them how you raped me and that the police arrest you and while in jail 12 prisoners sodomize you go on tell them do not feel shy you rapist i told you not to mess with me you asked for it you pusshole

      1. Siddharth

        And u Barker we sunshiners always defeated you but u are still dreaming to defeat us shameless ???old man hope after SNS ends and if u comment in other serials behave as per ur age and stop behaving like mental

    1. Isaaq

      Oh just shut up???your days are over. You and John failed LOOOOOOOL.

      Goodbye Leila. It’s been a pleasure. I loved clashing swords with you. You’ve been a good enemy but not great. I’m ashamed that you couldn’t do anything to us. You’re so worthless.

      Since I’m a good person, I pray that you get peace one day. That the bitterness in your heart fades.

      I don’t understanding why you’re still barking like a ugly dog when the show ends tomorrow meaning your time has ended too.

    2. Siddharth

      Hello chudail Leila I am feeling pity on you and ur so called lover mental John ??u both are unsuccessful like Bhavan Gaura and Sameera very sad urs story ended and old man John u tried very hard but could not make anything against us.

  7. Pranav

    the only reason why i wrote this because people said u made people mad in this forum and a lot of people didnt comment till now

  8. Riana

    Episode was funny more than Shockinggg…????…That SamBhapku dance was just….lool…Finally gopi got rid from her 6th bullet….???…Finally All the enemies r arrested !!!….Precap is awesome…??

    1. Isaaq

      The dance was so funny???

      Imagine if Gaura was there and they made her dance as well???

      1. Riana

        Loool Gaura’s dance on Laila mein laila…???????

    2. Isaaq


      It would be more funny if she danced to Sheila Ki Jawani.

  9. vpadmasri devi

    Thank God this serial is ending loud voice of Kokila over action Gopi lot of villains boring we can relax serial means only limited period means interesting

  10. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, episode is good and i hop sunshines be always friends.
    Shakaib were are u?
    Nisha, Amalina, Mahi, Pratyusha, Rose, Aisha, Sowmya, Nisha, Raina and sunshines web miss u a lot, please came back and comment please.

  11. hi mr isaaq the gay man did adam get to sodomize you? i heard his entire family sodomize you and john refused you cause your private parts is infested with worms and sid fart you are indeed a big fart i had the last laugh hahaha b*t*hes and bastards

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