Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi apologizes Gopi by touching her feet and say she did not know she killed her mom to save her. Gopi asks her to forget everything. Whole family pampers Rashi.

Jigar goes to his room and sees Pari packing bags. He asks what is she doing. She says he and whole family does not respect her at all, so it is better for her to leave. She goes down with her bag. Kokila and others stop her and say everyone respects her. Pari says they just care for Gopi and always praise her, but they wait for a single change to insult her. Even Tolu molu did not take her side and made her realize that all her efforts are waste. Molu says she is thinking wrong. Pari says she is right, she pampered and gave them what all they demanded, but they took small Rashi and Gopi’s side.


says except kicking out Rashi from here, he can do anything for her. He will take care of Rashi until he is alive. Pari says if he really will give her what she wants. Pari takes him to temple and whole family follows. She says when he married her, he promised that he will give whatever she will ask. He says except sending rashi out, he will give whatever she needs. She says she needs her own child.

Jigar asks if she is in her senses. Pari says she is his wife and has right to get his child. Jigar says this is not possible. She says when she married him, she considered not to get any child and take care of tolu/molu as her children, but looking at today’s incident, she realized that they are not her children, so she has decided that she needs her own child who will respect her. Kokila says whole family respects her and tolu/molu are her children. Hetal says though they did not open tell her, they all respect her. Pari says she gave her 10 years of life and learnt everything to take care of family, but realized that it all went in waste. She requests Jigar to promise her to give a child if he loves her.

Jigar says he will not and says he gave her what she wanted till now, but it is time for their children’s marriage. Pari says that means he does not love her at all. Kokila says she would have accepted her demand some years ago, but not now. Gopi says why not, if Pari can become a mother, she should and she is on her side.

Dhaval calls all hotels in rajkot, but does not find a room. Kinjal yells she cannot live in dripping house and asks him to book a suite in 5 star hotel. Dhaval says they cannot even book a common room in 5 star hotel. Urmila taunts her that with her clothes and face, even a watchman will not respect her. Just then, ceiling powder falls on her face and Urmila laughs that she got a free facial.

Gopi tells Kokila it is pari’s right to get her own child and she fulfilled her responsibilities till now, it is their duty to respect her wish.

Precap: Gopi says Kokila if Pari gets her own child, she may accept Rashi as well.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. keshew

    Haha this show is unpredictable
    1st Pari is correct at her point
    2nd 4 kids of Jigar
    3rd what about population of our country

    Most important who is correct and who is wrong , I am totally confused of this show..

    • janu

      well done paridhi now gopi sasuri with u soon pari aunty will get her right position in modi house. lehro ko unka kinara mil gya thnx sweet thanx a lot be with me always.

  2. Rakesh

    Another nice episode,sns u always rocks..

    Always loved watching this show,but pari is misunderstanding gopi,she is so nyc and caring

  3. Avi

    I think pari should accept rashi as her own child as she is too cute

    this so is waana so awesome,what to say about this show is very less

  4. binnu

    I don’t like Rashiat all. she should be thrown out of the house. And Pari is right in asking for her own child. coz as per Tolu/Molu also not respecting her so then she needs her own kids to get the respect of a mother. Tolu/Molu very well know how Radha torchered them in the past.

  5. janu

    congrats jiger uncle aap dad ban ne wale h gopi sasuri ka sahi kadam khubsurat pari aunty ka sath diya good gopi sasuri n dhawal uncle k ghar me pani tapak raha h aur wo last 3 to 4 episode se wahi adjust kr rahe h very bad writer do smthng 4 dhawal uncle’s family.
    thanx sweet be with me

  6. janu

    jiger uncle k 3 wives ahem sasure k ek wife aur ek premika then dhaval uncle itne time se kinjal aunty k sath hi adjust kyu kr rahe h? unko bhi right milna chahiye

    • janu

      dhawal uncle k 30 min k episode me only 1 to 2 scene hote h bahut avoid kiya jata h unhe
      hw r u sweet?

  7. Pari is so beautiful…cute…sweet….
    Her eyes are awesome……do u know why im trusting u so much janu????????

    Gudies…such a drama…im fyn…u janu

    • janu

      i dont want pari aunty exit she is an amazing actress
      i m very fine nw sweet after read ur comment hws ur study?
      well dhaval uncle will bcm mama again wow dhawal uncle pls gift ur bestum best baniyan to jigs uncle

    • janu

      yes sweet they should focus on my sali vidhya also yar writer is taking interest in gopi sasuri only yar i m very happy to see u n will be grateful to u in my life sweet

  8. Asha

    New entry of two character will bring more twists in sns..really mind blowing yaar..waiting for new twist to come in this show

  9. Nandhini

    Exactly one month remaining… on august 22nd this show is gonna end or i heard so… inbetween the one month drama wil be whether jigar is gonna hav his 4th child or not!! ???

  10. fenny

    nce episode , waiting for vidhya’s marriage drama..
    and tellyupdates now i will type ‘how r u ‘
    agan woww pari is superbly acting..then again will type ‘i am there with you ‘..
    haha, telly read comments above and edit such words,i think thats what u promised us viewers, dont compromise on ur decision..

    ur genuine reader,(we just read in telly,not in any other sites)

  11. malki

    pari is very bad…bcoz she is miunderstanding gopi…..whatever gopi doing….that good for whole family..finally…she is no value to pari…..plz you don’t treat like that rashi…..and plz respect to gopi…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..pari didi….

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