Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila picks Vidya, Tolu and Molu from the school bus. Vidya asks them where were they? Tolu and Molu say that they were in the bus. Rashi comes home and thinks to go to her room before Kokila sees her. Kokila comes and asks her from where she is coming. Rashi says, she went to Jigar’s office to give him file. Kokila asks her not to lie as she was away since 3 hours. Rashi says, I got late because of traffic. Kokila scolds her for making excuses and says you both should work equally. It is wrong that Gopi works in the house and you doesn’t do anything. Rashi says, it is not like that, really. Kokila asks her not to give explanation and asks her to make food. Rashi goes to the kitchen.

Teacher comes and tells Gopi that Meera is prepared fully for the test. Gopi and Kokila

get happy. Gopi thanks him. He gives all the best card to Meera and well done card to Gopi. Meera and Gopi smiles. Teacher looks at Gopi. He then gives the keep smiling card to Kokila. He leaves. Rashi thinks to check on Tolu. She goes to his room and sees him holding his cheek. Tolu tells her that he is having so much pain in his teeth. Rashi asks him to take medicines and sleep. She goes to get water for him.

Urmila speaks in sleep and demands to get gold. Her phone rings. She picks the call. Rashi asks her to give 10000 Rs, shocking Urmila. Urmila gets up from the bed and says she doesn’t have money. Kokila is going towards the kitchen. Rashi asks her not to lie and threatens to take money from Gopi. She says, she will tell the truth to everyone and disconnects the call. Urmila thinks, she has gone mad and thinks to stop her. Kokila comes to the kitchen and asks what are you doing so late in the kitchen.Rashi says, she was getting water. Kokila asks, what she is searching? Rashi says, rice. Kokila tells her that they keep rice in the other shelf. Kokila thinks something is going on in her mind.

Next morning, Tolu is sitting holding his cheek. Rashi says, he doesn’t want to eat. Gopi asks her to feed Dalya to Tolu. Rashi says, he doesn’t want to eat. Jigar asks Tolu to remove his hand from his cheek. Tolu keeps his hand away. Everyone get shocked to see the swelling and asks Rashi to tell the truth. Urmila comes and says she will tell the truth. She tells them that Vidya is responsible for Tolu’s cheek swelling. Rashi tries to stop Urmila from talking further. Urmila doesn’t stop and tells everyone that Vidya beat Tolu yesterday. They are shocked. Tolu is about to say. Urmila asks him to be quiet. Vidya tells Urmila that she didn’t beat him. She tells Gopi that she can’t beat her own brother and is not lying. She argues with Urmila and says she is not lying. Gopi asks her to apologize to Urmila. Vidya apologizes to Urmila. Urmila asks her to apologize to Tolu. Vidya refuses. She tells Rashi that Naniji is lying. Gopi asks her to be quiet. Vidya tells Kokila to catch Urmila’s lie somehow as she didn’t beat him. Kokila promises to do that and says if you really beat him then I can punish you as well. Vidya goes to school. Gopi tells Kokila that they are going to school for Meera’s test. Kokila gives her best wishes to Meera. Ahem, Gopi and Meera leaves.

Rashi asks Urmila, why did you lied? Urmila says, she couldn’t say the truth. Rashi says, she is not feeling good. Urmila asks her to sit and drink juice. Gopi asks Meera to write well. Ahem tells her all the best. Teacher comes there and says a confident person never gets afraid. He asks Meera to come with her. Ahem says, I will take her for the test. Teacher asks them to go and says he will drop Meera home after her test. They leaves.

Kokila comes to the school and enquires with the principal if Vidya beat her brother yesterday. Principal says no and tells that Sahil had a toothache and Rashi picked him from school. Gopi sees dentist prescription in Rashi’s bag. Kokila comes home angrily and tells Gopi that Urmila and Rashi lied to them. She tells that Vidya didn’t beat Tolu and he has a swelling because of tooth ache. Gopi says, she is right and shows the dentist prescription. Urmila comes and says she went to the dentist yesterday. Kokila asks her to be ashamed. Rashi accepts that Vidya didn’t beat Tolu. Gopi asks, why you didn’t tell us. Urmila says, because you scolds her. Gopi asks her to stop.

Precap: Gopi requests Urmila to go home. Rashi reminds her that she is her mother. Gopi tells her that it was a family matter and an outsider is not needed to interfere in their matter. Kokila smiles confidently.

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  1. Lokeshwari

    This story is losing nuts….what the hell is this taking a child’s tooth ache they r dragging the episode…… What they didnt find anything better…..Robberies….. Kidnaps…..Accidents……Hospitals….Police stations…… Collectively known as saathiya….they will get a happy moment n then only something goes wrong…..if they r so much interested in such things they must keep the title as C.I.D or Kabhi kushi kabhie Gham….not SNS as if they kept so why r they highlighting Gopi leaving Rashi……
    ****It’s my personal view hope u all will take this in a positive way…..

  2. Gopi kali churail…koayla ki dukan kokila…..aur master ko b gopi mili hy pyar k liay rashi gopi say zyada pyari hy….wohi urmila rashi…..can’t believe

  3. viewer

    when will this kalakari and nonsense end. If we watch this serial regularly we willtop trusting anyone. Anyone entering Modi Bhavan is behind Gopi, its utter nonsense. Rashi and Urmila they are back to square one. None of the character have grown with time. The changes that time bring on a people should be shown but that is not done here. They are were they started. Addition 5 little kids nothing else.

  4. jannu

    There should have been some romantic moments between ahem and hoping after all that radha drama

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