Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2013 Written Update

The MM ladies minus Rashi and Meethi are setting the dining table and Koki asks about Rashi. Gopi replies that she had come but has gone back. Hetal remarks that first Champ, now this plant..her new baby. Koki says Gopi’s plan seems to be working and asks where Meethi is. Gopi replies that she does not know. Suddenly they get a bad odour and Koki asks about it. Meanwhile, Meethi and Rashi are outside with cow dung and Meethi tells Rashi that there are 3 more buckets of cow dung. The ladies come to the garden holding their nose in disgust and see Rashi working on the plant with cow dung (Why did Hetal get Meera out too when they couldn’t stand the bad odour?!). Gopi says that Rashi is very hardworking and determined and Koki remarks that she wished Rashi used her hard work and determination to do the right thing. Gopi stops smiling and is silent.
Rashi is napping outside near her plant. Jihem (returning back from office) come there. Jigar wakes her up and asks if she has decided to stay there permanently. Ahem praises Rashi and says that the watermelon looks bigger and seems to be growing well. Rashi is pleased with Ahem’s compliment and asks Jigar to compare her watermelon with Daksha’s. Jigar replies they both look the same. Rashi is not pleased with his reply. Daksha comes hearing that and tells Rashi sarcastically that her phattu husband always says the truth. Gopi joins them too as Jigar tells Daksha to shut up. Daksha laughs and tells Ahem that Jigar has not changed and is still phattu and Ahem gets angry. He angrily asks her if she has ever said a nice thing to anyone. She gets annoyed and tells him that even he has not changed and is khadoos (arrogant) as before. Gopi does not look pleased now. Ahem is super angry but Daksha continues her tirade and calls Jihem losers and says even their wives are the same. Rashi gets super angry and moves towards Daksha but Jigar stops her. Ahem angrily tells Daksha that she is lucky that his family is tolerating her but his patience is coming to an end. Rashi is happy that Ahem is supporting her and warns Daksha that she needs to be careful or Jihem will get angry. Ahem tells her not to argue with her and tells RaJi and Gopi that they should go back home.
Jigar wakes up in the middle of the night to see Rashi with a notepad and laptop and asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she is doing research for her plant. Jigar sees the time and tells her that it’s the middle of the night and tells her to sleep. Rashi replies that she wants to win and teach Daksha a lesson. Jigar asks why is she so obsessed for a plant but Rashi tells him to go back to sleep. Jigar gives up and goes back to sleep.
Next day, Rashi comes to the garden and sees Gopi watering the plants. She wonders when will Gopi leave and asks her what she is doing. Gopi replies that Meera is with Hetal so she thought she will do some gardening. Rashi tells her she will do it and tells her to go. Gopi leaves and a man comes and gives Rashi a parcel and she thanks him. Gopi comes back home and Koki asks about Rashi. Gopi replies that Rashi is in the garden taking care of her plant. Koki is annoyed that just to win a competition she is obsessed with that plant and has forgotten every other work. In the garden, Rashi opens the parcel and gets a syringe out and says she will now win at any cost. Meanwhile in MM, Koki tells Gopi that she hopes that Rashi does not do anything stupid to win and goes out to talk to Rashi. Rashi is about to is inject the watermelon with some medicine and Koki calls her angrily. Rashi stops shocked and is scared. She turns to see Koki glaring at her and hides the injection behind her. Rashi starts stuttering and Koki asks what she is doing. Koki sees the injection in Rashi’s hand and scolds her that she wants to cheat to win. Rashi tries to cover up and tells her that it is a tonic to help the plant’s growth and says Daksha is doing the same thing. Koki shouts that she does not want to know what Daksha is doing but they will not use any wrong substance to make the watermelon grow. She tells her that she is cheating but Rashi disagrees. Koki interrupts and snatches the injection from Rashi’s hand. She tells her to quit from the competition if she cannot participate in a fair manner. She throws the injection and leaves. Rashi is displeased. Its evening and Rashi is sitting near her plant complaining to Gopi that the plant will not grow. Gopi is holding Meera and assures Rashi. She tells her to measure the watermelon and Rashi is happy that it is growing. Daksha overhears and is not happy. She tells her sister in law that they will have to do something. The SIL tells her to let it go but Daksha refuses. She gets happy as she gets an idea and whispers something to her SIL. SIL gets scared that she is doing the wrong thing but Daksha asks if she wants them to lose and tells her to do as she says. Here, Gopi praises Rashi’s hard work and remarks that even their garden looks beautiful.
Daksha’ SIL interrupts their conversation and says that Daksha will defeat her. Rashi replies confidently that time will tell who wins but Daksha’s SIL says that looking at their watermelon it does not seem that they will win. Goshi move towards her and Rashi start arguing with the SIL. Rashi says that she is feeling jealous. The lady starts stuttering nervously and says that they would have felt jealous if her plant was better and Rashi gets angry. Gopi tries to stop her but the lady and Rashi continue to fight. Here Daksha gets a cow in the Modis garden behind Goshi and the cow moves towards the watermelon plant but Gopi sees and alerts Rashi. They both turn and look at the cow horrified.
Goshi try to drive the cow away and Daksha watches happily. Gopi tells Rashi to go towards the cow and try to gently steer it away from the plant. She says she cannot do it as she has Meera in her arms. Rashi moves back fearfully saying the cow will attack her and she cannot do it.
Goshi run towards the cow and Daksha is laughing watching them. They try to drive the cow away but the cow is not moving and Rashi moves the plant away from the cow. Goshi try in vain to drive the cow away and Daksha watches happily. Gopi tells Rashi to go towards the cow and try to gently steer it away from the plant. She says she cannot do it as she has Meera in her arms. Rashi moves back fearfully saying the cow will attack her and she cannot do it. Gopi sees grass in the garden and calls Rashi and gives grass to her. Rashi goes towards the cow with grass and slowly takes the cow away from the garden. Daksha is disappointed. Rashi takes the cow out and comes running back to the garden. She sees Daksha and her SIL running back to their house and yells at them that she can do whatever she wants but she will win. Daksha watches her angrily.
Next day early in the morning Rashi is outside in the garden and complaining why Urmi called her early in the morning. Urmi tells her that Daksha will try to do something when she is alone and she needs to be careful. Rashi asks about Falguni and Kinjal but Urmi tells her to forget that. She tells Rashi that she is only thinking about Rashi’s baby. Rashi gets annoyed and disconnects the call. She leans towards the neighbouring compound to see Daksha’s plant, she sees Daksha coming there and hides. Daksha sees her hiding and smiles.
Daksha pretends to talk to someone on the phone and says that she is going to put sugar water on her plant as this will make her watermelon sweeter and bigger. Rashi overhears and smiles saying this is very easy.
Daksha comes to the garden near her plant and pretends to talk on the phone and says that she is going to put sugar water on her plant as this will make her watermelon sweeter and bigger. She smiles looking towards Rashi and says that it’s her secret. Rashi is pleased and says this is easy and she will definitely win against Daksha now.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Rashi complains to Urmi on the phone that Daksha fooled her by saying that sugar water is good for the watermelon’s growth and she used that, now there are ants everywhere. Urmi advises her to take revenge and exchange. Rashi asks her what she means and Urmi tells her to exchange her watermelon with Daksha’s.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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