Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gives medical slip to Jaggi and asks to bring Urvashi’s medicines. Jaggi says he already brought them and says looks like everyone understood what she explained to Seeta, except Seeta. She explains her all around house and she cannot understand a word. His BP is rising seeing all this, though he looks young, he is not.

Kokila tells Vidya that Gaura is responsible for all the incidents happened from Ahem’s murder to Chanda’s murder. She tells how Urvashi saw Gaura dancing and tried to inform her, but Gaura tried to kill Urvashi and put blame on her. Gaura is responsible to bring Chanda, Meera missing, etc. Vidya is shocked and asks why did not she inform police, baaji should have been in jail instead of her. Kokila says she cannot tell. Vidya insists. Kokila

asks not to tell anyone, if she opens her mouth, all her family will be dead. Gaura has planed bombs in Dharam’s house and Modi bhavan and is carrying remote and warned if she opens her mouth, Gaura will explode bombs, so she kept quiet to save her family. She says Vidya has to get out of jail and fight with Gaura. Constable comes scolds Kokila till when she will sleep floor. Kokila says she swept floor and now will mop it. Kokila takes promise from Vidya and walks out. Vidya says Gaura betrayed so much, not any more.

Jaggi says Gopi to handle Seeta somehow. Gopi says each person has different thinking power and they have to use different strategy for Seeta. Sona comes running behind Veeru forcing him to eat and says he does not eet at all, but is very energetic. Tolu asks if she saw Veer’s marks card, he got 0 in maths. Veeru says he is afraid of maths. Gopi says Jaggi that she got an idea.

Gopi with Tolu, Sona, Veer, and Jaggi goes to Seeta and says she needs her help. Seeta asks what. Gopi says she should teach maths to Jai and Veeru. Seeta says how will she. Jaggi says she can. Sona says Jai and Veeru are fond of her and will listen to her. Veeru says yes.

Gaura scolds Meera’s babies to shut their mouth and stop crying. Dharam and Shravan enter and Gaura starts acting. Priyal asks Shravan when will maa come. He scolds not to pester. Dharam scolds Shravan and pampers Priyal. Gaura asks if they got Vidya’s bail. Dharam says not yet.

Gopi gifts mobile to Seeta. Seeta gets a call and picks it. Bahavani speaks and says she heard Modis gave her mobile. Seeta panics. Bhavani frightens her and Seeta disconnects call with shaking hands.

In the morning, Modi family sits for breakfast. Urmila asks where is Seeta. Gopi says she is praying in temple since morning. Seeta comes holding Pooja thali. Gopi asks to come and have breakfast. Seeta tells her religious story, ekadashi and its significance and she is fasting today.

Precap: Gopi tells family that today on ekadashi, maaji will be freed from jail. Chanda’s sister enters and she will be not out of jail. Gopi asks how can she badmouth about maaji. Sister tells she is talking about her daughter Vidya.

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